James cares for his country. But he worries about Isobel and that stirred something inside of him which could stir something bigger in the country.

(It is set in the olden days incase that isn't clear in my writing haha, not quite sure what year, but somewhere waaaaay far back like in the 1400s :D)


30. 30.

"Hello." I hear a whisper in my ear as I'm looking at the bump in the mirror. The bump is really getting huge recently. I glance at the rest of the reflection and James is there, wrapping his arms around me.

"Hey!" I laugh, happily, turning around and kissing him. I suddenly feel movement and grin. "The baby is excited to see you. He was moving a lot yesterday but not at all last night and now all of a sudden, he's kicking away."

"Aww!" James grins, feeling the bump. "I can feel him! We established it's a him right?"

I nod. "Obviously I don't know, but I think we've got a boy." I smile.

He stares in amazement. "I can feel him kicking so much."

"Yeah." I say. "It's nice on your side. From my point of view, it's really painful."

He chuckles. "Will he be with us soon?"

I nod, smiling. "I hope so. "

"Me too." I say.

"Well, Margaret says don't get into too much stress, we don't want it to come early."

Just as he says that, I hear a massive bang and feel the floor shake. I look around then to James for help, but he is just looking panicked. He manages to mask it with a calm look though as he storms to the window, having a look. I try to see as well, but he keeps the curtain at an angle so I can't.

"What is it, James?" I ask.

"Come with me, Isobel." he says and leads me down all of the stairs and down into a basement area. It's of course, still grander than my entire home put together. My entire family is put in here after me, along with all the staff. I rush over to James who is on his way back out.

"Hey." I say, stopping him. "What's happening?"

"We're being attacked."

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