She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


8. She's Eccentric Chapter 7

Chapter 7

            It was our Music class and we are in the music room. Our Music teacher which is also our Physical Education teacher decided to combine two subjects in one test.

            Our class is gathered so we can team up and dance. We we're grouped together by eight people per group.

            The group I am in is currently discussing the dance we are about to present. We were advised that we need to combine ballroom and modern dance.

            Our group consists of four girls and four boys. The girls are Lyn, Andrea, Aimee and Raiza. Good thing I'm Aimee is in our group so it's easier to keep an eye on her.

            The guys in our group are Denis, Charles, Darwin and me. By the way, Raiza is the best friend of Rhea but we are not associated with each other.

            On her group, Rhea is the only one who's close to me, I talk to the others casually though. Rhea met them on ninth grade I think.

            There is this one year in which I was not able to come to the first month of school because I had measles followed by chicken pox. It's just a good thing I didn't have scars. So she joined the other girls while I'm absent and became close to them.

            When I get back she would usually join me at lunch but most of the time she's with the other girls. Denis started to hang out with me and I got closer to Arvin and the others.

            I can't imagine how Aimee and I kept our distance at school for more than a month. She continues to be cold at school and the opposite at home.

            I knew more about Aimee that I ever thought I'll ever do. She became more open about her past but keeps on always telling me that I am out of it.

            She told me about her previous relationships, well there's only one actually. She said it was very tragic. Here's how she told me about it:

            "Okay If you really wanna know about it then fine. But you're out of it so don't try to talk me out about anything in my past." she said so I nodded.

            "Well, He was...." looks at me. "I am not gonna tell you his name." and then she smiled. "He was handsome. Somehow you have the same features." she said.

            "Oh he must really be handsome if he looks like me." I bragged and she hit my arm. "He doesn't look like you, you just have the same features." she stopped for a while.

            "Hey! Do you really wanna hear what I'm gonna say about it or what?" she said. "Yeah, sorry." I said and she continued.

            "Let's name him as letter "J". So I met J when I was in eighth grade. He has a girlfriend at that time. He's in the varsity team and he holds the same popularity at school as you do. He's a senior high school student that time and he's very friendly that I started to notice him. He has a group in school in which, he's the leader, and that group consists of his friends who are all good looking. Boys and girls. " she paused when she realized I am all ears.

            "So, as you see, I already have this kind of body when I was just in eighth grade so I was very noticeable in our school. And then, like what that odd guy at first day of school did to me, someone tried to hit on me." she sighed.

            "Actually it always happen and I usually just ignore them. Then this one time that someone tried to hit on me, it was one of J's friend. He rescued me from that friend and I started to really admire him. He noticed I'm always alone so sometimes he would join me, if he sees me, and he would leave his friends."

            "And I... I just enjoyed being with him every single time. So, when I heard that he broke up with his girlfriend, I kinda dreamed that I would be the next lucky girl. I just turned fourteen at that time and he's about to graduate , he's eighteen."

            "He told me he likes me even though I am still young and he said he is going to wait for me. And he did. Even though he graduated and started studying at a university, he would still visit me after school. He was very sweet and caring that is why I really loved him."

            "He would take me to movies and dates, it really made me happy. And just like you, he was a gentleman, he didn't make any move on me."

            "And then, when I was a Junior high school student, I told him I love him and we officially became a couple. After half a year, he started to be more... intense. He brings me to his apartment, he lives alone just like you. He would touch me, the way he kisses me changed. At that time I'm just a kid, what he's doing scares the hell out of me."

            "And one time, he tried to make a move on me and I unintentionally slapped him because I was frightened. After that he changed a lot. Another half year has passed and he won't bring me to his apartment anymore, or to dates. He really changed."

            "So I said to myself, maybe I hurt him a lot when I turned him down. I didn't really want to hurt him. So I decided to go to his apartment to say sorry and maybe, pick up where we left so I could make it up to him."

            "I have a spare key on his apartment so I could go there anytime I want. But when I arrived at his apartment, I saw him with a girl. They are having sex in his room. So, I broke up with him and moved on."

            "So after that, I never had a boyfriend again. I told myself that maybe, it's just not for me or maybe, he's not the right one." she said and she looked so gloomy.

            "Is that the reason why you told me that I can't love you? Because you're scared to love again?" I asked and hold her hand.

            Aimee shook her head in response. "I already know I'm not the right girl for you. That is why we should just be happy as we are." she said.

            "But you seem so perfect for me." I joked and she just gave me a sweet smile. "It seems, but we can't be lovers. We just can't."

            Well, that was a month ago and Aimee never spoke about her past after that. I didn't bother myself with it anyway. We should keep on moving forward.

