She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


7. She's Eccentric Chapter 6

Chapter 6

            I feel so tired, exhausted even. It’s like I've been working nonstop for a week. I feel like lying here in my bed for another five hours. I don't wanna get up yet.

            Am I dreaming? I can smell a sweet scent of flowers. Yeah, I must be dreaming. There will never be a garden in my room. Not even a single plant.

            I opened up my eyes and my vision is still blurry. I blinked a couple of times so I can see clearer. I was magnified with what I saw. Aimee is unconsciously lying in my bed with her head on my chest.

            She is embracing me while she is sleeping and it is just so sweet. To wake up and someone soundly sleeping is gently embracing you, it makes your day irreplaceable.

            I put my arms around her and kissed her on the head. But wait, I remember something about last night. "Are you awake?" I uttered.

            She moaned before she even answered. "Yeah." I held her chin up to look at me. We seriously have to talk.

            "You didn't tell me last night that I am gonna be the first." I told her as she gave me a grin. "What gave you an Idea that it's not?" she asked.

            She was looking at me and I know that I am all that she can see. "There are times you acted like a sex-starved woman, so I thought..." I don't have to finish what I'm saying since she knows what I mean.

            She hit my chest with her arms. "Hey! When did I act like a sex-starved woman?" she said while she is laughing.

            I gave her a smile. "You are trying to seduce me everyday like you're really sex-starved." I said while looking at her. She keeps on grinning.

            I put my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. "You know, the consequence of what we did is freaking me out."

            She laughed with what I said. "Know what? You don't have to worry." she said and she has a confident smile. I asked her with my eyes. "A few hours ago when I went to the bathroom to pee, I had my period so we're safe."

            I nodded. "Oh. That's good." I feel relieved at what she said. "Maybe we shouldn't do this again."  I said.

            She chuckled. "Don't make me laugh Chase. It's as if you didn't do this with your ex-girlfriends." She said.

            I choked with that. "I did, but we used..." Darn! Just one word and it's so embarrassing to say to her.

            "Condoms?" I heard her ask. It's more of like an answer than a question. I nodded in response. "Then we could use them next time." she said

            I showed her a gesture of disagreement. "No. We should not be doing this. There shouldn't be a next time." I said as I stood up my bed. I reached for my shirt which is at the floor and wear it.

            "Why not?" she asked. I faced her and pointed. "Were not lovers so we shouldn't have done this. We crossed the line last night and that should be the end of it."

            "No!" She pulled me towards her and gave me an embrace. My face is on her chest since she is standing on my bed. "Chase can't we just be happy and let things happen?" she asked.

            I feel angry, angry at myself. I didn't feel it earlier but I am feeling it now. I am a monster who's taking advantage of Aimee. "Shut up! Do I look like I'm doing it for myself, huh?" I asked her with my voice almost shouting.

            I pulled away from her and turned. I don't want to look at her. "That's it, you are not doing me a favor for not touching me if that's what you are thinking." she screamed at me.

            "Don’t you get it? It's not about a favor!" I faced her with my angry expression. "Can't you understand? This is difficult in my part. It's so hard to control myself while you go ahead and seduce me. But I'm fighting myself because I want to show you that I respect you!"

            She gasp while still hearing me out. "You are telling me that I'm different from Julius, from Alvin. But do you know what I'm feeling? I feel like I am taking advantage of you like..."

            "Like I'm just pushing myself to do this because I owe you a lot?" she asked. And that’s exactly what I was thinking so I nodded.

            Aimee sat down on my bed and sighed very deep. She's staring at the floor. "Last night was like a fairytale for me." she said. I was about to go out to relax myself but I was stopped with what she said.

            I want to tell her I don't believe what she said but I don't have the heart to say it. Earlier she was screaming like she's angry. Now she looks like she's in despair.

            "For the first time in my life, I felt like I was wanted. Like I was really adored and treasured, and cared for,” she said. She looks at me with her eyes now teary.

