James cares for his country. But he worries about Isobel and that stirred something inside of him which could stir something bigger in the country.

(It is set in the olden days incase that isn't clear in my writing haha, not quite sure what year, but somewhere waaaaay far back like in the 1400s :D)


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Author's note:

Wow author's note before the book begins! Okay I just want to make a couple of things clear :)

1) I am not sure what time exactly this is set, but it is in the 1400's so way back in time! So medevil times (correct me if I'm wrong haha)

2) This is NOT based on factual history. This is not based on a real king or prince or queen or anything like that, all of the events and characters have been made up by me :)

Okay, thank you guys, enjoy!


"Father, no!" I shout, shielding my face, but it's too late. His fist connects with my cheek and I go flying. He has already hitten me worse today, in the past hour, this is just one more. It will continue in a couple of days when the swelling goes down.

He grumbles and walks out of the room, leaving me on the floor in pain. My mother and my younger sister Matilda are upstairs in our house. Our house isn't much. It is just a farm house just on the outside of the city. It has a kitchen and two bedrooms and outside there are places for the animals.

Mother and Matilda are upstairs because I told them to run. I could see Father approaching the house, even more drunk than when he left earlier this morning. I knew he would get violent and hit me again like he has been doing for the past year. Every couple of days for the past year, I have made sure Mother and Matilda hide so that they don't get hit too.

It's terrifying when it happens. Father goes out every morning to see to the animals. While he's down in the farm, he gets drunk on some ale that he brews himself. When he returns, he gets angry and takes it out on me. I don't know why, usually because I'm the only one left there. I am sure my older brother, Ezra would help but he is usually out hunting when it happens. He knows it happens, but I make him go; the more people out of the way, the less people hurt.

Ezra walks in now, as I am trying to get up.

"Oh, Izzy." he sighs, helping me up. I am sixteen and he is eighteen but he is more of a father than my own has ever been. "Please let me stay tomorrow, I will help you."

"No." I shake my head, wiping blood from my face. "No I'm okay."


"Don't." I glare up at him. "Just don't."

I walk past him, up the stairs to Mother's room where she and Matilda are getting ready. It is the only time we have had a need to get ready, yet we still have emergency dresses and even a little make up. Tonight, Ezra is getting knighted by the queen for saving some people in a fire. It was heroic of him, but it was a while ago. However, she has only just decided to knight him and we aren't complaining. It is not very often commoners like us get knighted. But it does mean our whole family (other than our father who we will excuse) has to meet the royal family and dine with them, when my face will be a swollen mess soon.

"Oh Isobel-" my mother rushes up to me but i swipe her hand away gently.

"I'll be fine Mother." I smile and let her get ready again.

"Izzy?" Matilda asks uncertainly. She's only ten but is wise beyond her years. "Are you sure you're okay to go to the knighting tonight?"

I smile, stroking her hair. It's similar to mine, except brown. Everybody in my family has dark hair except from me; mine is a pale blonde. However, we all have the same big green eyes and our hair is all curly and long.

"Of course Tilly, I'll be fine." I assure her.

I let Mother put pale make-up on my face which will never be paler than my skin, to hide the redness and swelling as much as possible while Tilly does my hair in some elaborate yet simple braid that goes down the side of my back. 

Just as I am getting into my dress, more of a gown really that the palace supplied, a horse and carriage shows up outside our house. Ezra, Tilly, Mother and I all climb in and before we know it, we're leaving our farm behind and are on our way to the royal family.

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