Just Another Pretty Face

I'm Courtney Styles. The Courtney Elizabeth Styles, sister of Harry Styles. I remember meeting Louis. The day before the auditions. We fell in love and had Lillian Catherine Tomlinson. A month later I was diagnosed with cancer. I have one year to live. I have one year to write our story.


4. Oh Brother.


Louis and started talking about our life like how old friends would. Suddenly my phone started playing 'Hey There Delilah'. "I apologize," I said to Louis. He gave me a thumbs up and waited patiently.
"Look Court we need to go now. The auditions are far from here so get your ass up here now!"
"Harry! What the hell up with you?"
"You know how import this is to me so come on!"
"Ok bye,"
"Louis sorry I need to go. My brother wants to leave now.."
"It's ok here is my number so we can contact each other!" He said joyfully.
"Thanks Lou," I giggled.
{Present Day}
"Courtney Elizabeth Styles-Tomlinson," Dr. Veronica said.
"Yes?" I said weakly.
"You have visitors."
"Look Lily that's your mommy."
"Mommy," she said. 
"When she's three I'll be gone." I thought to myself.
"Hello honey! Hello my little mermaid." Lilly giggled.
"That's not all of us. COME IN GUYS!"
"Hi!" They all said in a unison. Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Perrie, and Dani. Tears filled my eyes and I hugged them all. 
"I missed you guys!" I yelled.
"We missed you too!"

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