            "I was very happy with what happened last night. I never felt good about myself, ever. But I did, last night." her voice started trembling. "And now you're acting like you regret what happened? It's like you're breaking me to pieces, Chase."

            Darn! Here we go again. I can't really take it when she's making that face. I went closer to her and embraced her. "I don't regret it. I don't."

            After hearing that, she smiled at last and gave me an embrace. "Okay. As a peace offering I'll cook our breakfast." I told her.

            Our mood has lightened up now and I think we should forget about our discussion. We should enjoy this Sunday.

            So I cook our breakfast. It’s just hotdogs and bacons anyway so it’s not so difficult to cook them. I also learned one thing about Aimee; she loves toasted bacons, ham and hotdogs.

            She said her mom used to cook those foods when she was a little, when her mom is still alive.

            Later on I invited her to play with me on my Nintendo Wii. She said she had never played anything like it before.

            I taught her how to use the controller and how we play the games. We decided to play a dancing game.

            We danced “Boom Boom Pow” by Black Eyed Peas. We enjoyed it a lot and it’s only now I realized that Aimee’s moves are really sexy. It’s not just her body, the way she moves makes her sexy.

            We danced a couple of songs before we decided to retire since moving too much is exhausting.

            Aimee was sitting on the floor sweating. She’s running out of breath but she keeps on laughing. I stood up to take a towel and put it on her head. It covered her eyes so she removed it.

            I took the towel from her and wipe the sweat on her face, then on her neck and nape. She took the towel from me and wipes my forehead down to my chin.

            After wiping my face she wiped herself. I removed my shirt since it’s dripping wet. When she saw me remove my top, she started wiping my back.

            Oh it’s just so great that someone’s doing things for you. “How come you’re so fit when I doubt you’re going to the gym?” she asked.

            I turned to face her and grinned. “How come you’re so sexy when I doubt you are doing any diet?” I asked in response.

            Aimee chuckled and hit me with the towel. “I am the one who’s asking! Don’t answer me with another question.”

            I took the towel and wiped myself out. “Well, that is a very big secret.” Since the towel we used is wet now, I took another towel and hand it over to her.

            “If you have seen my brother you’ll be amazed how he keeps himself fit when eats like a pig.” I told her.

            “I didn’t know you have a brother.” I heard her say. “His actually a half brother since we have different fathers.” I responded.

            I turned on the television and sat on the floor beside Aimee. “Sometimes, I wonder what the couch is for.” I joked and she laughed. It’s so easy to make this girl laugh.

            Anyway, we watched a movie called Grown Ups starring Adam Sandler. She can't stop laughing while watching since there are funny and gross scenes.

            We started talking about the movie after it's finished. "I really like Adam Sandler since I was a kid." she said.

            I look at Aimee and she is still looking at the television. She turned my way and smile. "Arvin and Adam Sandler has things in common."

            My mood changed when she mentioned Arvin. Not that I have anything against him. It's just that I know, that she knows, that Arvin likes her and it's okay with her.

            "Yeah." I nodded and stood up. I know her eyes are still following me when I stood up. I opened the fridge and took a bottle of water. I put it into my mouth and drink.

            Without turning my face, I searched for Aimee using my eyes. She's looking at me as if she's waiting for me to come back.

            I covered the bottle after I drank and put it back to the fridge. I sat beside Aimee again and she's seriously looking at me.

            “If you want to say something then just say it already.” I said while looking at her. This girl just keeps on changing every second. There are times when she’s acting like a girl who has every right to speak her mind and then she will start acting like a girl who’s going to die if she says anything.

            She’s the second type until she speaks. “Well, you’re facial expression changed when I mentioned Arvin,” she said.

            Oh! Just great! I thought I’ve already dodged that topic. As much as I wanted her to stay away from Arvin, I cannot just do that. Arvin is my friend and Aimee is my girl. Though I cannot say she’s my girlfriend but it’s somehow like that.

            Any one with a clear mind would understand that I don’t like Arvin to stay around Aimee. If Arvin is my not my friend I can just tell Aimee to stay away from him.

