She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


6. She's Eccentric Chapter 5

Chapter 5

            I can hear birds singing. They are chirping and it’s music to my ear. I opened my eyes to check what time it is already and by the looks of it, It’s already half past six in the morning. I can stay in bed for a little bit longer. I tried to open my still sleepy eyes and I had a glimpse of Aimee.

            She’s brushing her hair in front of the mirror. She’s already wearing her school uniform and socks. It’s still early, why is she already dressed.

            I scratched my eyes and yawned that made her notice that I’m already awake. She looks at me and gave me a “Good morning Chase!”

            I gave her a smile. “Morning. Why are you dressed so early?” I asked. She went out and wore her black shoes.

            “Well, we can’t go to school together so why should I not go ahead.” She replied. I got up from bed and take a peek of her.

            Aimee is already wearing her bag and about to go. “Okay then, see you at school.” I waved at her as she opens the door. She was about to close the door when she came back in.

            “Oh! Don’t drink today Chase! I swear I’m gonna kill you if you do!” she said before she ran and closed the door.

            Just the thought of a girl reprimanding me not to drink is making me laugh. Jenna is just like this and I hate it. But the way Aimee did it is just different.

            I don’t know. It’s the same words that they used but Aimee’s words have a different appeal. I smiled at myself.

            I think I wanna go to school early today. How long has it been since the last time I got excited going to school?

            I took my uniform from the closet and put it on top of my bed then took a towel with me and head over to the bathroom to take a bath. After bathing I saw a lunch box on the table and a note.

I made your lunch box so you don’t have to

eat those disgusting food they sell at school.


            This is just great. I can save money at the same time I can eat real meal that tastes really good. Last night’s dinner is so delicious and I bet this one too.

I arrived at school fifteen minutes after seven. It is too early to be at school since the start of class is eight in the morning.

            There is only a few people in our class room and Aimee is still not on her desk. Her bag is on her chair though so I am sure she already arrived.

            Serena’s chair is empty so I think she’s not with Serena. Where could that girl be? I don’t think she’s socializing with anyone though.

            I went out of the class room to check where she went and I saw her walking towards the room. I checked if anyone is around and when I’m sure we’re alone I approached her.

            Aimee also checked around her if anyone is looking before she removed her school face. She pulled my arms so we could be closer and the chance of anyone seeing use is low.

            “I’ve been looking for you. I know you’re here early but you’re not on your desk. Where did you go?” I asked.

            “Your friend Arvin came to school very early and waited for me outside the school gate.” She replied.

            I got intrigued with what she told me. “Arvin?” I asked. “The one who brought me home?” I continued.

            She nodded. “Yeah, I saw him outside and he said he was waiting for me. I tried to be as frigid as I can but he somehow made me laugh.” She excitedly told me.

            I got irritated though I don’t know why. I don’t have any reason to feel that way. “Why would he wait for you? That guy never comes to school early.” I said.

            “Really?” she exclaimed. “He said he was captivated the first time he saw me. And that started it. I like frank people.”

            Now I feel somewhat annoyed. “You like him?” I asked and she nodded. “I like him like I like Serena.” She said.

            I remained silent. That is why Arvin believed me when I said she’s not my girl. Because he wants her for himself. I shouldn’t have gone drunk that time. They shouldn’t have met then.

            I felt Aimee held my hand. “Really, now Chase. Stop acting like a jealous boyfriend because it doesn’t suit you.”

            I held Aimee shoulder. “I am not acting like that. I just don’t like the idea of you and him.” I told her.

            She parted from me when she saw someone near us but whispered as she walked away. “You’re being possessive Chase. It’s cute.” And then she passed me like we don’t know each other, again.

            So class started and everything is as normal as it normally is, aside from lunch. I was sitting with Rhea when I saw Arvin buying food from the school.

            My eyes searched for Aimee and I saw her sitting with Serena. Her guard is down when she is with Serena but if she’s not, she’s frigid.

            I looked at Arvin again who is now paying his meal and watch his moves. I’ve known him for a long time and I know that he is no player.

            I’d root for him if he has a girl he likes but it’s different this time. It is Aimee that we are talking about.

            She’s living at my house and therefore I am responsible for her. Or, am I fooling myself? Darn! Here I go again.

            Arvin with Aimee and Serena, and I saw Aimee introducing Arvin. By the looks of it, Arvin is using his pick up lines since Aimee and Serena is both laughing and smiling like there’s no tomorrow.

            This really pisses me off. I wanna go there and stop Arvin from flirting from Aimee, but how can I do that. I am sitting here next to Rhea.

            I was looking at Aimee’s table when Rhea caught me. “Do you like that girl, Charmagne?” Rhea asked.

