Army Love

Apryl's boyfriend goes into the army. Will he come home and marry her.? Or will he die serving the country.? Find out in Army Love.


2. So, Marry Me.?

Apryl's p.o.v.

     He's home.! My Brent is home.!! I get out of his arms. "Apryl.?" he says softly. "Hmm.?" I reply. Then he gets down on one knee and pulls something out. "Apryl Cara Jakson. Words can't describe the love I have for you. So, marry me.?" he says. Tears are running down my face as I say," Yes Omigod a million times yes.!" He grins and picks me up spinning me around. Then he kisses me. In front of everybody. I hear claps  and wolf-whistles. One of the older kids shouts," Get a room.!" I pull away and start laughing. This is the best moment of my life. I'm in his arms again as I whisper," I love you.."

Brent's p.o.v.

     "Can you get off for the rest of the day.?" I ask. She nods and walks over to Mr.Griffen. He nods the announces," Attention everyone.! We will be getting out of school early today. Have a good day." he says and walks over to us. "Congratulations, I hope you have a great life together." he says with a smile. "Thanks.!"Apryl and I say at the same time. We grin. "Well good-bye Mr.Griffen.!"Apryl says.  We walk off the stage. Two girls about 15 approach us. "Congrats Miss Apryl.!" they say at the same time. They giggle. "Thank you Harlie. Thank you Carlie."Apryl replies. Then one of the girls whispers something in Apryl's ear. "Of course Harlie you can be one of the first to know if it happens." Apryl says with a smile. "Thanks.!" Harlie says. "Me too.?"Carlie asks. They obviously both planned this. Apryl nods. They give her their numbers and we walked to the car. When we get to the car I'll ask about it.

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