James cares for his country. But he worries about Isobel and that stirred something inside of him which could stir something bigger in the country.

(It is set in the olden days incase that isn't clear in my writing haha, not quite sure what year, but somewhere waaaaay far back like in the 1400s :D)


16. 16.

"So," my mother says as she cuts the meat, handing it to all of us on our plates a couple of days later. "Did you and Elijah enjoy your walk today?" 

Elijah and I both nod, starting to eat. 

"Where do you walk to?" she asks out of curiosity. 

Elijah and I both look at each other and hold back a laugh. "Oh, just to where the lake is."

My mother nods and we all carry on eating as normal when we hear horse hooves on the path outside. 

"Elijah, Casper, your parents must be back!" Mother grins. "I'll go and fetch them!" 

She returns a minute later but not with Elijah's parents... with James. I frown at him quizzically and realise everybody is looking at me so I smooth out my expression. 

"Your grace." I nod from where we are all sitting. 

"Good evening everybody." James nods at us all, smiling. "Sorry to interrupt your meal, but I was wondering if I could speak to Isobel, if that is okay."

I nod and leave the table, ignoring everybody's stares and James and I walk out and sit on a bench a length away from the house. He smiles at me as we both sit. 

"What did you want to talk about?" I ask. 

"Right into it." he laughs. "I was thinking. When we... you know..."

"Yes." I laugh. 

"Yes, when we did that." he shakes his head chuckling. "Okay, well we weren't considering a certain factor."

"And that would be...?" 

"That... activity, well..." 

"James what is it?" I press. 

"It could lead to a child."

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