5. Black out...

I let go of Justin's grip and start to run again. Tears streaming down my face. How could this happen again?! Was everything he said a lie? You start to think of how amazing the day had been up until now. You start to wonder what was going threw his head. How does he feel? Does he know how bad he's hurt me? You start to run even faster in anger. Your breathing becomes really rapid and your hands start getting really sweaty. Then you start feeling dizzy. JUSTIN'S POV: I stand in the middle of the street as she keeps running. What have I done? She's going to hate me. She's never going to talk to me again. Then I think. I have to keep going after her. I will never stop until I get her back. I start to run again. Faster and faster. I see her again. Then I see she has stopped, and puts both of her hands on her knees and she breathing really hard. Then she collapses to the ground. JUSTIN'S POV: when I see that she has collapsed on the ground I scream her name "{your name}!" When I get to her, I start to shake her so she will wake up. But she doesn't. My heart beat becomes rapid, and tears start to stream down my face again. I shake her again but she doesn't wake. I pull out my phone and dial 911. " hello, what is your emergency?" She asks. "My girlfriend is collapsed on the ground!" I tell they lady in fear. I start thinking of the first time I saw her. The first time I talked to her, the first time I kissed her our first date. Then I think of how bad I hurt her. " please, please don't take her from me." I whisper. I here a ambulance in the distance. I look down at her unconscious body and say " hang in there. I love you." YOUR POV: your eyes slowly open and and you look down at your hand and realize that there is and I.V in your hand. Then you remember what happened last night. You sigh. You turn to your right and see Justin. His head placed in his hands. " Justin?" You say. His head jerks up. "{your name}!" He smiles with relief and gives you a hug. Then he steps back and says "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." He says. His eyes start to fill with tears. You roll your eyes and sigh. "Please just let me explain, over dinner. The doctor said your free to go this afternoon." you look at justin, and shake your head and say " yeah, whatever." He gives you a small smile. You move your legs to the side of the bed and Justin jumps up and try's to help you up. " don't touch me. I got it." You say. He backs up and puts his hands in his pockets and he looks to the floor. You both walk out the hospital. And Justin opens the car door for you. As he drives down the streets of LA, you look out the window trying to avoid talking to him. He pulls into a small diner. The both of you walk in and sit at a booth. You both look each other in the eyes. Justin takes a deep breath and begins to explain. JUSTIN POV: I look deep into her beautiful eyes and say " I'm sorry for how badly I hurt you. When I called Selena, I called her before I met you. I swear I wouldn't do that you. You mean the world to me." I tell her. She looks at me. Then looks back down at her hands. "Please forgive me." I say. {y/n} looks up at me and says. "You swear?" " I swear. I would never do that to you. I love you." I say. She looks up at me and smiles. And says " I love you too."

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