Just Another Pretty Face

I'm Courtney Styles. The Courtney Elizabeth Styles, sister of Harry Styles. I remember meeting Louis. The day before the auditions. We fell in love and had Lillian Catherine Tomlinson. A month later I was diagnosed with cancer. I have one year to live. I have one year to write our story.


5. The X-Factor

Chapter 3

~Note~ this is now when Harry's family is at the X-factor

Courtney's POV
   "Harry are you excited?" I asked. Mom, Robin, Gemma, and some of our friends were cramped into the car while most of us were just staring blankly at the traffic.
   "Kind of. Well I'm excited but nervous. I just hope I'll do good," he sighed.
    "You'll do good!" Gemma stated excitedly. "you are going to kill 'em! Not literally but you know what I mean."
    "We are here!" Robin yelled. Note to self: be prepared.

Harry's POV
  It was crazy. Everyone was screaming their lungs out for no reason. To be honest, I hated the horrific screams. 
  "Maybe if you're famous it'll be like this," I thought to myself. The host interviewed me which meant I'm going to have a long audition on the Telly. Wow.  
   We were now in the waiting area waiting for my name to be called.
   "I'm going to use the bathroom," I said and ran out. Surprisingly, none was inside so I practiced singing. 
    "Isn't she lovely
     Isn't she wonderful
     Isn't she precious
     Less than one minute old
     I never thought through love we'd be
    Making one as lovely as she
    But isn't she lovely made from love,"
"Wow you are really good!" A voice behind me complimented.
"Th-tha- thanks," I stuttered.
"No problem!" He said. "I know this might sound weird but can I have a picture with you, I can just tell your going to be famous!"
"Ok." I replied. 
We smiled and then I scribbled my number onto a toilet paper and said, "Text me the picture so I can invite you to parties if I'm famous!" We laughed then I walked out.
~few hours later~
After hours waiting in this room full of chatter. Finally, someone called "Harry Styles," Well here we go.

Sorry I haven't posted anything! I've been stressed from school and track so yeah... I know for sure that this isn't how Harry and Louis like met. Until next time listen to Diana if you are feeling down or kik me @/bannnanns. Ily stay strong babe!
  Lauren the girl who's feet is sore from four hours of running.

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