Army Love

Apryl's boyfriend goes into the army. Will he come home and marry her.? Or will he die serving the country.? Find out in Army Love.


5. Four Years Later

Apryl's p.o.v.

     It's been four years since Brent left the army. The twins are now four and perfectly healthy. So is their almost four year old sister. The youngest, the one I had when Brent resigned from the army is named Misty Hope Smith. Suddenly Misty and Alexandria ran up to me yelling," Mommy.!!! Bubba is 'urt.!! We have to 'elp him.!!!!" Neither could talk correctly so at first I didn't know what they said. Then I heard Alexander crying and screaming. I ran to him and tried comforting him. "What happened, baby.?" I ask softly. "M-my a-arm it h-hurts.!!!" he screamed. "Misty get me my phone.!" I say. She nods and runs to get it. "Here mommy.!!" Misty said. She looked scared. I called Brent. "Meet us at the hospital. I think Alexander broke his arm. He's saying it hurts but it doesn't look broke. I want to check though." I say in a rush. "Alright just stay calm." he says. I take Alexander to the hospital. Brent got there then the doctor came to get us. "Smith.?" the doctor said. I picked up Alexander and carried him to the back. The doctor said his arm isn't broke but he doesn't know what's wrong. He called another doctor in. "This little boy has a bad pain in his arm." The second doctor checks Alexander. "It looks like he has been bit by something." he said. Bit.?

Brent's p.o.v.

     Apryl came back out with Alexander. He had a sucker. "What happened.?" I ask. "They say I got bited by a 'pider.!"Alexander says. "By a spider.?" I ask and look at Apryl. She nods. When we get home we put Alexander to bed and let Misty and Alexandria watch Barney. After they watched three shows of Barney we put them to bed too. I ate a sandwhich and went to bed with Apryl. It had been a long day. I fell asleep quickly. So did Apryl.

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