            Speaking of moving forward, I remember we have to create moves... dance moves. Oh great! We only have a few weeks for this thing.

            My group mates are talking about what songs we are going to use for our performance. Well, most of them are talking about it aside from me, Aimee and Denis.

            On the corner of my eye, I saw Denis move towards Aimee. I just silently sat and watch what he's going to do.

            It's a little noise since everyone is speaking, I am unable to hear what Denis is saying to Aimee. I can see that he is smiling while talking to her and Aimee is just looking at him with a blank expression.

            Even though I cannot hear what she's saying, I saw Aimee talk. After that Denis nodded and I think apologizes to her since he looks apologetic and came towards me. Aimee watched him as he moves towards me and she looks at me.

            I looked at Aimee as well without knowing what to say or do. I just noticed Denis tapped my shoulder.

            "Fuck! I just hope she considers it." he said as he sat down on the chair next to me. Curiosity kills the cat? Oh, I'm not a cat but it's killing me now.

            "Hope she considers it? Consider what?" I asked him and checked on Aimee. She's just sitting at a chair and twirling her hair.

            Denis' reply caught my attention. "Well, I just asked her if I could be her partner in the ballroom part of the performance." he said.

            I can't believe what he just said. I won't let his filthy hand touch Aimee. I know how attracted he is to her. "She said she'll think about it?" I asked.

            He nodded. "Yeah. And I really hope she'll consider. You know what I am gonna do? I'll pretend that I'm gonna fall and then I'll touch her boobs and say it was an accident."

            The last thing he said made me stand up and grab him. He was surprised with my sudden movement.

            "Don't even try to do that or else I'm gonna break your bones to pieces." I said without thinking.

            I think other people got alarmed with what I did but I don't think that they heard what I said, I said it in a low voice.

            I smiled at the people around us. "We're just fooling around," and I let him go. Our classmates continued discussing and Denis stood up to talk to me.

            "What's that, man? Why are you acting so weird?" he asked. I looked at him, even glared at him. "Respect all the girls in our class. I don't care what you do to other people but not here in our class."

            I think he got a bit shaken since I never talked to him like this. "If you do anything to Aimee or to anyone in class, you're dead." I said.

            His face became confused. "Aimee? Who's that?" he asked. Oh darn! They don't know we call her Aimee. Even Serena and Arvin calls her Charmagne at school.

            "Sorry, that was one of my ex girlfriends who looks like Charmagne. Sorry man!" I said and he nodded.

            "Oh! That is why you're like that!" he gave me a high five. "She looks like your ex girlfriend. Now I understand. But do you like her?" he asked.

            I shook my head. "She's not my ex girlfriend and they are totally different. My ex is not cold at all." I had became such a big liar and a story teller ever since Aimee arrived.

            I think our little scene caught Aimee's attention earlier even though she didn't move from her sit. She just watched me as I talk to Denis.

            Our group mates decided to sit together at lunch like the other groups. We sat at one table but Aimee sat on a different one.

            Maybe this time I can talk to her and make an excuse. "Charmagne is not joining us?" I asked.

            "Well, I don't think she's interested at all. She's such a loner and she only talks to Serena." Lyn said.

            I nodded in response pretending not to know a thing. "Maybe I can invite her here so we could try to talk to her." I said.

            The boys approved it but the girls look disappointed. I ignored their smug and move towards Aimee.

            "Hey, everyone wants you in the table." I said. She didn't bother to turn her head and look at me.

            She continued opening her lunch box. "I don't know if you are even thinking Chase. We have the same lunch box and same food. Exactly the same taste. Don't you think anyone will notice anything?" she said in a low voice.

            I nodded. "I can just buy food from the pantry." I said and she flashed me with an annoyed look.

            "You are supposed to eat what I cooked for you so there's no way I will allow you to eat those disgusting food they sell." she said.

            Aimee turned to her table. "Go back to you table." she said. I am unable to do anything but to follow what she said.

            So I came back to my table and sat with my group mates. That is a bit upsetting because she talks differently.

            "So she turned you down?" Raiza asked. I gave her a nod to show my response. This is one heck of a day.

            Later on we saw Arvin approached Aimee and tabled with her. Aimee speaks to him normally, like how she speaks to him outside our school.

            "Wow, now I know why she doesn't wanna join our table. She's going to sit with her boyfriend." Raiza uttered.

            "He's not her boyfriend." I exclaimed and everyone in my table looked at me. "How do you know?" Denis asked.

            I tried to get ideas from my head. "Arvin is my friend and he told me that Aimee turned him down. They are friends I think." I said.

            "No way!" Denis said. "I'm Arvin's friend but her never told me that he likes Charmagne!" Denis stood up and move towards Aimee's table.