            I looked at Rhea and shook my head. “Not the way you think. I was just looking at them since one of my best buddies are there.” I pointed at Arvin as an excuse.

            Rhea smiled. “Well, I thought you were caught by that girl’s charm too. She makes people think she’s reserved, but look at her flirting with Arvin. A real bitch.” Rhea said.

            That’s it, I won’t tolerate anyone badmouthing Aimee. They do not know anything about her. “You should stop calling her names Rhea. She didn’t do anything to deserve being called that.”

            Rhea chuckled. “Here you go again Chase. Being the “nice guy” and all. Just make sure you resist her because I won’t let her get away with it.”

            I laughed. “You and Jenna are really cousins. You guys are both over-protective. I guess it runs in the blood.” I joked to change the topic. Rhea got my joke and laughed. We continued teasing each other like what we always do.

            It’s true, Rhea is very over-protective when it comes to my relationships. The only relationship she did not interfere with is with Jenna.

            We’ve known each other for so long that I am comfortable with her, even though I know what she feels for me.

            I just wonder what would be her reaction if she finds out Aimee and I are living in the same roof which happens to be my house. She would be really angry at me.

            The only people I share my secret with is with Arvin and Rhea. I know Rhea longer that Arvin but Arvin is a guy like me. It’s easier for us to understand each other.

            And of course, we have the same hobby and interest. I just hope that this thing with Aimee will not affect our friendship. It will be such a waste.

            After class I saw Arvin outside and asked if we are going to have a game. I didn’t mention anything about Aimee.

            “Well, maybe we can play a game some other time. I’ll be bringing Aimee home since she told me you can’t go home together.” Arvin said.

            I nodded in response. “I see. Well, I think I should go ahead then. See you later.” I said as I turned my back.

            He held my shoulder and stopped me. “Are you mad at me or something? Is it about Aimee?” he asked.

            I faced him like I’m not annoyed. “Aimee is staying with me. She’s my responsibility and you know how much a responsible freak I am.”

            “I know,” he nodded. “But I’m serious. I like her. I have no bad intentions towards her. You know me dude,” he replied as he gave me his hand.

            I grabbed his hand and we bumped into each other. “I know you won’t diss her. But I want to keep an eye on her as much as possible. You don’t know anything yet so you won’t understand why I am feeling like this.” I said.

            He smiled. “Soon enough. I just want you to root for me dude, of all people.” I nodded as I wave him good-bye.

            I got home at around half past five and checked my mail. I was expecting some response from my brother Jake, but there is none.

            It was already half past six when Aimee got home. Arvin took her home as he told me and it’s just very awkward when the three of us faced each other.

            Later on, I took my notes out and start doing my assignment. Aimee saw me so while she’s waiting for the food to be done, she joined me with the homework.

            I can’t help but open up the topic regarding her, going home late. “So, why did you get home late?” I asked.

            She is copying my answer while speaking with me. “Arvin took me to the park. It was fun.” She said.

            I got irritated with her answer. So she was with Arvin all this time. “I don’t want you staying out late. I want you to go home before I do.”

            Aimee put down the pen she was holding and looks straight to me. I tried to evade her gaze but she cupped my face. We are now a palm away from each other.

            “Don’t be jealous of Arvin. I will not like him the way I like you.” She said as she planted me a brief kiss on my lips.

            Her kiss did not shock me but left me confused. “Aimee, what are we really?” I asked her in confusion.

            She gave me a smile. “We are what we are. We are okay. We are happy. We don’t have to be anything else.” I heard her say.

            I held her hand which is at my cheeks. “This is very confusing. Last time I checked, you’re saying I can’t love you. And now, I just can’t stand knowing you’re with someone else.” I moved away from Aimee.

            I went to my room and open up the curtain. I gaze at the open as I stand there confused. She came to me like she did yesterday and embraced me. This time she is facing my back.

            “I like you Chase. That’s certain and you don’t have to doubt that. I’ll do what you want. If you tell me not to speak to Arvin, then I won’t speak to him.” She said.

            I faced her and embraced her. “Sorry, I’m being an ass. I won’t do that to you nor to Arvin. It will be better if you speak to other people so it will be easier for us to talk in school.”

            I felt her nod in response. “Just tell me okay? You are free to tell me anything, everything.” She said.

            I was caught up in the moment when I smelled something good. “That smells nice, that made me hungry.” I said when I figured it’s the food Aimee was cooking.

            She parted from me. “Let’s stop this for a while and continue later.” She teasingly said as she head towards the kitchen.

            The following day is a Friday. I am excited for Saturday since there’s no class. But our teachers left us some homework.

            On our music subject, our teacher said that we need to pick a representative to sing for the school acquaintance party a month from now.

            I am usually the one being picked to sing for those kind of events but this time, It will be random.

