She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


10. She's Eccentric Chapter 9

Chapter 9

            What is that noise?  I asked myself. It woke me up from my deep slumber. I scratched my still sleepy eye lid and check the time. According to my ever reliable source of time, my alarm clock, it's only eight thirty in the morning.

            I still feel so sleepy so I gave myself time to get up. But there's a noise outside that just stops me from getting back to my sleep. I had no choice but to sit up and yawned.

            I stretched my feet before I get up from bed then stretched my arms. When I feel that I am good to go out, I move to the door and opened it.

            I turned my head where I can hear the noise, from the kitchen. I saw Aimee beating  something in the bowl while her head is leaning on her shoulder.

            Aimee turned to look at me when she realized I'm there. I noticed that her phone is in between her shoulder and her ear and she's talking to someone.

            "Oh! Chase is already up. Talk to you later. Bye." I heard her say then took the phone from her shoulder and put it in the pocket of the apron.

            "Who are you talking to?" I asked in curiosity. She continued beating what she's beating so I checked what it is. It was eggs.

            "Well, Arvin called and said they are going to go here first and we can all go together to the park," she said.

            I nodded and noticed that she's cooking something in the pot since it's on top of the stove. The stove is open so, surely she's cooking.

            "We had a three way talk earlier and decided to go to the park, we'll be there before eleven and prepare. And then we're gonna eat at twelve. By two we're gonna go to the amusement park. Isn't it great?" she said it in a very excited way.

            Well, whatever. As long as she's happy about it then I'm just all ears. "Yeah, that's great. Who made that plan?" I asked.

            Aimee put the egg beater down and opened the pot to check if the food is cooked. I only noticed that she cooked rice as well since the rice cooker is plugged.

            "Well, it was a plan that was made by the three of us. This is the first time I'm gonna go the amusement park with three people. That will be so much fun!" she exclaimed.

            "And oh! By the way Chase. Since Arvin is bringing his father's car he decided to bring his beat box as well. I think it would be good to bring the guitar too!" she said.

            Is this really Aimee? How can she just change like this overnight? "Okay. Sure." I said just looking at her. I am mesmerized.

            "Might as well bring the camera if it's alright, Chase. I want to make as much memories as I can." she said.

            Last time she doesn't want to take pictures and now she wants to take pictures. Is this the real Aimee? It made me remember the photos I showed her last month. She's not so happy about it.

            "Damn it Chase! It's rude to take a photo of someone who is not aware of it! I didn't allow you to take stolen photos!" she screamed at me

            "Well, that is why it is stolen. Because I took it without you knowing." I said as she hit me in my arms.

            "As far as I can remember, you are charging me five hundred bill if I hear you sing. I don't wanna pay five hundred bill." I joked.

            "Jeez Chase! Of course that is only a joke. You heard me sing yesterday and I didn't charge you at all." she said.

            I smiled at her. "We could also practice for your performance for the Christmas Vacation Party. Arvin can play the beat box, he's good at it." I said

            Aimee stirred the food in the pot. After stirring she tasted the food. "Check it out Chase, I'm not sure if the other two will like this." she said as she put the spatula in my mouth.

            It's the best! She's even better than my mom. "It's good." I said while nodding. "They will love it, I swear."

            Aimee's smile widened after hearing what I said. She turned the pot and covered it then take it off the stove. She put it on top of the sink. She reached for the frying pan and put in on the stove.

            Aimee put some cooking oil on the frying pan and took the eggs. "Do you think they like cheese omelets?" she asked.

            I remembered how Arvin loves cheese. He is a big fan of cheese and he'll surely like it. "Arvin likes cheese a lot so I think he's gonna love it. I don't know about Serena." I said.

            "Serena likes omelets so I don't think this is an exception. I can't wait to serve this for them." Aimee giggled.

            So after a few hours, Arvin and Serena arrived. We packed the foods and loaded them on Arvin's car. It was actually his father's but he's free to use it.

            We went to the park and arrived there at half past eleven. We prepared a mat that we can use and put it on the grass.

            We brought out the food and our stuff and put it at one side of the mat. The mat was brought by Serena.

            Before we eat the food we decided to pay respect and thank for the food and everything we currently have.

            It is Aimee who prayed for us. "Lord, thank you for the food that we have here today. Aside from that thank you for giving me this people around me. I am really blessed to have them and please always bless them the way you did it for me. I am thankful and please let it always be like this. Amen." she prayed.

            Serena laughed. "That is more of a speech than a prayer Aimee. But it was great, really, thank you." she said.

            Aimee reached her and gave her an embrace.  "Aw..." Arvin groaned. The two girls are having their time.

            Later on we ate the food Aimee cooked for us. She looks really happy when Serena and Arvin praised her.

