A Bruised Heart And A Broken Smile

Alysonn Brielle Thompson is just a normal girl from Wolverhampton. Liam Payne has been her best friend for ages. They even managed to stay close when he became a pop sensation in the band One Direction. When she goes to live with Liam and the boys at their house in London she starts to develop feelings for Harry Styles. The problem is that she has a boyfriend who will also be staying. Except Liam doesnt know how abusive he is. No one does. Louis also seems to hate her. After she overcomes the abusive boyfriend, with some help from Harry, she has to overcome one more thing. Can she ever trust another guy again? Can she accept Harrys love? Or will she push him away forever?



"Ow John youre hurting me!!" I scream as John grabbed my hair dragging me across the room. He slammed my head against the wall making me dizzy, causing a trail of blood to ooze down my forehead. 

"Dont you ever look at another guy like that again you hear me??!!"
"But John I wasnt I swear!" I plead.
"Dont fucking argue with me you slut!"
"Okay John im sorry baby, i love you."
"Shut up, now clean yourself up and lets move it so we can get to that faggots house."
"His name is Liam" I say in a whisper. 
"Excuse me? What the fuck did you say?" 
"Nothing" I mumble.
"Thats what i thought" he says with a smirk. 

Oh this is just another day in my life. But im super excited, I havent seen Liam in like two years. We did stay close though, even with all his fame. Im so proud of him. I can still remember when I first met him. I was about six and we had just gotten new neighbors. I was playing in my front yard, watching them move in. A boy about the age of seven walked up to me and asked ever so politely, "how do you do?" Ever since then we have been thick as thieves. "Were here" I hear John say. I jump out of the car and rush up to the door and ring the doorbell over and over. Oh and I think I should mention im a huge directioner. The door swings open and I see Liam. I jump into his arms embracing him in a hug. 

"Well hello to you too Alykins." he chuckles.
"Accck Liam its been forever!"
"I know hun" he says smiling.
"So....where are the boys?! I squeal.
"We are right here" they all chime in at once, stepping into the kitchen.
"AHHH" I scream. "Oh my god, oh my god its you, i cant breathe"
"Aly calm down" Liam says to me. 
"Im sorry im just a huge fan."
"Its quite alright love, were kind of used to it."
"Oh my god, hi Niall" i say out of breath. 
"Haha well hello Alysonn, we've heard much about you" Niall says.
"All good things i hope" I say looking over at Liam. 
"Oh yes all wonderful and much prettier than he let on" I hear Zayn say. I look over and die a little inside. He is even more beautiful in person.
"Oh my god Zayn, oh my god wow youre beautiful but I totally respect Perrie and im not gonna lie she is pretty hot herself and you two are so cute together just oh my god" I say really fast. Zayn chuckles and Liam facepalms.
"Youre adorbale" Louis chimes in.
"Haha oh wow" Harry says with a chuckle. My eyes meet his and on thie inside im thinking: OMG THOSE CURLS DEM EYES THOSE DIMPLES OMG HIS TATTS IS THIS SOME CRUEL JOKE? But all I can manage to squeak out is a hello. Just that moment John walks in the door. And might I add thank god John doesnt act in public like he does when were alone, because no one can know...especially Liam. 
"Hey guys im John Hemmings, Alys boyfriend."
"Nice to meet you" Liam says stepping forward and shaking his hand. "Im Liam Aly's best friend. Im glad you could stay."
I stand there with a fake smile and think to myself...oh if he only knew.

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