Army Love

Apryl's boyfriend goes into the army. Will he come home and marry her.? Or will he die serving the country.? Find out in Army Love.


1. Surprise Assembly.??

Apryl's p.o.v.

     Hey, I'm Apryl. Apryl Cara Jakson. It's been exactly one year since I've seen my boyfriend, Brent Smith. He went into the army and soon after I got a job at my old school as a teacher. When I was in the middle of teaching a lesson the principle, Mr.Griffen, told all the students and staff to go to the lunch room immediately. He then tells us we are having a surprise assembly. I had to stand where I couldn't see the stage until my name was called. I waited for about 15 minutes then Mr.Griffen said," Apryl Jakson will you please enter the stage.?" I walked onto the stage and froze.

Brent's p.o.v.

     I'm nervous and excited. I haven't seen or talked to Apryl since I left for the army exactly one year ago. She doesn't know I'm home. That's why I got the principle to arrange this assembly. I walked on the stage and waved at the students. A few waved back some looked confused as to why I was here. Then Mr.Griffen called Apryl onto the stage. She saw me and froze. "Brent.?" she says softly. I grin and nod. "Omigod Brent.!!"she yelled. She ran and jumped in my arms. God, I missed her. "Did you arrange this for me.?" she whispers. I nod.

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