The Abduction - Book 1

Rosilyn George is a girl who is described by the people she knows as 'analytical minded.' That's why when her sister Cameron's friend goes missing one night, she agrees to help the case. But little does she know that she's entering a whole wad of trouble...

Book 1 out of 3 in the Rosilyn George Abduction Series.

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2. Rosilyn George - Girl detective/ Spy

The Summer Holidays finally came, the one thing we’d all been waiting for. School is only fun because you look forward to the summer holidays, each day being another that you can take away from your summer holiday countdown. So the final day is always the best, with ice lollies and chocolates and presents from your best friends. There’s only one problem – as soon as you get home, you wonder what you’re going to do for the next 6 weeks of your life.

I have never avoided that problem. Each year has always been boring, with the first week inside the house, and the next maybe out in your local area. And when it’s over, you feel like you’ve wasted your time. Only one year really stood out though – and that was after my first year of 6th form. After that, my life was never the same.

If you must know, I'm just a sarcastic blonde who is probably well known as being 'analytical minded'. I've go an amazing best friend and family and I love my sister with all my heart. When I do something, I do it for her. Apart from that, shopping is my second nature, but even that for me requires focus, as does anything. Think smart, think ahead.

Rosilyn George x

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