The Geek

Zella never thought she would end up with Marcel. Her best friend, Veronica, talked her into going to prom with him. Marcel really wanted a date for the dance, and Zella only said yes because she was going to be paid thirty bucks for it from Veronica. She never thought she would fall in love with him, and she never thought he would completely change.


33. 33

Zella's P.O.V.



When I saw Marcel and Veronica, I died inside. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. My sight got blurry and I just let the tears fall. I watched them as they pulled away. Veronica noticed me and Marcel looked behind him. I looked at him and I felt like I wanted to jump off a cliff. I just shook my head and walked past them to my my class. 



Marcel's P.O.V.



I watched Zella go to her class with tears rolling down her face. I have hurt her so much since prom, I'm actually starting to feel a bit guilty. What she didn't know was I have been with Veronica for a while. About a month now. I looked down. I feel terrible.

"Marcel? Are you okay?"


"What's wrong?"

"I hurt Zella,"


"I have hurt her so many times now,"


"So?! You should be slapping me across the face for hurting your best friend, you should be taking Zella out of her classroom comforting her!"

"Why would I slap you?"

"Because! I hurt Zella, I deserve it for the jerk I've been towards her, and because I am still the same Marcel I was before!"

"I don't care about Zella. Now come on! You told me we would ditch class,"

"I'm not ditching class with you, I need to talk to Zella," 

"What do you like her or something?"

'I don't know, okay,"

"Well, I think you do. I don't think I should come between you and Zella. So, until you decide I'm gonna leave you alone," she smiled at me and walked away to class. Do I like Zella? Or am I just really stupid?

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