1. When we first met..

you just broke up with your boyfriend. Your sitting in a restaurant and your sitting there with tears running down your face, you suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder. And a voice say " your to beautiful to be crying." You wipe your face and turn around. You gasp, and your eyes get really big. " oh my god! Your Justin Bieber!" Your say. He laughs and says " yeah, I know. You a fan?" He says. " oh my god yes! Your biggest one!" You say. Then he sits at your table, and says " you here with anyone?" He asks. "No." You reply. " so what's the matter?" He ask you. You look down at you hands and say " I just broke up with my boyfriend." " if you don't mind me asking. Why?" Justin asks in a sincere voice. " he cheated on me." You say. Justin looks deep into your eyes and says " we'll he made a big mistake." Justin says. Tears start to roll down you face again. Justin wipes the tears from your face and says, " stop crying. He's not worth the tears. Your too beautiful, and you deserve better." He says. He stands up and holds his hand out to you. "C'mon." You look at him confused. "What?" You say. "Come with me" he says. You take his hand and he leads you out the door.He leads you out the door and and opens the door to his car for you. He hops in the drivers seat, and turns to you and says, " what's your name?" "{your name}" you tell him. " we'll {your name} I'm justin and I think you absolutely beautiful!" He says to you. You start to laugh. He leans in and kisses you. You smile and so does he. " so what do you want to do?" He ask. " I don't know." You say. " how about the movies?" He says. "Yeah, sure." He drives a couple blocks from where the restaurant was, and pulls into a regal cinema. Justin turns to you with a smile on his face and says, " lets go see Titanic!"  " I love titanic!" You say with a laugh. "Doesn't everyone?" Justin says. You both get out of the car and go into the movie theater. "Two tickets for titanic." Justin tells the ticket sales women. You turn to Justin and say " thanks." "No problem babe." He says with a sexy smile. You start to laugh. You and justin enter the movie theater. When you both sit down, he kicks up his feet on the seats in front of him, and puts his arm around you. You the put your head on his shoulder. He then kisses you on the head, and says. " I know we just met but, I really like you, there's something about your Presence that makes me happy. You look up at him and smile. You then see how beautiful his eyes are, you look into his eyes and realize he is everything you ever wanted. He leans in and kisses you. The movie starts and you both sit and watch the movie. In the middle of the movie he puts his arms around you, and you start to fall asleep. Justin wakes you up at the end off the movie and says " time to go." He takes your hand in his and leads you out the the theater. Before he walks out the door. He sees the flashing lights of the paparazzi. "Damn it." He says. "you ready to face them?" He asks you. " I guess." You tell him. He grabs you hand and holds it tight. and you both run out the door. The lights of the cameras suddenly becomes blinding and you can't see. You then feel someone grab you. You turn around. The paparazzi is yelling in your face. Justin pushes him and says " get off of her!" His voice full of anger.



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