            They loved it. And just as I predicted, Arvin loved the Cheese Omelet Aimee made. He ate most of it and Aimee looks really pleased.

            After eating we decided to sing along before we head to the Amusement Park. The Amusement Park opens at two and it's only half past twelve so we still have time.

            I grabbed the guitar and check if it was in tune while Arvin sat at the beat box. He tapped it a couple of times.

            "Ah! that's unfair I don't have a piano to play. I don't have a talent at singing at all." Serena said and looks at Aimee.

            "What a lucky woman this girl is. She's pretty, she's sexy, she's a good singer, and on top of that she's a good cook!" she continued.

            Aimee gave her a sweet smile. "And you forgot to say how lucky I am to have you guys." Aimee replied. They look so sweet.

            "Oh hey Chase! Do you know how to play Christina Aguilera's  'I turn to you' in guitar?" she asked.

            Oh! I remember that song. I knew an acoustic version for it since I've played it before. "If you're okay with the acoustic version, then here we go." I started plucking the guitar strings.

When I'm lost in the rain

In your eyes I know I'll find the light to light my way

When I'm scared and losing ground

When my world is going to crazy you can turn in all around

And when I'm down you're there pushing me to the top

You're always there giving me all you got

For a shield from the storm

For a friend, for a love to keep me safe and warm

I turn to you

For the strength to be strong, for the will to carry on

For everything you do, For everything that's true

I turn to you

            I keep on falling in love with Aimee even though I already am. She looks more beautiful when she sings. We are all just staring at her, listening to the sound of her beautiful voice with a beautiful expression on her face.

When I lose the will to win

I just reach for you and I can reach the sky again

I can do anything

'Cause your love is so amazing, 'cause your love inspires me

And when I need a friend you're always on my side

Giving me faith taking me through the night

            I continued playing the guitar even though what I really want is to kiss her. She's more seductive when she sings than when she wears those bitch clothing. The sound of her voice is just so sexy.


For the arms to be my shelter through all the rain

For the truth that will never change

For someone to lean on

For the heart I can rely on through anything

For the one who I can run to

Ohhh I turn to you

            Her voice is really high and intense that we did not notice that there are people who's listening to us already.

            We only notice it when they started clapping. Aimee looked shock but still continued singing with a smile.

            We finished singing and people around us continues to give us a warm applause. There were kids, teens, couples, and old people listening.

            A girl came towards us with a wide smile. "You have an amazing voice, I had goosebumps with that. What is your name?" the woman asked.

            Aimee looked at me as if asking if it's okay to give her name. I gave her a nod and she gave her name to the lady. "I am Charmagne Louis." she said.

            "Charmagne..." the lady nodded. "I am Karlene Dawson, I am a talent scout who just passed over here and I didn't really expect to hear such an amazing voice right here."

            We were all stunned with that revelation. The girl who spotted Aimee is a talent scout. What a coincidence is this?

            The lady hand over a card to Aimee. "This is my calling card. If you have time you can contact me and I can make you a star. I am really interested in you."

            Aimee slowly took the card. "Well, thank you I guess." she said while her smile is vanishing from her lips.

            "I'll be expecting to hear from you. I'll be going now because I have a press conference to attend to, regarding one of my talents. So, hope to see you soon." the lady said as she bid goodbye.

            Aimee just smiled, a fake smile I can say. Serena jumped to Aimee and gave her a hug. "Congratulations Aimee! You are gonna be a star!" Serena exclaimed.

            Aimee gave us a smile that does not reach her eyes. There are a few people who are still around us and I think they saw the scene.

            "You don't seem happy about it." Arvin said. I noticed that as well but I am just unable to say it. Aimee sighed.

            "I... I love singing a lot. But I never wanted to be a star." she turns at serena. "I know you know why. Are you disappointed with me?" she asked.

            Serena patted Aimee's shoulder. "Nah! I understand of course. I just thought it would be great to have a star best friend." she said and embrace Aimee.

            "Can you sing for us again?" said by a little voice. We turned to were the voice came from and it's from a little girl.

            She was looking at Aimee and holding another woman's hand. Her eyes are sparking while looking at Aimee.

            "Well, she wants to be a singer some day and I think you just inspired her." the woman beside the kid said. I think she was the kid's mom.

            I look at Aimee and she looks like she's really glad. Her smile is reaching her eyes now and it's like a deep felt affection.

            She looks at me. "Give me 'Bring me to life'." she said. She meant that I should play "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence. "You got it!" I said as I pluck the guitar strings.

            I didn't expect it but Aimee stood up and look at the child. The kid is now clapping and throwing Aimee a big smile.

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?

Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb

Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there and lead it back home

            There is a male voice out there so I sang too as a backup voice. Since that song was sung by a male and a female.

(Wake me up) Wake me up inside

(I can't wake up) Wake me up inside

(Save me) Call my name and save me from the dark

(Wake me up) Bid my blood to run

(I can't wake up) Before I come undone

(Save me) Save me from the nothing I've become

            I know for sure Aimee does not know that this is one of my favorite songs. One of them is "In the end" by Linkin Park.

Now that I know what I'm without

You can't just leave me breathe

Into me and make me real

Bring me to life

            Aimee is singing with so much confidence now and moving her hands while singing. There are more people watching now and they are clapping.

Frozen inside without your touch without your love darling

Only you are the life among the dead

(All this time I can't believe I couldn't see)

(Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me)

I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems

I got to open my eyes to everything

(Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul)

(Don't let me die here, there must be something more)

Bring me to life

            Whew! I haven't sang that song for a long time. Good thing I still remember that part. It would be embarrassing if I messed up.

            Now Aimee's voice is very amazing. She's flawlessly hitting every note. The people gave a louder applause and some are singing too.

            Aimee finished singing while I'm still plucking the ending tune. We have a crowd now. Our simple picnic became a concert.

            It is Aimee's concert and we are the band who plays the songs for her. I don't understand why she doesn't want to be a singer at all.

            "That was awesome! I'm gonna train hard to be as good as you and become a singer someday!" the kid cried out. Her mom looks happy too.

            Looking at Aimee, her eyes are teary. Aimee turns her head to where I am and then turned to Serena who is now beside me. She jumped to us and gave us an embrace.

            Her left arm is around me and her right arm is around Serena. "Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you!" she said with her voice trembling.

            I gave her an embrace and Serena did the same. "Why are you thanking us? This is your effort and your talent." Serena said.

            Aimee's tears are flowing now and she started sobbing. "No! It was all thanks to you. It was all thanks to you guys I am feeling this good about myself. Thank you." she said.

            "You feel good? You better stop crying because it is almost two and we got to go to the Amusement Park. We're still going right?" I said.

            Aimee pulled away to wipe her tears. Serena wiped her tears as well. I am really glad she got closer to Serena, because Serena cared for her a lot. Aimee gave me a nod.

            So later on we went to the Amusement park and we took pictures everywhere. Aimee seems so carefree today and it's good.

            We saw a good spot and decided to take a photo of the four of us. We went to that spot and move closer to each other so we can fit in.

            I am in the left side with Aimee beside me. Beside Aimee is Serena and beside Serena is Arvin. So it's like, the two girls are in the middle.

            "You have to get that printed!" Aimee said. I looked at her in doubt. After I'm certain I got what she meant, I nodded.

            Aimee moved towards Serena and whispered something. I didn't hear it because she said it in a very quiet way.

            There's a worry that registered in Serena's face. "Don't be like that. If you say that again I'll hate you." Serena said.

            What they are talking about is quite puzzling. I felt that Arvin tapped my shoulder. "We are out of that, man. That's called 'girl-talk' that we can't join."

            I nodded. Well, it's not like I want some blabber mouthing or anything. I am just curious about everything that Aimee does or say.

            We had fun as we go through the rides. We even went to a horror house  where we got separated.

            We meet each other at the exit of the horror house. Aimee and Serena can't stop laughing when they got out.

            "We should do this more often. This is such a fantastic experience." Aimee said as she continues to laugh.

            Serena leaned on Arvin. "Ah! That was really great. I had so much fun." Serena said while Arvin put his arms around her.

            "Great to hear that. Then let's go here at least twice a month. What do you think?" He asked looking only at Serena.

            Serena gave a sweet smile to Arvin. "Hey!" Aimee screamed as she pulled Serena's arm, separating Serena and Arvin.

            "What?" Arvin asked looking at Aimee. But Arvin seems like he was about to burst into laughter for  some reason.

            "I told you, don't take her from me yet! We've just met, so she's still mine." Aimee said to Arvin. Now I understand Arvin's reaction.

            What Arvin did surprised me. He put his left arm around my right arm. "Then I'll take Chase in exchange." Arvin teased.

            Aimee smirked. "As long as you can kiss him in front of me, then he's yours." Aimee said. Damn! They are competing now.

            Arvin pulled away from me. "Not fair. How about I kiss Serena instead?" Arvin jokingly asked.

            "Okay sure." Aimee slightly pushed Serena towards Arvin. "Try to kiss her in front of me and, boy, you'll also be kissing my fist." she formed her hand into a rock.

            Arvin put his hands up as a sign of defeat. "Okay! Okay! Not in front of you then!" Arvin said and Serena laughed because of that.