            “I don’t have anything against Arvin. It’s just, you know. He likes you and he wants you to be his girlfriend.” I looked at her and she went closer to me, listening to everything I am saying.

            “And, I don’t want him to get hurt so I don’t want to have his hopes up that there will be you and him.” I said.

            Aimee chuckled. “Do you think he would be that serious about me that he’ll end up being hurt if we don’t become lovers?”she asked.

            I gave her a nod to show my answer. “I’ve known Arvin and he is serious about you. Because if he’s not, then I should’ve know and asked him to stay away from you.” I pointed at her.

            I can’t tell Aimee that I want her to turn him down. I hope that she just figure it out one way or another.

            “Okay. I get it. I’m going to talk to him tomorrow and tell him that all I can offer him is pure friendship. But I can still talk to him, can’t I?” she asked.        

            I smiled. Thank heavens I don’t have to tell her. You are so bright my dear tenant! “Yeah, of course. That way we can start talking at school if I’m with him.” I said.

            She stood up and went inside the room. “Not a chance Chasey! I won’t talk to you at school. Even if you pulled me a long in one corner, I’ll ignore you.” She said.

            I followed her to the room and saw her in front of the closet. She's taking some clothes and I realized she's going to take a bath.

            "And why is that?" I asked while I continue looking at her. I even folded my arms together in front of me.

            She closed the closet after she took some clothes. "Well, I just think it's better to be cold at anybody else  aside from Serena and Arvin." she said.

            She passed through me as she head towards the bathroom. She is walking slowly with her hips dancing. "And I am anybody else?" I asked.

            She turned her head my way to look at me. That swift movement made her hair fly in a second. She looks like a model for a hair conditioning shampoo or whatever.

            It's just that Aimee's hair is not that long and shiny. It just ups her charisma when she toss  her hair unconsciously like that.

            "No Chase. You are everything else. Like you are doing things for me, I wanna do things for you. It's the only thing I can do to prevent more troubles." she said and went on ahead.

            I tried to think about it but it's actually more difficult for me when she ignores me at school. Other guys may have more chance on hitting on her and I can't protect her.

            She closed the door of the bathroom as a hint that it is already the end of discussion so I didn't say more.

            So after Aimee took a bath, I took a bath as well. Then I wore my boxer shirt and sweat pants. I got a funny reaction from Aimee when I came out.

            Her face is all puzzled. "Why are you wearing sweat pants at home?" she asked. She was eating some chips and she almost choked herself.

            I took some of the chips and put it in my mouth. "Obviously, I am gonna go out." I said. I head straight to the room and to the closet to take a towel.

            "But where are you going?" Aimee asked in curiosity. "I am going to the gym, I usually go there every Saturday but since we had a date yesterday, I moved it to Sunday." I said.

            "Date..." she uttered then shook her head. "You're going to the gym? You never told me you go there." she said.

            I took socks from the closet and sat on the bed to wear them one by one. "Oh as you know little Missy, We've only known each other for a week so how do you expect to know everything about me.?" I said.

            Aimee pouted. She looks so cute when she does that and she just makes me wanna give her a kiss on her lips.

            I took my wallet from the table and put it on the bag together with my towel, extra clothes and other stuffs.

            "Don't forget to lock the door okay? I'll be back in two or three hours." I said as I head out of the house.

            I was about to close the door when Aimee stopped me. "The next time you are heading out, can you just at least inform me a head of time?" she asked.

            I just nodded and smiled at her. "Okay, I'll go now." I said and she also nodded. "Take care." she said as she gave me a kiss.

            I looked around to see if anyone saw that scene but there's none, and it's great. So I wave her goodbye and go to the gym.

            At the gym I saw familiar faces. I didn't stay too long there anyway because I know Aimee is bored waiting for me.

            So at about five in the afternoon, I decided to go home. I was on my way out when a woman called out.

            "Hey!" said this woman. I turned my head to look if I'm the one she's calling. And the way she looks at me, It seems like she's really calling me.