            He sat beside Arvin and spoke to them. "Here's another guy who's into that Charmagne girl. She's not even that pretty." Raiza said.

            "She even look like she's stupid." Andrea said. "You know, girls who has big boobs has small brain." Andrea said.

            "She's very beautiful, you girls just can't see the real beauty of a girl." Charles said. I should be happy that someone is trying to protect Aimee, but I don't feel that way.

            Raiza rolled her eyes. "Don't tell me that you like that girl too Charles? I mean she's so plain and... eccentric!" she said.

            "Well, being eccentric might be the reason she looks so beautiful in everyone's sight." Charles said.

            Raiza shook her head. "No! No! No! Not in everyone's sight. She looks pretty in boys' eyes because she's sexy. That's it." she said.

            This time it was Charles who shook his head. "Grow your brain Charles and not your balls. It might help you see reality." Raiza said.

            "That's offensive Raiza. I was just telling you what I see in her. What made you so offensive?" Charles asked.

            So in our lunch, instead of talking about our performance, they just argued about Aimee. Rhea's friends really dislike Aimee. Well, most of the girls anyway and the boys continued admiring her.

            If they just know how close Aimee and I are, they will all hate me. I just ignored how they argue about her because I am the only one who truly know her.

            Later on that day I joined the other guys and play some games. I just noticed that I became more and more uncomfortable with Arvin.

            I think he noticed that so he decided to walk with me while going home. "Is there any problem?" he asked.

            I shook my head. "Nah! Whattup?" I asked. He looks sad for some reason. Maybe it's because of my coldness.

            "You know, we've never been like this before. It's not like you, not telling what's bothering you. I know it's about Aimee." he said.

            I took a deep breath. He is my friend and I should not be like this to him. "It's just that, I am not comfortable since Aimee is living with me, and then you, you like her."

            He tapped my shoulder. "Tell me seriously, do you like her? I mean, do you really like her as a girl?" he asked.

            I used to tell him everything, even my secrets. Being fake with other people to gain respect and all. He knows it, so should I tell him how I feel for Aimee? I wasn't able to say anything since I am hesitating to tell him the truth.

            He put his arms around my shoulder. "You know dude, I think we need to talk about your problem. So, let's go at your place and talk about it."

            I shook my head. "No, Aimee is at home. I don't want her to hear anything. I don't want her to know anything yet."

            He tapped my shoulder and gave me a confident smile. "She's at Serena's right now and she's gonna be home late. So let's go." he said as he pulled me on the way towards my house.

            "Wait, wait! How did you know that she's with Serena right now?" I curiously asked. This is frustrating in a way. Aimee never told me about it.

            Oh! Yeah... We never talk at school so she wouldn't have a chance to tell me. But we talk for a while earlier and she never mentioned anything about it.

            "She told me about it of course. She said she's going to Serena's house. I think they are up to something." he said.

            Arvin and I went to my house and have a nice can of beer while we talk. I trust Arvin more than anyone, so I think this should be fine.

            "So, do you like Aimee?" he frankly asked. I took my time in answering him, I stayed silent for a while.

            "You know, I'm not really sure about it. It's different from what I felt for Diane. It's way different." I said.

            "Oh that girl! I think she's no match for Aimee." he said. He took a can of beer and drank some.

            "I admire her like any other guys. Yes, I am attracted to her like any other guys. I'd want her to be my girl like any other guys." I said.

            "Did she turn you down to like any other guys?" Arvin asked in a funny way. It was hilarious.

            I shook my head. "Before I could even tell her that I like her, she already said we can't be together. We can like each other, but we can't be lovers." I said.

            He nodded. "Do you have any idea why she said that? Because I think that is a bit strange." he said.

            I shook my head again. " At first I thought I did. But right now, I don't know. She's very different. She makes me do things that I hate."

            "Tsk, tsk, tsk. You speak as if you are a lovesick fool dude. And yeah, you were never like that to any of your previous girls. Not even with Diane." he said.

            I throw him a soft punch on his arm. "Nah! Look who's talking. It's as if you are not attracted to Aimee." I said.

            He shook his head. "Nope! I am attracted to another girl now. We are getting to know each other." he said.

            "No way! You are still sticking to Aimee like glue. Don't try to fool me man, I have eyes." I said. I don't believe it because a few hours ago he's sitting with Aimee.

            "Well, that is only because the girl that I like is her friend." he said. I can't believe what he said. He is saying he likes Serena.

            Serena is pretty too. Her hair is a bit wavy and she looks elegant. A normal guy will like her and she's really nice. I could say she's a good catch. "No freaking way!" I uttered.

            Arvin leaned against our sofa and laughed. "Well, that is the truth. Aimee is actually helping me out with Serena," he said.

