Hope (One Direction Not Famous) *ON HOLD*

My name is Faith. Faith Malik to be exact. I live in London with my brother Zayn. One day a new boy moves in across the street and the city changed. We were all quiet, our secrets were well hidden, nobody knew about us. Until he moved in. We became close. He found out my true self. Who is he you may ask? He is our hope. He is Harry Styles.


6. Revealed

(A/N: This one is just a filler. Sorry. The next chapter is pretty exciting though. Comment below if you want to be in the story and what part you'd like to be. Would you want to be on the Malik's side or the Resistance? Vampire, Werewolf, Hybrid or a HUMAN?! Now on to the chapter.)


I read the text over and over. What did she mean by 'See you soon?' By then I was fully awake and I couldn't sleep. I went downstairs to go make me a cup of tea. I put hot water in the pot and sat down thinking. It was midnight. I couldn't concentrate. How did she know I was openeing up again? How did she even know where I was? I figured that her and mum would never talk to us again. Unless- I was interuppted by a knock on the door. I slowly walked up to the door and looked out the window to see Harry standing there. Scared.

"I'm sorry if I woke you up. I just needed someone to talk to."

"It's fine I couldn't sleep anyways."

"Um, may I come in?" I nodded and moved so he could walk in. He walked in and sat on the couch and I went to get the tea bag when he said

"Faith.... I did something bad." I froze and walked back to him.

"Harry what did you do?" I wasn't sure if I wanted the answer. I went to go turn on the lights since the only light we had was the moonlight and when I did I saw Harry's shirt covered with blood.

"Faith.. I-I don"t k-know what c-came over me. I'm so sorry." He bawled. I went up to him and held him. When the pot started screeching I slowly let go turned off the stove and poured two cups of tea.

"Harry. What exactly happened?"

"Well I-" He was interrupted by someone clearing there throat. Louis.

"Faith! Some peopl- WHAT IN BLOODY HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?!" He whisper yelled at Harry.

"That's what he was trying to explain!" I snapped.

"Oh sorry." Louis apologized. "Continue."

"As I was saying I was taking a walk and I heard this girl crying. I asked her what was wrong, she said she cut her side and when she showed me the cut it's like something came over me a-and I blacked out then I woke up with blood on me. D-do y-you think I-I killed h-her?" Louis looked over at me and slightly nodded. I sighed."

"I don't know Harry." Louis gave me a glare. "Most likely, yes." Harry looked broken, fragile.

"I can help you." I looked up at Louis and gave him a 'What-The-Hell' look. Then realized what he meant. Well sort've.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked bewildered.

"It's your choice I can make you forget or help you with the hunger." My eyes widened. I didn't want him to be told. I wanted him to- I was pulled from my thought when Harry finally realized the truth.

"I'm a vampire aren't I?" Me and Louis looked over at each other then at Harry and slowly nodded. He looked shocked, scared and upset even.

"If it helps you Louis' a vampire to." I looked up at Harry and he looked a little relieved but still doubtful.

"But vampires and werewolves are mythical creatures. Aren't they?" Louis and I chuckled.

"Do I look mythical to you?" Harry looked up at me confused so I continued. "I'm a werewolf."

"R-really? So that's what you meant by your parents accepting you for what you are?" I slowly nodded.


"I guess it's time to tell you the story of the Resistance?" Louis suggested.

"No Zayn, Liam and Niall have to be here too if were going to tell him everything." Louis nodded.

"Harry how about you spend the night so that way we can just tell you the story in the morning then Louis can help you with your abilities."

"Abilities?" Louis nodded.

"Yeah what you can do. Like teleporting, smell, speed and the blood." Harry looked unsure.

"Umm... yeah sure." with that we all went back to bed. Harry and Lou shared my room since I had a couch in there. Tomorrow was going to be a LONG day.


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