Just Another Pretty Face

I'm Courtney Styles. The Courtney Elizabeth Styles, sister of Harry Styles. I remember meeting Louis. The day before the auditions. We fell in love and had Lillian Catherine Tomlinson. A month later I was diagnosed with cancer. I have one year to live. I have one year to write our story.


1. Prologue


To my lovely daughter Lillian~


You are probably 16 by now. Sorry I am not here with you. I might be gone now. I doubt any miracles will happen. Here is the story of your father and I. 


People always said it was love at first sight. Well that was a lie. I was a small town  girl. He was just another pretty face. I was lonely with only a  mom, a big brother, no friends, a step father, and a dad. I never connected with them that much. He had lots of sisters, a mother, a step father, a father, and tons of friends. Before I knew him I thought I wasn't special. I was treated like trash. But that all changed when on that rainy morning.

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