Hope (One Direction Not Famous) *ON HOLD*

My name is Faith. Faith Malik to be exact. I live in London with my brother Zayn. One day a new boy moves in across the street and the city changed. We were all quiet, our secrets were well hidden, nobody knew about us. Until he moved in. We became close. He found out my true self. Who is he you may ask? He is our hope. He is Harry Styles.


3. Learning


I just got home from the Maliks so I decided to do some unpacking. While unpacking I couldn't help but wonder what Zayn was talking about. He was saying something about me not being about to break in because of something but Faith wouldn't let him finish. Then that Alex dude, as soon as I said my name his eyes widened and he looked afraid, then he ran. I wanted to ask Faith what this was about. What her brother meant by 'This town isn't what it seems.' Did he mean it was dangerous? Or that there was something more that meets the eye? I had even more questions then I did when I went over there. Like what's the 'Resistance?' I also wanted to know what she meant when she said 'My parents don't accept me and Zayn for what we are.' Are they in a gang? Are they theives? The real reason I'm here in London was because I did need a fresh start. My mum said it wasn't safe there in Holmes Chapel anymore. I didn't question her. I never did. I remember the last thing she said to me, it doesn't make sense though, she said "Harry, in London there's things that need to be uncovered. Secrets need to be revealed. You can't live in your flat there. I already got you a house across from the Malik's. They know more than they let on. Harry you're a special boy. Your abilities will be shown soon enough. I love you, now go." She requested this house and knew the Malik's. But the only question was how?


I was on my way to Liam's house. Long story short were two different kinds of people, we've known each other since we were kids and we're on the Malik's side. Reason why is because they're like us. They were our best friends in 5th grade to high school. Now you may be asking what are you siding for? Well that'll come in time. Right now everyone was buzzing about the Styles kid. Everyone is afraid of him, by everyone I mean the Resistance. They're the evil side. The side that wants us to be like them. Killing innocent people. Robbing them. Making there life a living hell, but on the Malik's side we just want to live in peace and be able to live normally. We don't want out cause there is no way out but we don't want to do what the Resistance does and that's fuck up innocent people's lives. Anyways I was going to Liam's because Liam and I were going to the Malik's to strategize a plan to take down the Resistance. You see the Resistance aren't your normal evil guys. They have what we don't. Well we do but no one realizes it yet.


I was exhausted so I decided to go get a coffee at Starbuck's. When I got there I immediately smelled the coffee beans and something else but I just shook off the second aroma. The bell on the door rang indicating someone just walked in. I was pulled out of my thoughts when the cashier said "NEXT PLEASE!"

"Hello sir what can I get for you today?"

"Umm I'll have the Vanilla Flavored Coffee."

"Okay that'll be $4.99" I handed him a five and got my penny back.

"Here's your change and what's your name?"

"Harry. Harry Styles." I heard a small gasp from behind me and I turned around to see a boy a couple years older than me with blue eyes, brown hair, a striped shirt and colored jeans. Weird. I walked away and sat down at a table waiting for my coffee while playing with my phone. I heard the chair across from me being moved so I looked up to see the same boy from behind me in line.

"Your Harry right?" He asked.

"Yes. What'd you need?" Don't worry I didn't snap at him.

"Uhm nothing. I'm Louis. You're new here." How did he know?

"Yeah. How-"

"I haven't seen you around that's why." Damn can this boy read minds?!

"Oh yeah I just moved in across from the Malik's do you know them?" I had to get info

from somewhere.

"Yeah. I do." I smelled it again. No not the coffee. The other thing only this time it was stronger. It made me even more thirsty.

"Do you smell that?" His eyes widened a little.


"Smell what? I smell the coffee." I knew what he was talking about cause I smelt it to. And it only made me even more thirsty. I wonder why it took him so long to smell it.

"Oh it must've been just me then." No it wasn't

"Well I got to get going. I have a lot more of unpacking to do."

"Wait um Harry?"


"Here's my number. In case you have any questions about the town." I knew he'd need it. Especially since the Resistance is getting stronger.

"Thanks. I'll call you if I need information. See you Louis." and with that he grabbed his coffee and left. I sat there for a few more minutes drinking my coffee when Liam said that he was already at Zayn's. SHIT! I forgot to pick him up. Oopsie?


"VERONICA?!" Zayn screamed. Liam winced.

"Yes Veronica. I don't even understand!" I heard the door open. Louis was here. FINALLY!

"WHERE WERE YOU?!" Liam yelled.

"Meeting your neighbor." Louis said looking at Zayn and I. Everyone went silent until Zayn spoke up.

"What did you tell him?"

"Nothing. But he's definetly a newbie."

"How do you know?" I questioned.

"We were at Starbucks across the street from the other place. It took him a while to smell it."

"Great." Liam said sarcasticly.

"Anyways what were you guys talking about?" He went to the kitchen to get some 'Kool-Aid'

"Talking about how Veronica is back" Zayn spat. Louis did a spit take all over Zayn as he said that and Liam and I just sat there and giggled.

"IT'S NOT FUN-" He was interrupted by my text tone going off it was Veronica. It said 'I remeber the good old days. Me, you, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Nialler oh and let's not forget Styles. He's going to find out soon babe. How will he feel when he realizes you all knew each other back in the good old days? -xox V' I got scared. Nobody should've remebered that. Especially her. That was the year hell got loose. That was the year we ALL found out our secrets. I was pulled from my thoughts by a knock at the door. I was to distracted to go answer it so Zayn did. And when he yelled his name I could not have been more happy.



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