3. Will you be my girlfriend?

you turn around and look at him confused. "What?" You say. " I know we just met, but I really like you. Your beautiful inside and out, and I can look in your eyes and tell that your everything that I want and need." He tells you. You look deep into his beautiful brown eyes and you know he's telling the truth. "Yes!" You tell him. His smile gets so big. He leans in and kisses you. Then gives you the biggest hug you've ever had. When your in his arms you feel a sense of warmth and protection. And you know he's the one for you.He then looks at you with the happiest look, and says "thank you so much! I knew from the first time I saw you, you would be mine someday." Your give him a big smile and he says, " you have the most gorgeous smile in the world!" You laugh. He grabs your hand and pulls you over to the couch. You both sit and, you place your head on his chest. Justin then begins to stroke your hair, as he sings to you. as you lay in Justin's arms, he sings to you. His voice is so perfect. You start to think about all the times you have been fan girling over Justin, and the countless times you've defended him, when haters talk bad about him. Then, you think of all the times people told you, you would never met him. But now he is someone you can call your own. You and Justin sit there as he sings to you, then he says " you never have to worry about me leaving your side, I will always love and protect you, no matter what." You look up at him and and you smile and say " I never thought in a million years, you would be mine." He looks into your eyes and he smiles. He leans in and kisses you. As one of his hands is entangled in your hair, the other roams the rest if your body. Then you hear your phone ring and its you best friend asking where you are. You part away from Justin and look at you phone. " damn it!" You say. "What's wrong?!" Justin asks. I forgot I had to meet {your best friends name} tonight." You say. " who's that?" Justin asks in curiosity. " my best friend. " oh, we'll do you want me to take you?" He offers. " yeah." You get your purse and open the door, with Justin right behind you. Then as soon as you open the door, you are stopped by someone. Justin's ex. Selena.

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