            Aimee punched Arvin's arm that made him groan with pain. "Ouch. You are so brutal, that hurts." Arvin told Aimee.

            "Are you gay? I do that all the time to Chase and he doesn't mind at all." I heard Aimee said. Serena and I just listened to the jabbering of those two.

            "He won't mind whatever you do to him. He's a masochist. It turns him on." Arvin said. What he said made me laugh. I am their topic now.

            Aimee shook her head. "You don't have the slightest idea what turns him on." Aimee told him. "He..." Aimee was not able to finish what she is saying because I covered her mouth with my hands.

            Arvin furrowed his eyebrow after hearing that. "Don't tell me... You guys are..." Arvin said and I get what he meant.

            I laughed with that. "She's just kidding. You know Aimee, she'll never let you win." I removed my hand on Aimee's mouth when I felt she's just moving.

            Suddenly, our fun was interrupted with a ring. The four of us looked at each other wondering who's phone is ringing.

            We all took our phones out to see who's receiving the call and who is actually calling. Serena was the first one to get her phone. "Not mine." she said.

            Aimee took the phone I gave her and checked it. "Not mine either." she shook her head. It's just me and Arvin who's left.

            I took my phone out and checked it. It was mine who's ringing and the name showing in the screen is Rhea. "Oops! It's mine." I said as I move away from them and answer the call.

            I pressed the answer button. "Hello? Whattup?" I asked. I'm curious why suddenly Rhea called me today.

            "Hi Chase! It's Rhea. Sorry to call you so sudden. I just thought that we don't spend time much together these past few days so, I wonder if we could hang out?" she said.

            Oh great! "Uhmm... It's actually a bad time. I'm at the amusement park with Arvin so, I don't think I could go and meet you." I said.

            She paused for a while before speaking. "That is weird Chase. You won't go to the Amusement Park with just Arvin. Are you with a girl?" she asked.

            Darn Rhea! Why does she have to be so curious. I don't want to tell her about Aimee yet until I figure something out.

            "Uhm... Yeah. Arvin has a girl he's interested with and he tagged me along." I lied. Well, it is partly true anyway.

            I didn't know that Aimee is being curious about my phone call. "Chase! Who's that?" Aimee screamed to me since I was a bit far from them.

            I think Rhea heard Aimee and I just hope she didn't figure out it was her. "Who's that Chase?" Rhea asked.

             I have to get up some reason to tell Rhea. "Oh! that was Arvin's girl." I lied not realizing Aimee already moved towards me.

            "I am not Arvin's girl!" Aimee shouted. I was surprised to see her already beside me. "When did I became Arvin's girl?" she asked.

            I didn't know what to say to Aimee and then I heard Rhea. "Chase! Who is that. Why the hell are you lying to me? Is she your girlfriend?" Rhea said. She seems a bit upset now.

            "Hey Chase. Come on, who's that?" Aimee asked. I ignored Aimee for a while and talked to Rhea instead.

            "No Rhea, she's not. It's not the right time to talk. You don't have to be worried okay? I'll go meet you up tomorrow." I said as a compromise.

            I looked at Aimee and she's already silent. She's now looking at me with a blank expression on her face.

            "Okay. Just please tell me the truth. I am your best friend Chase so you shouldn't be lying to me at all." I heard Rhea said.

                        Oh yeah! We're best friends but she loves me. I don't want to hurt her and I love the girl she hates the most. How stuck up am I now?

            "Yeah! I promise." I said to her. Aimee remained quiet now. Rhea and I bid goodbye to each other later on.

            I faced Aimee and the others now and they are all silently looking at me. "It was Rhea, right?" Aimee slowly asked.

            I nodded. "She just wants to hang out since I don't hang out with her these past few weeks." I said.

            Aimee doesn't have any reaction at all. She just looks at me. "What exactly is Rhea to you. I mean, to act like that?" Aimee asked.

            How do I explain it to her. Well, I don't think telling her the truth will make anything bad. I remained quiet for a while to form the words in my head.

            "They are best friends since they were kids." Arvin said. Aimee nodded and smiled at Arvin and Serena.

            "That's cool. To have a best friend since you're kids until you've grown." Aimee looked at me. "You should treasure her Chase." she said.

            Aimee now turned to look at Serena. "You know, I really hope I had met you earlier. I'm sure my life would be less painful." Aimee said.

            Serena chuckled. "Stop the drama. You know I won't leave you anymore. We'll be the best of friends ever." Serena said.

            They started giggling and teasing each other. I think Aimee is serious when she said that I should treasure Rhea. It seems like friendship is so important for her.

            Oh well! I need to go to Rhea tomorrow and hang out with her. She'd probably invite some of her friends again. I got to prepare myself for tomorrow.

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