A Bruised Heart And A Broken Smile

Alysonn Brielle Thompson is just a normal girl from Wolverhampton. Liam Payne has been her best friend for ages. They even managed to stay close when he became a pop sensation in the band One Direction. When she goes to live with Liam and the boys at their house in London she starts to develop feelings for Harry Styles. The problem is that she has a boyfriend who will also be staying. Except Liam doesnt know how abusive he is. No one does. Louis also seems to hate her. After she overcomes the abusive boyfriend, with some help from Harry, she has to overcome one more thing. Can she ever trust another guy again? Can she accept Harrys love? Or will she push him away forever?


5. Is It Weird I Ship Them Already?

"Awww thats so cute!" I hear muffled voices coming from the doorway. I open my eyes and see the boys standing there, smiling and pointing. I glance down and see that me and Hailee had been holding hands while we were sleeping. Fuck. I grab a pillow and throw it at them. "GET OUT YOU FUCKERS" I yell. They duck and close the door laughing. Men.

"Mmmph" a sleepy Hailee says rolling over. Come on Hailee, lets go eat breakfast. And just to let you know, this girl eats like a fucking elephant. I have no idea where it goes either. But from what ive heard Niall eats like that too. They should become fast friends, who knows maybe even more. I get dressed and head out to the kitchen. I see all the boys except Harry so i ask where he is. Just as I say this Louis stomps out of the room all the while giving me a dirty look. Okay what the ACTUAL fuck. Now I know im not imagining it. I couldnt possibly imagine what his problem is. 

"Jesus whats taking Curly sooo long, is he buying the whole damn store?!" Hailee whines. 
"I know right" Niall says sitting down next to her. "I dont know why we keep sending him to fetch things for us." 
Poor girl, she is probably having a heart attack right now. 
"Oh stop your whining" I say to Hailee. "Youll get your food in due time." 
"Shut up cunt im dying over here" she says grabbing her stomach. 
"Dont worry I completely understand" Niall says smiling at her. 

She smiles back at him. Awww, is it weird I ship them already? I hear the door open and my heart skips a beat expecting it to be Harry. Instead its John, and he is hungover. Great. He walks right past me and says "Im going to bed." Good. I hope he stays there. 

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