James cares for his country. But he worries about Isobel and that stirred something inside of him which could stir something bigger in the country.

(It is set in the olden days incase that isn't clear in my writing haha, not quite sure what year, but somewhere waaaaay far back like in the 1400s :D)


19. 19.

"So." Elijah and I sit down at our usual spot. It's only just turned seven in the morning but neither of us could sleep so we set off early. "What's up?" he asks. 

I take a deep breath. "So when I was at the palace, Prince James and I sort of fell in love."

"Oh." Elijah sounds shocked. "Oh... wow, okay."

I laugh nervously. "Yeah, I know. So yesterday, when he came to speak to me we got into an argument about how perfect his life is, henceforth, I ran inside crying and locked myself in my room."

"Wow. Alright. Are you still mad at him?"

"Yes." I say. "He's a bastard." 

Elijah laughs a hearty laugh. "Ha! But you love him?"

I grin and nod. "Weird, hey?"

"Weird? This is beyond weird. Little Izzy, my best friend is in love with the soon to be King of England."

I know I need to tell him the rest and I decide to just slip it out as soon as possible. I know Elijah thinks that that is the news and I don't blame him; that is a lot to process but there is more. So just as Elijah takes a swig of his water I take a deep breath. 

"Oh yeah and I'm pregnant." I say casually. 

He splutters, spraying water everywhere. I pat his back to try and get the water out but he is choking. I flinch away dreading his reaction. 

"You're what now?!" he demands. 

"With child! There is life in my womb!" I say jokingly. 

"Don't joke about this!" Elijah exclaims. "This is serious! It's his?" 

He says 'his' like it's the worst swear he's ever heard. "Yeah it's his." I say. "I'm not a whore." 

"Isobel!" he exclaims. "What are we going to do?" 

I look over all of the valleys and rivers and just say "I don't know." 

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