Hope (One Direction Not Famous) *ON HOLD*

My name is Faith. Faith Malik to be exact. I live in London with my brother Zayn. One day a new boy moves in across the street and the city changed. We were all quiet, our secrets were well hidden, nobody knew about us. Until he moved in. We became close. He found out my true self. Who is he you may ask? He is our hope. He is Harry Styles.


2. Meeting Him


I stood in shock and slowly but reluctantly reached for the door and opened it. As I did so I looked at the ground and took in piece by piece of him. Starting with his shoes, black converse. Then his pants, black skinny jeans. Then his shirt, a white v-neck with a black leather jacket to top it all off. I looked up at his eyes, BIG MISTAKE. Once I looked in his eyes I couldn't look away. They were the perfect green with a tint of gray. I was pulled from my thoughts as he cleared his throat.

"Hello. I'm the new neighbor. I'm Harry. Harry Styles."

"I know." He gave me a confused look then I remembered he's a newbie.

"I mean nice to meet you. I'm Faith. Faith-"


"Yeah. Faith Malik. Zayn Malik is my brother but he's out at the grocer now."

"Oh well I supposed you don't mind if I come in. You know just to get to know you better." I gave him a confused look.

"So you can tell me about the city and what there is to do. You know it's secrets and such." My eyes widened a little at the word secrets.

"Umm yeah sure. Come in." I stepped aside and allowed him in. Everyone knew about him. Everyone knew he was special. Everyone knew he could find out our secrets without even asking, but the question was did he know that. I walked into the hallway to grab a blanket cause the storm was only getting worse and I couldn't raise the heat for 'safety precautions'.

"So Faith what's The City of London like?"

"It's quiet around here, so wait your saying you've never been here before?"

"I have but just visiting. Now I'm living here."

"Oh. If you don't mind by asking where did you used to live?"

"Cheshire. Well Holmes Chapel to be exact."

"Oh. I'm from Bradford originally."

"Cool. So what exactly is London like?"

"Cold, rainy, dark. Well sometimes. Other days it's shady. Meaning there's light but covered by clouds."

"Oh okay."

"So Harry what brings you to London?"

"Umm.. I just thought it'd be good to start over. Fresh start."

"Yeah I know what you mean."

"So what brought you here?"

"Lets just say my parents didn't really accept me and Zayn for who we truly are."

"And what's that?"

"We-" I didn't finish my sentece because the power went out. Zayn says when the power goes out bad things happen. No not car accidents. Bad things as in THEM coming closer. I heard someone at the back door and I froze. It was him. The leader. Alex also known as my ex. Harry gave me a confused expression but I put my finger up to my mouth indicating for him to be quiet. He nodded in response and I lead him upstairs to my bedroom and closed the door just in time to hear the backdoor open.

"Who was it?" Harry whispered. I grabbed a paper and a pen saying 'Don't talk he'll hear.' He nodded in response and grabbed the pen and paper from me and wrote 'Who was it?'

F: 'trouble'

H: 'Killer trouble?'

F: 'Not yet. He's the leader of the Resistance.'

H: 'Resistance?'

F: 'Yeah they'r- I heard the doorknob jiggle and I looked at Harry who was looking at me. We got up and quietly ran to the closet and hid in the corner behind my clothes.

"Faith. Come out come out wherever you are. Come on baby let's talk. Maybe you can reconsider my offer." I grimaced when he called me baby. When we dated he'd always call me that. Then he changed when he found out his secret. I heard the door downstairs open meaning Zayn was home. I mentally cursed at myself as I heard Alex walk out the door and towards the stairs. That's when I heard Zayn yell "What the fuck are you doing here?! Where's my sister?!" Oh no. When Zayn gets angry his bad side comes out. I ran out of the closet with Harry following me. I ran downstairs seeing Zayn and Alex going at it.

"ZAYN!" Both boys stopped punching and turned there heads towards me.

"Faith. I missed you so much baby. Please come back to me." Alex said walking up to me.

"No get away!"

"Baby don't be that way." He said as he walked closer.

"SHE SAID STAY AWAY!" I heard someone yell, but it wasn't Zayn he was concetrating so hard on trying not to let the anger come out. It was Harry.

"And who are you? Her new boyfriend?"

"He's not m-"

"SHUTUP BITCH I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU!!!!" he screamed then slapped me. THAT BITCH WHORE SLAPPED ME! I was so close to letting the anger come over when I heard someone yell "WHAT THE HELL DUDE?! YOU CAN'T HIT A GIRL. AND NO I'M NOT HER BOYFRIEND. AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION I'M HARRY. HARRY STYLES." That was when Alex froze. He knew about Harry, he knew what he was capable to do. He was afraid and seeing how he defended me he knew he couldn't get him on his side. Unless he went to extreme measures. And with that Alex ran out of the house.

"Harry? YOU LET THE NEIGHBOR IN FAITH??!!!!!" I knew this would happen.

"Ummm maybe?" I shyly smiled. That only made it worse.


"ZAYN! NOT NOW! We'll talk about this later!"

"Hey man I'm sorry. I just wanted to know what London was like and what there is to do here. It's my fault."

"It's okay. I guess I just overreacted. Seeing how you're a-"

"ZAYN!" I snapped.

"No let him finish his sentence love. How I'm a what?" Harry questioned. Please don't tell him Zayn. Let him figure it out!

"A newbie here. New to the neighborhood. I figured you'd be a shy lad."

"Oh well I just didn't want to be lost around here. I figured I'd go to the girl across the street cause it looks like you guys knew some secrets about this place." 'Zayn gave me a Did you tell him?' look. I nodded my head 'No' he nodded in response.

"Oh well this place is nothing as it seems."

"Oh well okay then. I've got to get going. I have some unpacking to do."

"Okay. Well bye Harry." Zayn said waving goodbye.

"Hey, let me walk you out?" I suggested.

"Okay. Yeah sure." We began walking to the door. As we approached the door I opened it and we walked outside.

"Well it was nice to meet you Harry."

"Nice to meet you too Faith. Hey do you think we could finish our conversation from earlier some other time? Maybe over a coffee?"

"Yeah sure here." I replied giving him my number.

"Alright. I'll see you soon."

"Bye Harry."

"Bye Faith." I walked into the house and plopped down on the couch with Zayn right beside me.


Faith and I were sitting on the couch in silence until I spoke up.

"He's too suspicious. Faith he's going to find out one way or another." She sighed.

"I know. When Alex payed us a visit earlier I almost told him about the Resistance. Thank god Alex decided to try to come into my room." I sighed then thought about what happened.

"Wait. Alex wasn't upstairs when I got here."

"What do you mean?"

"When I got here he was already looking through the closet in the livingroom."

"So then who tried to-" she was interrupted by her phone meaning she got a text. She said the text said 'Miss me? -xox V' she gasped and dropped her phone.

"Who was it?'

"It was V-" she was interrupted AGAIN! But this time by me.

"Please don't say it." she was about to reply but she got another message saying 'Oh by the way tell Zayn I said hi! Miss you guys! -xox V

"Veronica is back."

(A/N: Who do you guys think Veronica is? Why do you think Harry is a big deal? Why has everyone heard about Harry and know what he's capable of and he doesn't? What do YOU guys think this story is actually about? -XOX)

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