            She ran towards me and stopped when she's a feet away. The girl standing right in front of me is tall, slim in a sexy kind of way and pretty.

            She's wearing boxer shorts that shows her long smooth legs and her top is a sleeveless shirt that was cut  right before her tummy.

            "Hi!" she repeated as she offers her hand to me. "I'm Sandra. And you are?" she said. I reached for her hand to give her a handshake.

            "Oh! I'm Chase. Glad to meet you Sandra." I said. She smiled at me and she owns the most perfect teeth I've ever seen.

            She took her hands back and I did as well. "Uhm, Do you always go here? 'Cause it's the first time I saw you." she asked.

            I nodded. Is she trying to hit on me? Well, she's really pretty anyway. "I do. But I go here every Saturday. It's just this week that I go on a Sunday." I answered.

            She nodded. "I see. Well, I think we're gonna see each other here from time to time. Care if I get your number? If you don't mind." she said.

            I give her a flashing smile and took my phone out. "Oh, give me a sec 'cause I don't really know my number." I searched for my number and when I found it, I gave my phone to her so she could copy.

            She reached for my phone and gave it back to me after she has copied my number. "I'm gonna send you a text later, I ran out of credits, you see." she said.

            "Sure!" I said. We just smiled at each other. If I'm not mistaken, she's either in her early or mid twenties.

            So we bid our goodbyes later on and I went to a photo studio to have Aimee's pictures developed.

            Aside from our picture together, I also have some stolen pictures of her. Even though they are stolen pics, she still looks so beautiful.

            When I got to the photo studio they informed me that I have to wait for about thirty minutes for the pictures to be developed. They gave me a stab and advised me to come back at the given time.

            I went out of the photo studio and strolled around. I saw this bakeshop and decided to buy something for Aimee.

            When I got in I saw various of breads, biscuits and cakes. I checked the breads first. I am not sure what to buy since I don't know what Aimee likes.

            An old lady approached me. "What would you like to buy?" she asked. I smiled at her. "I'm not sure what to buy."

            The old lady nodded. "Are you buying for your mother?" she asked. I shook my head in response. "No. For a girl."

            "Oh! For your girlfriend." she said. I was about to say no but she pulled me to one corner of the bakeshop. "Here. Girls like sweets so she might like these." the old woman said.

            She's pointing at the doughnuts that has heart designs. Oh, hell I'm gonna buy those. Aimee will laugh at me and will say I'm a romantic fool. "I'm actually buying a cake for my sister." I lied.

            The old woman just nodded. "You are such a sweet brother. Your sister must be very lucky. Perhaps she would like some of these." she pointed at the shortcakes.

            I saw this one pink and round shortcake that has cream and strawberries at the top. I wonder If she likes strawberries?

            Oh well. Might as well try. I just hope she doesn't have any allergies to strawberries. I decided to buy two strawberry shortcakes.

            After I bought the shortcakes, I decided to withdraw some cash so I went to the nearest cash machine to get some money.

            I was strolling around when I saw this shoe store. I'm not really into shoes but I decided to buy a pair of slippers for Aimee since she's barefoot at home.

            And since she loves purple, I chose to buy a pair of Havaianas  flip flops. I chose the purple one with pink straps since she looks all girly.

            I chose the size seven since that's the number on the sticker of her sandals. She hasn't removed it yet.

            So I have shortcakes on my right hand and a paper bag of slipper on the left. It's already forty minutes since I brought our shots on the photo studio so it must be ready by now.

            While walking a small kid pulled my shirt so I turned to look at her. She was holding a pail of roses on her hand. She is just a small kid that is most probably at the age of seven or eight.

            "What can I do for you little miss?" I knelt to the ground so I can face the little girl. I noticed that the little girl is a bit dirty.

            "Would you please buy some flowers?" She asked. I nodded and she gave me one rose. I hand her over a five hundred bill that made her eyes widen.

            "I don't have change for that." she said. Oh darn! I'm just so weak against little children, specially girls. I am always seeing Traise in them.

