4. His ex....

you stand there with you mouth wide open. And Selena looks at you and says, "who the hell Are you?!" Her voice full of anger. You turn to Justin and just stare at him, he looks at the the both of you, and he has nothing to say. " why is she here?! I thought you broke up?!" You say. " he called me!" Selena says. You look at justin, your eyes full of tears. You think to your self, could he really have done this to me. What the hell is going on! Was he just using me to get back at Selena? You think. Justin looks at you with the saddest look on his face. You turn back around and and run out the door. You don't know where you are going, your just running. JUSTIN'S POV: Selena looks at me and says " who the hell is she?!" "She's my girlfriend!" You tell her. I start to run out the door but Selena grabs my arm. " where are you going?!" She says. " I'm going after her! I love her!" I start running the way {your name} went. I see a figure in the distance. Then I run even faster. I come right behind {your name} and grab her arm. She turns around her eyes full of tears. " get the hell off of me!" She yells at me. "Please let me explain!" I say. And tears start to stream down my face. She lets go of my grip, and starts to run again.

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