She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


5. She's Eccentric Chapter 4

Chapter 4

            My head hurts. I feel like I wanted to puke. I feel really bad right now. I sit up and opened my eyes. I saw the familiar room I am in. I'm in my room.

            I felt the my bed got pressed as if someone sat beside me. That person gave me a capsule and a glass of water. I look at the person holding it and it was Aimee.

            "Take it. It will help you sober up." She handed me over the capsule but since I am a bit dizzy, it fell on my bed. Aimee immediately took it and put it in my mouth.

            She tried to make me drink the water but I can't. The water tasted like a hard drink and it makes me want to puke.

            The capsule is still inside my mouth and I am unable to swallow it. The next thing I know, Aimee pushed me down my bed and I felt her lips on mine. Oh damn! What is she doing?

            I felt the water from her mouth transfer to mine and I have no choice but to swallow it. That made me swallow the capsule that is in my mouth earlier.

            I realize that she is unbuttoning my shirt. Don't tell me...  "This is great Chase. The next time you get home drunk, you are so dead." I heard her say.

            Instead of making me sober up, I think the capsule actually made me sleepy. I tried to open my eyes once more and see Aimee on top of me before I was enveloped to darkness.

            My world is so hazy. I can feel how the world turn and it's weird. But the feeling is familiar. Darn alcohol! Good thing it's a holiday.

            I feel a bit cold so I pulled the blanket to cover me. That is when I realized I'm not wearing anything.

            I got up and checked myself. I am stark naked. I hover my sight beside me and there's Aimee. She was lying in my bed but her eyes are open. She's looking at me.

            "Good morning drunkard!" she said flashing me with a smile. She closed her eyes and reached the pillow beside her. She hand me over the pillow.

            I felt my nakedness and covered myself with the pillow. I am worried now. The last thing I remember is she kissed me and she was on top of me. "Did we..." I can't bring myself to say the words.

            "Did we have sex?" she asked then sit up. She shook her head. "No, you're too drunk to do that." she said seriously. "Why? Did you drink up so you could get the courage to have sex with me? You could've just told me so."

            I shook my head in haste. "No. I.. I just thought... You see I woke up naked and the last thing I remember is that..." this is embarrassing really.

            Then Aimee laughed. "Stop it Chase. I was just joking!" she continued laughing. "But you know I saw that!" she pointed at the pillow covering my nakedness.

            Oh shit! I know what she means. I took the blanket and covered myself as she continues to laugh. I took the clothes I saw on top of the bedside table and took them with me.

            I headed to the bathroom to have a quick shower and to wear my clothes. But before I even started. I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

            "What?" I asked. "You can't wear those clothes again. Wear these clothes instead!" she shouted as if I can't hear her.

            I opened the bathroom door to get the clothes she's holding. I noticed her grin as if she's teasing me. So I took the clothes from her hand and slammed the door.

            "That's rude Chase. You know I've seen things like that a lot of times before so you don't have to be shy!" she said. Her tone is obviously teasing.

            This girl really loved teasing me. I ignored the last thing she said and continue taking a bath.

            While I was inside the bathroom I heard the music playing. I think she opened my dvd set and played the CD inside it.

            The song I heard is the one from my favorite band. The Cab.  And the song is "Angel with a shotgun". I doubt that she knows the song.       

            Like what I usually do, I sang while I am bathing. That is so normal for me and not a single girl can change that.

Get out your guns, battles begun,

are you a saint, or a sinner?

If loves a fight, than I shall die,

with my heart on a trigger.


They say before you start a war,

you better know what you're fighting for.

Well baby, you are all that I adore,

if love is what you need, a soldier I will be.


I'm an angel with a shotgun,

fighting til' the wars won,

I don't care if heaven won't take me back.

I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.

Don't you know you're everything I have?

..and I, wanna live, not just survive, tonight.

            I heard some noises outside. Must be Aimee laughing. My voice is not that bad so she shouldn't laugh.

            "You know Chase, I want to hear you play this guitar in here." I heard her strum the guitar. And with that, I know that she doesn't know how to play the guitar.

             Maybe she wants to learn how to use it. "I can teach you how to play the guitar if you like." I told her.

            "You know, I've been dreaming to play the guitar since I was four. My dad used to play the guitar for my mom," she said.

            A long silence after that. I think she's still not comfortable talking about her parents. Poor girl, must be really difficult for her up until now.

