2. I know we just met but..

 as justin is yelling and fighting off the paparazzi, your just standing there like a dear in head lights. You don't know what to do, then you here justin yell your name. He grabs your hand and you both run to the car. He opens the door for you and you jump in. Justin runs to the other side of the car and gets in, and speeds out the parking lot. " sorry about that. They can be assholes sometimes." He says to you. " it's okay." You reply. As he drives down the main streets of LA, you look out the window. "You okay?" He asks. You turn to him and say "yeah, I'm fine." You say. "So what are you doing for the rest of the night?" Justin ask. " nothing."You say. "Wanna go to my place and hang for a while?" He asks. " uh, sure." He drives down a street, full of mansions, and pulls into a beautiful white mansion. "Is this yours?!" You say in surprise. He laughs and says "yeah." You both get out of the car and he opens the door to his house for you.

You walk in and put your bag down. "It's beautiful!" You say. " thanks!" He says. "I'll be back." He tells you. "Okay." You reply. You walk over to the burning fire place and and just stand there think about how amazing this night has been. Suddenly you feel Justin's arms wrap around your waste and pull you close. " you wanna be my girlfriend?"

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