A Bruised Heart And A Broken Smile

Alysonn Brielle Thompson is just a normal girl from Wolverhampton. Liam Payne has been her best friend for ages. They even managed to stay close when he became a pop sensation in the band One Direction. When she goes to live with Liam and the boys at their house in London she starts to develop feelings for Harry Styles. The problem is that she has a boyfriend who will also be staying. Except Liam doesnt know how abusive he is. No one does. Louis also seems to hate her. After she overcomes the abusive boyfriend, with some help from Harry, she has to overcome one more thing. Can she ever trust another guy again? Can she accept Harrys love? Or will she push him away forever?


2. Oh My God Are You Daft?

A little while later after I had calmed down a bit the boys give us a tour of the house. Its so beautiful and John and I's room is absolutley amazing. We retire to the living around 10 p.m. I decide to text my best (girl) friend Hailee Michelle Pierce. Ive known her for about four years now. She is absolutley a beautiful person inside and out. Though she can be quite dramatic, just like me haha. I unlock my iPhone and send her a text. 

-Hey boo whats up?
-Im sorry Hailee is not here right now, she is currently dying...
See what i mean?
-Whats wrong?
-Oh my god i cant believe you dont know! Cory Monteith from Glee died. Ya know, my idol?
-Oh love Im so sorry. I want you to come over. I have some people I want you to meet. Pleeease!
-Oh my god are you daft? I cant come over today. Im in mourning. 
-Oh my freaking god you have until tomorrow. John and I are coming to pick you up at noon. Be ready.
-Seriously whore, a day? Uggh fine. And you know I hate that asshole. There is something about him  Aly...something I just dont like. But yea whatever I'll be ready. Im just gonna go cry myself to sleep now. Goodnight. Love you. 
-Okay. Trust me it will be worth it. Goodnight babycakes. Love you too.

I ask John if he is ready to go to bed. "Yea" he mumbles. I say goodnight to Liam and the boys and we head to our room. Hopefully he is too tired for sex tonight. I dont like to have it with him. Theres nothing romantic about it and half the time when I dont want it he forces me anyways. I guess thats considered rape right? I dont know. We settle into bed and right away he is snoring. I give a sigh of relief and turn over and fall asleep. 

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