            I put the shortcakes on my left hand so I can open her little fingers and put the money in it. "It's for you." I said. "And here." I took one of the shortcakes and hand it over to her.

            The kid looks so happy. She looks like Traise with the small curls of her hair. "Thank you so much. My mom is sick and this will really help us. Thank you." the kid said as she take the flowers from the pail and gave them to me.

            "Please, take this. And thank you very much." After I took the flowers she ran swiftly. Guess I am glad to help. The kid should thank my parents for sending me too much money because if they don't, I won't have the money to give to the kid.

            So I went inside the photo studio to get our pictures. I noticed that people are looking at me. It's obviously because of the flowers I am holding.

            When the staff asked me for my stab, I had a hard time taking it since it is inside my body bag which is currently at my back.

            I put the flowers down together with the shortcakes and slippers so I could reach my bag. I gave the stab to the lady and she handed over an envelope.

            It's quite embarrassing and awkward in a way since I can feel everyone's gaze on me. It's terrifying even.

            I just ignored the people around until the staff spoke to me. "Is that flowers for your girlfriend?" she asked.

            I looked at the bunch of flowers then look at the staff and shook my head. "Nah! For my mum." I lied. How many times have I lied today?

            Well, it's as if they would find out anyway. I put the pictures on the bag and I was about to take the flowers when I realized that I want the pictures displayed.

            The staff already left so I had to call another staff. I checked the available picture frames they have and chose a simple purple one.

            Oh great! I'm starting to buy a lot of purple stuffs now. It's because of Aimee. I won't be surprised if I color the house purple one of these days.

            So I headed home from a tiring stroll at the city. I arrived at home half past six and it's starting to be dark. I knocked several times but there's no response.

            Why isn't Aimee opening the door. I decided to call out her name but there is still no response I took the key and opened the door.

            "Aimee?" I called out but there's no answer. I put the shortcakes on the table with the flowers and slippers.

            I went inside the room to check but Aimee is not in the room either. I put my bag down the floor.

            Then I heard a voice, it's a bit faint. But it's as if someone is singing at the backyard. So I headed to the door towards the backyard and opened it.

            When I opened the door, the first thing I saw were clothes hanging as if they were washed. And then I saw Aimee with plugs on her ear and she's taking the clothes that were hanged. She keeps on singing and she did not notice I'm already here so I just watched her.

I know all about, yeah about your reputation

And now it's bound to be a heartbreak situation

But I can't help it if I'm helpless every time that I'm where you are

You walk in and my strength walks out the door

Say my name and I can't fight in anymore

Oh I know I should go

But I need your touch just too damn much

Hey - yeah!

            I heard Aimee sing but I didn't know she can sing this much. She's like a professional singer as she make expressions on her face while singing.

Loving you, yeah, isn't really something I should do

I shouldn't wanna spend my time with you, ya

Well I should try to be strong, But baby you're the right kind of wrong

Baby you're the right kind ....

            She stopped singing when she saw me standing there watching her. She removed the plugs from her ear and smiled.

            "Oh! I didn't know that you already arrived." she said and continued taking the clothes from hanging.

            "What are those?" I pointed at the clothes she's holding. "Oh! I washed our clothes since I have nothing to do." she said.

            I helped her with what she's carrying. "You shouldn't have done that. Mrs. Laydon comes here every now and then to do the laundry." I said.

            "Let me do this Chase. I'm a free loader and It's the least I could do for you. Please." she said with her face pleading.

            Oh darn! What am I supposed to do when she makes that face. "Okay. Just don't stress yourself with it." I said.

            She smiled and nodded. "Besides, I love washing your underwear." she said as she passed through me.

            I felt my cheeks warmed up. That is a bit embarrassing. "No way!" I said. I followed her inside and saw her put the clothes on a chair.

            Aimee started folding our clothes and so I helped her. She just laughed at me since I don't know anything about it.

            What a very nice Sunday to be laughing with her like this. Plus, I haven't showed the pictures to her. I wonder what face she's going to make once she sees them.

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