            The teacher asked us to write down our name on a piece of paper and she is going to have a blind pick with it.

            The name she picked is “Charmagne Louis” which is Aimee. It became a shock to everyone and most probably, to Aimee.

            Her initial reaction was. “I’m not gonna do it.” This leaves our teacher giving us a job, make Aimee sing at the party.

            I felt excited with the thought of Aimee singing at the party. I think it will be great to hear her really sing. I just heard her humming a few times but I never heard her sing.

            So at home I offered to help her on her performance. I convinced her to sing but she declined with me accompanying her.

            She just asked me to teach her the basic guitar stuffs. She easily learned it and I’m not sure if she’s a fast learner or if the guitar is just really for her.

            She didn’t tell me what she is going to sing so it excites me more. I can’t wait for the school party. It is sort of like a late acquaintance party.

            And here comes Saturday. I decided to bring Aimee to the amusement park. She told me once that she always wanted to go there but can’t go since it’ll be weird to go there alone.

            She also said that her ex-boyfriend brought her there once and she really had fun. When she talked about the ex-boyfriend thing, she doesn’t seem happy so I avoided that topic.

            I was wearing my long cut six pocket pants and my favorite The Cab tee that matched my black sneakers while Aimee is wearing a fit purple tee and shorts. She’s also wearing her only sandals. Aimee obviously loves purple.

            She told me that the last time she went to the amusement park, she was wearing a skirt so she was not able to ride everything. That is why she decided to wear shorts this time.

            We made sure we brought some extra clothes with us in case anything happens. And our first stop? The Viking.

            It is like a boat that swings up to sixty degrees. We sat together and we held each other’s hand while we we’re being swinged.

            Aimee continues laughing in delight while we are riding the Viking. She keeps on yelling and screaming her heart out. And I am just very glad to see Aimee like this.

            Our next stop is the Roller Coaster. This one we are riding has too many hoops. It is thrilling but exciting in a way. The Roller Coaster has a very long line but Aimee insisted that she really wanna ride it next so we bought pop corns while we wait for our turn.

            “I can’t wait to ride this one Chase.” She excitedly admitted as she bites some pop corn on her mouth.

            I took some pop corns from her box and ate them. “I know!” I said. “Hey! That’s not fair!” she exclaimed as she took some of my pop corn.

            It was a lot of fun being with her like this. It’s like we don’t have a care in the world. This time is ours and no one can take it from us.

            We rode the Roller Coaster and it took our breath away. It’s just so good to feel alive as we scream with all our might.

            After the Roller Coaster we rode the Condor. It first I thought it is not as thrilling as the Roller Coaster since I have never rode Condor before. But when It started moving, it’s was better than I imagined.

            Aimee and I rode all that we can to our heart’s desire. We made a deal to ride everything until we drop.

            The last one we rode was the Ferris Wheel. After all the thrilling and exhausting rides, we were down to the relaxing one.

            “This is just amazing. I’ve never had fun in my life like this. I really awe you big time Chase.” She said.

            I sat beside her. “No, it’s just fair. I had so much fun too. This is the best day of my life.” I exaggerated.

            Aimee takes a peek outside where the city lights are visible. It is very beautiful. “This is so wonderful,” she said as her eyes glimmer.

            Looking at her like this really melts my heart. I’ve never seen her like this. She’s not laughing at all but I can see the happiness in her eyes.

            She held my hand, “Can I sing a song for you? As a sign of my gratitude?” she asked. I smiled at her, “So long that it’s not gonna make the sky angry.”

            She gave me the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. And she with that, she started singing to me as she lay her nose next to mine that we are almost kissing.

Push the door, I’m home at last and I’m soaking through and through

Then you handed me a towel and all I see is you

And even if my house falls down now, I wouldn’t have a clue

Because you’re near me and

I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life

Oh just to be with you is having the best day of my life

            Her voice is warm and gentle. It is very beautiful. I don’t know if it was guts, instinct or what that pushed me to initiate a kiss. Yes, I kissed her and I didn’t regret it. “I should be the one singing that to you.”

            Aimee smiled and gave me a kiss. “Because I am the one who have a house.” I joked and she laughed with it. She gave me another kiss and looked me straight in the eye.

            “You know we’re doing this quite frequently.” I told her and she just gave me another kiss. I can’t get enough of her.

            “It doesn’t bother me in anyway. I am just very happy that I can’t stop kissing you,” she planted another kiss on my lips.

            I pushed her a little. “Well, we gotta stop. This might lead to worst case scenario.” I told her while laughing.

            She gave me a teasing smile made me pinned at the side of the Ferris Wheel. “And what is that worst case scenario you are talking about huh?” she asked as she planted more kisses all around my face to my neck.

            It feels really good but I have to get control of the situation while I am still sane. “We are in a public place and we are gonna head out soon.”

