James cares for his country. But he worries about Isobel and that stirred something inside of him which could stir something bigger in the country.

(It is set in the olden days incase that isn't clear in my writing haha, not quite sure what year, but somewhere waaaaay far back like in the 1400s :D)


24. 24.

Within a day we are leaving. We don't pack much because we will have new things there, but we have the old things that we love and want to keep. My mother, Matilda and Ezra are getting into one horse and carriage and James and I will be getting into a separate one in a minute. I look at the farm. I know I'm going to come back to see Elijah and everything, but it will be weird not doing all the normal daily things here. We're taking the horses with us though, so that's a bonus. 

"Hey." Elijah says, walking up from where he was seeing to our cows. "Are you all ready to go?" 

I nod, trying not to let the tears spill. He notices though and chuckles, pulling me into a hug. "You'll be okay." he says. 

I nod and smile at him. "I want you to get yourself a wife and a kid as soon as possible and move in here, alright?" 

He laughs. "Fine. I'll come here every day anyway."

"Isobel." I hear James say. He approaches us and takes my hand. "Ready to go?" 

I nod, taking one last look around. Here we go. 

"See you soon Izzy." Elijah says. I nod at him, giving him one last smile. 

"You're welcome up at the palace whenever you want Elijah." James smiles and shakes Elijah's resentful hand. 

And we get into our carriage.

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