            "I never thought of that possibility. I thought you still like Aimee that is why you're sticking around. I can't believe it was Serena you are after." I said

            "Well, you better believe it now dude. Because I'm going to go after her one way or another. I won't give up on her." he said.

            "So, you don't have any reason to be indifferent with me anymore. Got that?" he said and reached his hands towards me.

            I nodded. "Got that!" I gave him a hand. Now I know why he's so close with Aimee and Aimee doesn't seem to mind him being around.

            Well, Aimee is not the type of girl who's going to tell someone else's story to other people so I don't think she will tell me about it.

            Arvin and I decided to go to Serena's place. He wants to see Serena and I came along to pick up Aimee.

            When they came out, Aimee looked shock to see me there. "Are you even thinking Chase? Someone might see us here!" she said.

            Arvin laughed. "Well, I just want to see Serena and I asked him to tag along. It's safer to go home if he's with you." Arvin said looking at Serena who's smiling at him. Why didn't I see this before, am I too blind to notice?

            "Shut up idiot, I am not talking to you!" she said to Arvin. I've never heard her say 'idiot' before. It's the first time I heard it. "Now Chase, I think it's better if you go ahead." she said.

            I shook my head to tease her. "Not a chance. I came here to pick you up so you are going with me." I said.

            "And what if somebody sees us? What if they make rumors? What if somebody follows us and know our tiny little secret?" she said emphasizing the 'tiny little secret'.

            "Stop being obnoxious Aimee. It would be great if you're going with him so I don't have to worry." Serena said and I lipped 'thanks' to her.

            "Maybe I'll just go with the two of you so there won't be any rumors or what." Arvin suggested.

            "Yeah! Great idea! You are really bright! " Serena told him while smiling like there is no tomorrow. They are so close to flirting with each other in front of us.

            "Okay, whatever. I think if Arvin tags along then that should be fine." Aimee said so we reached an understanding.

            Arvin brought us home and went ahead after we arrived. When we got home there was a postman who's looking for me.

            He asked me to sign a paper as a proof that I received the item sent to me. I signed it and the postman hand over a package.

            Aimee was so curious and excited. She's more excited than me. She told me she loves opening gifts and packages.

            So when we get inside I let her open the package, it was a box. Not an ordinary box because it is the box of the latest phone. An iPhone 5S.

            "Wow! Who sent this?" Aimee asked. Well I didn't know because there's no card associated with it. I checked under the box and there is a note.

To: Chase

            Hi dear. How have you been? Mom missed my little

Chase so much. I hope you are doing fine. Oh by the way

Your father and I won two iPhone 5S on a show here so

I decided to send one to you and one to your brother.

I hope you like it. We also won some cash but that's for us

to spend now. If you need anything, send mommy an

e-mail okay? I love you son.

                                                            Love lots,



            Jeez, these kind of notes are so embarrassing. Aimee is reading it with me and it felt so awkward. I bet she's going to laugh at me now.

            I looked at Aimee trying to expect that she's going to make fun of me, but she didn't. She stayed silent and she looks lonely.

            "Your mom is so sweet. You must love her a lot." she uttered. I never thought of it in that way. She must be missing her mom again.

            "You know what? I was expecting that you're gonna make fun of me. But what you said made me just... miss her." I said.

            Aimee smiled and stood up. "What do you want for dinner?" she asked making her way to the kitchen.

            "Anything would be great." I answered. Maybe it's better to leave Aimee alone at the moment.

            So we ate dinner and she came back to her normal self after eating. "So tomorrow's the acquaintance party. What are you going to wear?" I asked.

            "Oh! Serena will lend me some clothes to wear. Can you believe it? She has a closet full of night gowns! They are wonderful." she said,

            "I told you I can buy one for you but you refused." I said. Well, if she agreed anyway then I'll be broke for a couple of weeks.

            She shook her head. "No Chase! You already bought so many things for me. I can't let you buy me more stuffs." she said.

            I stood up and took a pack of chips on top of the fridge. Before, there are lots of instant noodles in there, I kinda miss the noodles.

            I opened the pack and offered some to Aimee. She took some and nibbled them. "Are you going to sing, you know, for our project?" I asked.

            She shook her head in response. "I don't care about you peeps. I am not gonna sing without a practice." she said.

            I've never seen her practice so maybe she's not really performing. "But you got an awesome voice. It's such a waste not to use it." I said.

            "Oh I use it! In talking that is," she said. I laughed at what she said. "You can just sing for me forever you know." I joked.

            She didn't sing for me. She told me that the next time I am going to hear her sing, I'd have to pay five hundred bill.

            In that case I have to cover my ear if ever she sings. That was quite expensive for me. Well, I am excited at the party. I think we're  going to have fun.

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