The Abduction - Book 1

Rosilyn George is a girl who is described by the people she knows as 'analytical minded.' That's why when her sister Cameron's friend goes missing one night, she agrees to help the case. But little does she know that she's entering a whole wad of trouble...

Book 1 out of 3 in the Rosilyn George Abduction Series.

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4. Unresolved questions and the O'Sullivans

“Cameron. Cameron!” I yell from downstairs. If Cameron knew anything about Cassia O’Sullivan, it could be needed urgently.

“What, Rosie? I was asleep!” groaned a tired voice from upstairs.

“This is serious, Cameron!” I yell back. “One of your friends is in real danger!”

Suddenly I could hear the floorboards creaking repeatedly as Cameron dashed across the corridor and down the stairs.

“Who? Which one of my friends is in danger?” her eyes were wide open and her face was filled with worry.

I pause, and let all the information come back into my head. “Do you know how your friend Cassia was intending to go home tonight?”

Cameron’s eyebrows rose. “Cassia? O’ Sullivan? As a matter of fact I do. She was walking home, and she left about 10 minutes early from the party.”

I listened carefully to this. “Wait, wait, walking? So late at night? She’s only 10 years old!”

“Well, her parents don’t have a car. She walks home from school and goes to a lot of places on her own.”

I shudder at the thought of a poor 10 year old girl walking home alone at 8 o’clock at night in the dark and cold. How vulnerable! Almost like she was looking for trouble.

“Thanks, Cameron,” I finally say. “Tomorrow morning, we’ll pay a little visit to the O’ Sullivan’s house.”


The next morning was a Saturday, a bright sunny day. By 9 o’clock we were all ready to go. Cameron had selected some lilies to give to the O’Sullivans, or at least, the remaining ones. We were intending to walk until I called Evie and told her about the situation and the little visit, and she offered to drop us in her car. “Besides,” she said. “I want to pay my respects to this girl and see what kind of parents let their child out on their own at night!”

Cameron was very good in navigating the way (she must have memorized Cassia’s address). While Evie and Cameron focused on the location, I looked though the papers. Sure enough, the headline was right across the front page – ‘GIRL MISSING FROM SUMMER HOLIDAY CELEBRATION’.  There was only a short paragraph about Cassia and how her family wanted her to come home if she could read this. “She would be home if you didn’t make the horrid decision to make her walk the streets at night!” I quietly mumbled to myself.

Soon enough, we were turning into the last street that led to the O’Sullivan household. It consisted of run down houses, which I eventually noticed as marionettes, and many blocks of flats. We identified Cassia’s home to be an apartment, within a block of flats right at the end of the street.

“Hey, I remember these streets!” declared Evie. “My uncle Seth used to live here when he was on benefits. There are all council flats.”

It had an eerie, dingy look to its blackened walls and cracked windows. There was a fetid smell lingering around these flats, and I noticed crisp wrappers and beer cans sprawled across the entrance to the flats. Each apartment was small and weird looking, and I looked at all of them and wondered which one was Cassia’s.

“Top floor, apartment to the right,” said Evie, reading my mind. She stopped and stared at the apartments, and then gave a shudder. “Man, I feel so sorry for that girl. Living like this. I mean, look at the place.”

It’s wasn’t hard to agree with Evie. The O’Sullivans’ apartment stood out from the others, with colourful, vibrant tie dye curtains visible from the windows. They seemed a very happy family from the outside, but I didn’t know what to expect from the inside.

“Are you sure we won’t disturb them?” asked Cameron uncertainly. “Maybe the police or the press are at their flat. Maybe both!”

I sighed. “Look, if they are there, we’ll leave; If they aren’t, we’ll give the O’Sullivans’ the flowers and go.”

“I sure don’t want to waste time looking at this dump,” said Evie. “Let’s go in and be done with this!”

We eventually decided that Cameron would be the one to introduce us into the speaker since she knew Cassia best. Slowly, she pressed the buzzer for apartment 4 and waited.

“Who is it?” a metallic voice barked though the speakerphone. “We aren’t taking any interviews.”

Cameron hesitated, and then spoke up.

“Errmm…..hello, my name is Cameron; I’m a friend of Cassia’s..? I was at the party last night when….you know…errr…..” she was lost for words.

“A friend of Cassia’s?” the voice lowered its tone. “Oh, that’s fine. Do come in dear.”

We heard another buzz and the door suddenly swung open.

“Like a haunted house,” remarked Cameron.

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