            After I take a bath, I went into "our" room and saw Aimee sitting on the floor. She's spacing out. Maybe she's remembering her parents.

            I know she can feel that I am near her but she chose to remain silent. "You know I can't remember her face." she said.

            I got confused and asked her, "You can't remember who's face?" She still did not look at me and continued staring at nothing.

            "My mom. I don't even have a picture of her." she sighed. "I can only remember her face if I look in the mirror." Now I figured where she's looking at. She was looking at the glass door covering my dvd set. Although it's faint, she can still see her reflection. 

            Her mom must be beautiful if she can see her when she looks in the mirror. Her parents must love each other so much that they can't survive not being with each other. I can't imagine myself like that.

            An idea came to my mind. I went to the bedside table and opened the drawer. I found my camera in there. I took it out of the case and pressed the power button to check if it's still working. It opened up.

            I held Aimee's hand and pulled her beside me. I pulled her until we reached the living room. I can see she is confused with my sudden action.

            I made her sit on the sofa and I sat beside her. I said, "smile", as I  point the lenses of the camera towards us and press the capture button.

            "No!" she said and tried to grab the camera but it was too late, the photo was already taken. When she grabbed the camera from my hand she immediately checked the picture. "Damn it Chase! You caught me by surprise."

            She grimaced. "See, I look horrible in here!" she exclaimed. I moved closer to her to see the picture.

            I smiled. She is saying she looked horrible when she actually smiled at the picture. "No way. You look beautiful." I looked at her face as I speak. "Very beautiful."

            She looked at me as well. "You'll always say I'm beautiful no matter what face I make Chase, I know." she said.

            I noded. "Maybe. But I am just saying the truth. You're simple but you beautiful in your own way." I didn't notice our proximity. Her face is so close to mine that I want to kiss her lips.

            It's like a magnet that is pulling me closer. It made me remember last night when her lips brushed mine. I remember how it felt. It was intoxicating in a way.

            "Are you going to kiss me now?" Aimee teasingly asked me. I got a hold of myself and realized what I was about to do.

            "Sorry." I said while I stood up and went inside the room. I felt that she followed me. "Come on Chase! There's nothing wrong with that."

            I didn't talk. I am always speechless when she is like that. I feel mad and flustered, aggravated even.

            She's playing with my feelings and I can't stop it. She knows when to attack and I just don't know how to defend.

            I felt her hand touch my arm. "Chase, you don't have to be mad." she said sweetly. "I am mad." I responded.

            She went in front of me and embraced me. This time I cannot really resist her. I put my arms around her too.

            She embraced me tighter. "Are you still mad?" she asked. "What exactly are you doing to me Aimee. We are not even going out." I replied.

            She moved away from me and looked me in the eye. "We don't need to go out. You don't need that." she said.

            I don't know what she's trying to say anymore. I know she noticed my confusion so she tried to help me understand.

            She made me sit on the bed while she stand in front of me. She gave me a smile and hold my hand. "You don't need a relationship that will tie you down Chase. All you need right now is someone who can be there for you when you are alone. When you feel lonely. And I am here to do that, to be always here."

            She paused for a while. "I like you Chase and I know you like me. But it's not the same as the love you have for your ex-girlfriend in the picture." I looked at her. How does she know?

            "I saw the look in your eye when you look at the picture you have with that girl. It's different from the way you look at me," she smiled.

            Why does this girl know a lot. I haven't told her anything about Diane. I finally understand what she mean. I really need her and she is like a blessing.

            And I remembered when she told me not to ask her to stay. She is going to do the same for me.  I finally found someone who truly understands what I need.

            I embraced her and she embraced me back. The feeling is so refreshing, relaxing. Like someone lessened my problems. She just gave me another shoulder which will carry my world. She was better than any of my friends.

            “Thank you Aimee, I am going to return the favor somehow.” I told her. She parted from me, looked me in the eye and hold my face.

            She gave a sweet smile. “You are already letting me stay here which is so troublesome. That is already a huge favor.”

            I gave her a smile too. These past few days have been stressful but now, she gave me an embrace and everything turned out okay.

            I held her hand and looked at her. How can anyone this beautiful be so understanding. She's extremely beautiful inside and out.

            While we are in that position I saw the guitar and realized what I got to do. I made Aimee sit in the bed as I take the guitar.

            I put the guitar strap around my shoulder so I can play a song for her. "So what song do you like." I asked her.

