The Abduction - Book 1

Rosilyn George is a girl who is described by the people she knows as 'analytical minded.' That's why when her sister Cameron's friend goes missing one night, she agrees to help the case. But little does she know that she's entering a whole wad of trouble...

Book 1 out of 3 in the Rosilyn George Abduction Series.

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6. The long way home

After that, none of us even bothered to ask why Cassia was let out so late at night, or what the police said to them last night. After handing them the flowers we made a sharp exit from the house. I’d taken Mr. O’Sullivans’ phone number in case I needed to know anything important for solving the case.

While we were leaving Mr. O’Sullivan handed me a small map with the route of Cassia’s travel highlighted on it. The next morning I sat at the breakfast table studying the map while Evie (who’d spent the night at mine) had her eyes glued to the television.

“Clarke Street …Derment road …Edent Avenue …”

“Eeuuggghhh,” said Evie in disgust. “Look at this, Rosie. They’ve done a whole interview with the police about the Cassia scandal on the news.”

I tilted my head up to face the Television. Evie was right - a woman sitting in a bright studio was interviewing two policemen. One was tall and thin, the other was short and plump. The woman talked a bit about the case before turning to the policemen.

"So, what are you currently doing to help the case?" asked the presenter.

"Help?" yelled Evie. "They're gonna ditch the case, that's how they're gonna help!" Her face was screwed up as she stared at the television in utter shock.

"Get back, Evie, I want to see this," I said, rising from my seat and sitting infront of the television. The policemen turned to face the canmera.

"We are currently investigating the route she took home and trying to figure out if she's been abducted, or if she's simply run away." The tall policeman said.

"Yeah," said the short policeman. "Wwe've investigated, and there is a strong possibility that she has run away."

"What a cheek!" gasped Evie. "Saying that in public."

I grabbed the remote and switched of the TV.

"Let's not waste time," I said. "We're gonna be one step ahead of the police. We're going to investigate the route that Cassia took home that night."


 11am. Leaving Cameron at my cousin's house, Evie drove me over and parked near Mia's driveway. Wwe both got out of the car, observing our surroundings I grabbed the map out of the car and peered at it closely.

"So right now, we're on Clarke street. If we turn that way, we'll make it to Derment road." I took a few steps forward from the car and looked across the street. "Yup, the map doesn't lie. Okay, Evie, just look out for anything that looks suspicious. Dodgy surroundings, whatever."

"Sure," said Evie, arms folded. "I got it."

We walked through Clarke street, and then Dergent road, and turned onto Edent Avenue. Nothing came up so far, and me and Evie were starting to get worried that all of this would lead us to a dead end. By the time we got to the end of Edent avenue, we had to take to the map again for find the next road.

"Rosie," said Evie, patting my shoulder repeatedly. "Rosie, look at this. She's meant to take Palentine Avenue, but we can't see that anywhere."

I looked around. "Make that 'you' can't see it anywhere," I snap back. "I can. Look at the side road here."

There was a sign. 'PALESTINE AVENUE.' I moved closer, and realised that this wasn't a residential area. It was an alleyway - like on of those alleyways in horror movies. Horror movies.

     "Evie," I gasped. "I think we've found our potential crime scene."


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