Hope (One Direction Not Famous) *ON HOLD*

My name is Faith. Faith Malik to be exact. I live in London with my brother Zayn. One day a new boy moves in across the street and the city changed. We were all quiet, our secrets were well hidden, nobody knew about us. Until he moved in. We became close. He found out my true self. Who is he you may ask? He is our hope. He is Harry Styles.


4. Suprise Visit


I heard a knock at the door and expected Faith to go answer but she was in deep thought so I got up and opened the door to see Niall fucking Horan. One of my best mates.


"AY! WHAT NOW I CAN'T COME VISIT MY MATES?!" He asked sarcastically.


"FAIIIIIIIIITH!!!!!!!!!" Niall squealed running into the livingroom.

"NIALLER!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN. I WAS STUCK WITH ZAYN THE VAIN!" Faith yelled while squeezing him in the tightest hug ever.

"Can't breathe." Niall said.

"Sorry." she let go and he went and hugged the other boys.

"So what were you guys talking about?"

"Veronica." Faith said clearly annoyed by the fact that she's back.

"What about her?" Niall asked shocked.

"The bitch is back." Louis spat.

"I can't believe we ever thought we could save her." Liam said.

"Can we please not talk about it? We have bigger problems like the Resistance." I said.

"WHAT? WHAT ABOUT THEM?" We all nodded our heads as we explained the story of them getting more people.

"And we found him." Faith whispered

"Your fucking with me right?" Niall asked in complete and utter shock.

"Nope. Me, Faith and Louis have talked to him." I responded

"Where is he? Does he know anything? Do you think he knows Veronica?"

"One: He's across the street. Two: No. Three: I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I doubt it though. She barely started the texts." Faith said.

"Does he know what he is?"

"No. I was with him at Starbucks. Took him a while to smell it. He's a newbie. Probably has more questions than us." Louis explained. Liam just nodded in response. We all jumped when we heard my text ringer go off. Zayn thought it was Veronica so he started yelling "WHAT IN BLODDY HELL DOES SHE WANT NOW?!" and in case your wondering no I didn't tell them about the last text because only I know why they can't remember Harry and why he doesn't remember us. Only thing I can't figure out is how Ver (I got tired of putting Veronica) found out. "Zayn calm down it's only Harry." I mumbled. His text read 'Hey can we go out and get coffee so we can finish our conversation? -Hazz' "Oh. What does he want?" He asked. "Hmm oh nothing. Well I'm going to go get ready. I'm going to go get coffee."


I ran upstairs and threw on my black skinnies, white ankle high converse, tank top and my leather jacket to top it all off. Yeah I decided to copy Harry. We'll have a good laugh out of it. I finished applying my lipgloss and walked downstairs grabbing my clutch and telling everyone bi. I walked outside and up to Harry's car and got in. When I got in he greeted me with a 'Hey Faith' 

"What's up Styles?"

"Not much almost done with the unpacking. Just need the bedroom and kitchen. How about you?"

"Oh my friend Niall is at my house. He decided to come suprise visit us."

"Cool." The rest of the ride we listened to the radio and asked each other about our lives back home before moving to London.


We got to the cafe. No I didn't take her to Starbucks. Okay maybe I did. It doesn't matter! Anyways after we ordered our drinks we sat down at a booth in the back and they came and brought our drinks to us since we were like the only people in there. So I decided now was the time to ask her but start off with normal questions first.

"What's your favorite color?"

"Red, yours?" she said

"Blue. Favorite food?"

"Spaghetti you?

"TACOS!" I shrieked. She just giggled.

"If you could have any superpower?"

"Oh gosh. Umm be invisble? I bet you don't know" she smirked

"I'd time travel. DUH!!!" I replied like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Special skill?"

"Umm running really fast. How bout you pretty boy?"

"Juggling." Okay now time for the serious questions.

"What'stheResistance." I said all at once.

"What? Say that again." she took a sip of her coffee.

"What's the Resistance?" She looked at me wide eyed and almost chocked on her coffee. Ooops?

"The Resistance?"

"Mhhmm." I nodded taking sips of my coffee. She took a deep breath.

"The Resistance is the opposing side. They want to make our secrets known. They want US to be like THEM. They want us to hurt innocent people. Rob them of there innocence. Kill them. Make them our slaves. But the other side. Our side. Wants to live in peace. We don't want our secrets known because we know we'd be treated differently. We'd be hunted. Harry the Resistance is something your not ready for. You'll know when you are." She replied.

"What do you mean by not ready?"

"Ermm.. umm.. I meant your not ready to know the whole story just yet. We'll know when your ready." She stuttered. 

"Okay? What did your brother mean by 'This place is nothing as it seems'"

"Oh. Well Zayn and me know the secrets of the town. Which is why you came to me. He was just trying to scare you. Aww he didn't scare you did he?" She chuckled

"Pshhh no. Okay one last question."

"Okay go on."

"Why didn't your parents accept you and Zayn for what you are?" she looked a little shocked at my question so I quickly added "You don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"Umm no it's okay. Well we're different. I don't know if it's good or bad but they didn't accept us. And our sister fought for us to stay but my parents showed her what we really were and she turned against us. We lost our own sister. She changed. We thought we could save her but we couldn't." she explained as her eyes welled up with tears.

"Oh wow. I'm sorry for asking." I said as I reached over and wiped away her tears.

"No it's fine."

"Okay. Let's get going it's pretty late." It was already 11:00 and we left at 9:30 wow I guess we got so caught up in our own conversations.



We were driving home listening to music in silence. It wasn't akward it was actually quite comforting. I actually felt quite relieved. It's been ages since I opened up to someone who I'm not related too. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked him. I walked up to the house unlocked the door and walked in just to see the boys passed out. Niall on the counter, Liam on the couch, Zayn on his bed and Louis in my bed. I decided to just go sleep with Zayn because I'm pretty sure Louis won't let me sleep with his snoring. I stripped off my clothes put on my pj's, woke Niall and Liam up and told them to sleep in the guest bedroom and went off to sleep in Zayn's bed. I was almost asleep when my phone went off saying I had a text. I rubbed my eyes and looked at it. 'It's so nice that your opening up again considering what happened with Alex. Night Faith. See you soon sis. -xox V'

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