A Bruised Heart And A Broken Smile

Alysonn Brielle Thompson is just a normal girl from Wolverhampton. Liam Payne has been her best friend for ages. They even managed to stay close when he became a pop sensation in the band One Direction. When she goes to live with Liam and the boys at their house in London she starts to develop feelings for Harry Styles. The problem is that she has a boyfriend who will also be staying. Except Liam doesnt know how abusive he is. No one does. Louis also seems to hate her. After she overcomes the abusive boyfriend, with some help from Harry, she has to overcome one more thing. Can she ever trust another guy again? Can she accept Harrys love? Or will she push him away forever?


3. A Girl Like That Should Smile More Often

BEEP BEEP BEEP I turn over groggily in bed to unlock my phone to turn the alarm off. "Shut that fucking thing off before i toss it across the room!" I sigh and get out of bed. Its like he doesnt have one nice bone in his body. Its 10:30 a.m. I probably should go get ready. I jump in the shower and look down as the water falls off my body. I still have some wicked bruises on my abdomen. John is not dumb, ill give him that much. He never hits me where it would leave a mark for everyone to see.

I finish up and step out of the shower wrapping a towel around myself. I wipe the mirror with my hand so I can see my face. I look and see the scar on my head from yesterday. It kind of hurts but im used to the pain by now. I stand there and study my features. Im not unattractive, i know this because John is a shallow type and always goes for the prettiest girls with the most fit bodies. And plus ive always been told i was beautiful but i never really think much about it. Doesnt matter too much to me i suppose.

I have long blackish-brown wavy hair that falls a little past my chest, emerald green eyes, and a great complexion i suppose. Now Hailee, shes a real beauty. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a killer smile. God i love that girl. I finish getting ready and put on denim shorts and a pullover hoodie. I look at my phone, its 11:30 a.m. already. I better text Hailee and make sure she is ready to go. 

-Hey babe you better be ready. John and I are leaving now. 
-Yea I am. Just hurry up and get here before I change my mind. 

I walk out into the kitchen and see John and Harry conversing. John says way too nicely "cmon babe lets go." Gag me. I tell him I'll be right out. He shuts the door and Harry says half heartedly "you two seem like a cute couple." I almost laugh out loud but I dont. "Thanks" I choke out. "Hes uh...hes quite a guy." We exchange glances, but they were not awkward. Ive never felt this comfortable around a guy except Liam of course. "Well I'll see you in a bit. Get ready to meet Hailee. Shes a lot like me aha." "Oh goodness" he chuckles and winks at me. I feel my heart flutter but im snapped back into reality by the sound of John honking the car horn. "Bye" I say as I walk out the door. I hop into the car only to be greeted by John saying "about fucking time.." I decide to ignore him. Im not gonna let anything dampen my mood. I cant wait to have Hailee live with us. I look out the window and drift off into my thoughts. 

Wow. Can I just say how beautiful Aly is? Everytime I see her my heart races. Shes unlike any other girl Ive met. But its best i keep my distance. I dont want to get hurt again. But I do wonder why Aly always seems so sad. So guarded. I hope I find out, because a girl like that should smile more often. 

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