            She stopped kissing me and smiled. “Then, at home?” she happily asked. I know what she meant and I want exactly what she’s thinking.

            But I can’t do this to Aimee. I just can’t put her in this situation since we are not going out. Even if it is torture, I have to endure it.

            I put my arms around her. “Cool your head down. The mood is making you high and crazy.” I joked. She pulled away from me and glared at me.

            “What do you mean?” she said. I held her hand and pointed at the beautiful view. I also embraced her again and she cuddled to me like a little kid.

            “Look at the view. Let’s not ruin the day and let’s just enjoy this moment.” I told her. But seriously I don't want this day to end.

            We waited for the ride to finish. We held each other's hand as we walk home. The thing between us is still confusing but I think I know what Aimee's thinking.

            Like she just want to enjoy every moment we can be together. I like the idea but there are just things missing. In makes me insecure and anxious. It's really different if you have an understanding of what you really are.

            I also started to understand how Jenna feels. She wants us to be a couple so she's secured. Now I know was very insensitive when it comes to her feelings.

            For these short while Aimee and I are living together, I learned a lot of things I never knew existed. I learned about other people's feelings and realized how I should've treated them.

            I realized how it felt to be jealous, to be insecure and things that I never thought a person could do to me, Aimee did to me.

            I am starting to be like Jenna. For real. I hated before how she treated me but I am acting like her.

            I want to know what Aimee does, want to check on her all the time, want to know who she is talking to. It's just insane.

            This is not just "like". I can tell this is infatuation I am now feeling for her. But does she know? I don't know if she's going to be happy about it. It's better that she doesn't know.

            And besides, Arvin likes her too. He's gonna do anything to get her and I just can't allow it. Or maybe this is fear.

            Maybe I was just traumatized with what happened between me and Diane. Maybe I am just scared to lose people I care for.

            When we got home I took Aimee's hand and lead her to sit on the bed. "Since you singed for me earlier. I want to play a song for you." I said as I grabbed my guitar.

            She is looking at me intently and there's a smile pinned on her face. I really love playing songs for her. Especially whenever she's making this silly smiling face.

            I started strumming the guitar with the tune of 3 Doors Down  song "So I need you." I really felt like singing it for her, because now, I really need her here,

If you could step into my head

Tell me would you still know me

And if you woke up in my bed

Tell me then would you hold me

Or would you simply let it lie

Leaving me to wonder why

I can't get you out of this head that I call mine and I will say

Oh no I can't let you go my little girl

Because you're holding up my world so I need you

Your imitation of my walk and the perfect way you talk

It's just a couple of the million things that I love about you

So I need you, So I need you, So I need you, I need you

            I continued strumming and Aimee looks teary but she's not crying. I gave her my best smile and she smiled back at me showing her all white teeth.

And if I jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge

Tell me would you still follow me

And if I made you mad today

Tell me would you love me tomorrow please

Or would you say that you don't care

And then leave me standing here

Like the fool who is drowning in despair and screamin'

Oh no I can't let you go my little girl

Because you're holding up my world so I need you

Your imitation of my walk and the perfect way you talk

It's just a couple of a million things that I love about you

So I need you, So I need you, So I need you, I need you

            Aimee stood up to my surprise and gave me kiss. This time her kiss is deep and very intoxicating. She pulled me closer on my nape and I can feel the touch of her hand on my skin.

            I am about to be caught up in the moment but I already told myself that I can't do this to Aimee. I tried to push her away but she is holding me tight. I tried harder to push her away from me thought it's not what I really wanted.

            The truth is, I want to push her towards my bed and not push her away. It's just that I know Aimee had been to hell because of things like these and I can't add up to that.

            She faced me with a confused look on her face. I couldn't say anything to explain the situation we're in.

            She tried to kiss me again but I moved away from her. "What's wrong Chase? Tell me what's wrong with me?" she asked.

            I held her hand. "There's nothing wrong with you. You are wonderful and I just can't get myself to spoil you." I said.

            She removed my hands from holding her and she cupped my face. "I never thought of it like that Chase! it's not like that." she said.

            I shook my head. "This is something about myself. I don't wanna be like Julius or Alvin. I don't want to force you on doing things like this." I said.

            She give me a peck and smiled. "You're not like them Chase. I appreciate how you're feeling and I am really thankful. But you've never forced me to do anything I don't like."

            I looked at her eyes and they are burning with desire. She must really be attracted to me the way I am attracted to her.

            "But we are not together or anything." I said but starting to lose control of the situation. "Thank you so much for considering my part but you don't have to do that Chase." she gave me another kiss and this time I am lost in the moment. I don't care anymore as long as Aimee is with me. As long as I can lie and tell myself that she's mine.

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