The Geek

Zella never thought she would end up with Marcel. Her best friend, Veronica, talked her into going to prom with him. Marcel really wanted a date for the dance, and Zella only said yes because she was going to be paid thirty bucks for it from Veronica. She never thought she would fall in love with him, and she never thought he would completely change.


36. 36

Zella's P.O.V.



Hannah kept apologizing for not believing me. Of course she was forgiven. Brittany and Hannah left together and we were wondering what we were gonna do with Sean. 

"I think we should call an ambulance," Abbee said twisting her hair and staring at Marcel. I nodded in agreement as Jenny dialed 911. 

"They'll be here in a minute," Jenny said putting her phone back into her pocket. "Well, I think I should go home. I'll take Abbee, before she faints," Jenny grabbed Abbee and put her over her shoulder. Abbee started screaming.

"Let me say bye to Marcel!!!!! Marcel! Marcel!" she screamed. When we could no longer see them, or hear Abbee, we started laughing. The ambulance pulled up, put Sean on a stretcher and was out in no time. Lauren, Jiwon, and I were in deep conversation about the fight. I have no clue what Tony and Marcel were talking about. 

"Anyone want to walk home with me?" Jiwon asked. 

"I will!" Lauren said. 

"Well, I might see you guys Monday,"

"What do you mean might?" Jiwon asked.

"You know if we get expelled," Lauren answered for me. 

"Oh. That makes sense. Well, bye guys!" Jiwon and Lauren waved and were headed in the opposite direction of Jenny and Abbee. 

"Well, looks like it's just us," I smiled. 

"Yeah. I wonder if Sean will remember that it was us who did that to him," Tony said curiously. I laughed.

"Well, I don't know. But the school will,"

"What do you mean?" I pointed at the wall and there was Sean's blood all over the bricks. "Ew, that's disgusting,"

"Yep. Really disgusting," I laughed.

"Well, I'll catch you guys later. My mom is having trouble with the dish qasher? I think she means washer but, you never know," Tony said.

"Okay, see you soon Tony," he smiled and started walking. 

"Qasher?" I heard him mumble to himself. I giggled and turned to Marcel. 

"So, Zella?"


"Do you maybe want to walk home with me?"

"Uh, yeah sure," You know I am actually not sure. What if he starts talking to me about, you know. Veronica? 

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