One direction cute short imagines

I'm not too good on making stories because I don't know how to keep it interesting. But I can make decent short imagines :) I'm taking requests but also I will write non-personal ones as well. So if you want one, just ask. Also comment to say what you think! Thanks loves :)


1. Harry

You and Harry were walking along the beach, playfully flicking water each other. It was your anniversary that proved you guys have been together for a four years now. He loves you with all his heart. Most people would think that the beach is too simple for an anniversary but little did they know this was the most magical place to both of you, the place where you met. You giggled at Harry as he was dipping his toes in the cold water making weird faces each time. "It's not that cold Harriet!" You shouted at him. "Oh is that so [Y/N]?" He questioned with a smirk. "Yup" you sassily placed your hand on your hip. "Cared to prove it?" He said picking you up and pulling you on his shoulder nearing the water. "EEEK! Styles! I order to put me down!" You said not willing to give up the sassy act. He gave a low chuckle as he lowered you down slowly, closer and closer to the cold water. "Harryyyyy!" You giggled. "Yes?" He said with an evil smirk before he dropped you into the freezing cold water. "Not fair" you fake pouted giving puppy dog eyes. He playfully rolled his eyes and came in, holding you close to his bare chest. "I love you so so so much [Y/N]" he whispered now becoming serious. "I love you so much too, Harry" you whispered back. "Through ups and downs I've loved you. You are my rock and I don't know if I could breathe with out you. The day I met you here was the day I started to believe in love. You're my world [Y/N] and no words can describe what you mean to me, I could write a novel and still it wouldn't even explain a quarter of it. You're the most beautiful girl in the world to me in so many different ways. I love you so incredibly much. I remember the butterflies I got when I saw you here for the first time, your silliness and your beauty. Your gorgeous body. You're the definition of perfect to me, [Y/N]. And I'm absolutely one hundred percent sure that I want you to be my wife. Will you, (your first, middle, and last name) marry me?" Your eyes welled up tears streaming down your face as you nodded wildly. Harry slipped the beautiful ring on as he showed his beautiful dimpled smile. You both shared a passionate kiss. The next summer you two got married at this very beach where you met. You both promised to love each other forever, and that's what you guys both did. Both madly, deeply in love with each other

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