            "You're gonna play for me?" she excitedly asked. And the moment I nodded, she giggled. She looks a like a kid now watching her favorite cartoon.

            I checked the guitar first if it is tuned. And when after I made sure it's tuned, I tried to think of a random song.

            While I am still thinking of a song to play, I looked at her. She was looking at me with eyes wide open and I realized what I song I wanted to play for her. Iris.

            I started strumming my guitar. "Okay, here it goes." I played the lead part first because it will gave her the idea what song I am going to play.

And I'd give up forever to touch you

'Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

'Cause sooner or later it's over

I just don't wanna miss you tonight


And I don't want the world to see me

'Cause I don't think that they'll understand

When everything's meant to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

            I continued singing and playing for her and I can tell she loves it. After that I played another couple of songs for her like; Running from lions by All Time Low, I'll be there for you by Bon Jovi, Thunder by Boys Like Girls, Lips of an angel  By Hinder, Blind by Lifehouse, Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance, Pretend by Secondhand Serenade, My Heroine  by Silverstein, Everything I ask for by The Maine, and Secret Valentine  by We The Kings

            We finished playing and singing by about twelve in the afternoon since we were both hungry.

            Since I only have cup noodles we decided to eat outside and do some groceries afterwards as well.

            While Aimee is taking a bath, I busied myself by changing clothes. I decided to wear a polo-shirt and my blue jeans. I also used my wax that mom recently sent me.

            I fixed my hair until I satisfied myself that I look good enough. I fixed the collar of my shirt and took a belt from the closet,

            I was wearing my belt when Aimee came out with just a towel on. She continued walking until she reached the drawer.

            I faced her and chuckled. "Didn't I tell you that you can't walk in here like that?" I told her as I continue to wear my belt.

            She looked at me and shook her head. "Nah! You only told me that I can't walk around here with my shirt unbuttoned." she said.

            She's really impossible. "Okay, though it's almost the same, I am gonna tell you now. You can't walk like that here. When you come out of the bathroom, you should already be dressed."

            Aimee rolled her eyes and turned away. "Whatever!" I heard her say. Without saying a word, she removed the towel from her body, now she's all underwear.

            "Aimee!" I exclaimed. "What? I am not walking!" she said. She's really a pain in the ass sometimes.

            So I just went out of the room, head to our living room and sat on the sofa while waiting for her to be dressed. I cannot really beat her when it comes to blabbering. She always know what to say and what to do.

            She would tease and act as if she's innocent and it's just... crazy. What's happening is just insane but I am enjoying every moment with her.

            She is not just a friend, she is definitely more than that. But not a lover either. Rhea is the closest to me among the girls but my friendship from Rhea is way different.

            Rhea and I, we don't embrace each other. We don't try to kiss each other and we never shared one bed.

            With, Aimee... She stays in my bed with me but I don't feel uncomfortable at all. It's just like I am living with my sister. Come to think of it, maybe I regard her as a sister.

            It's a long time since I've had a sister. Yes, "had". We we're supposed to be three, Jake, me and Traise. Traise was the youngest and the only girl but she died when we were still kids.

            Traise was born with a weak heart. She was always at the hospital because of it and at the age of three, we tried to have a heart transplant when we had a donor.

            But the operation failed since her body is weak and did not survived. That is the main reason why our parents are around the world.

            Our parents are both doctors and after what happened to Traise, they decided to explore more about other sickness and try to gain more knowledge. They want to save other people's lives since they weren't able to save Traise.

            Traise is very sweet and loving. She was very close to me and Jake. Whenever she sees us, she would cover our eyes and ask us who she is.

            She would sometimes embrace us surprisingly and give us kissees on our cheeks. She was closer to me than she is to Jake but we both loved her so much.

            Jake is four years older than me and I am three years older than Traise. We normally give gifts to one another every birthday.

            So I think aside from Traise, only Aimee embraces me like that. But it is a bit different in a way since I am attracted to Aimee. It'll never be like that with my sister.

            "Do I look good?" Aimee asked as she showed her dress. She is wearing a light purple knee length dress. It is sleeveless and quite revealing in front since the neckline is very low.

            Aimee turned around to show me how she looks and she is very captivating. Good thing she's not wearing a backless dress or  I'll ask her to change.

            She is wearing a white flat sandals that has strings tied on her thighs up to her knee. "So, how do I look?" she asked again.

            I stood up to face her and give her an okay look. "Do I really have to answer? earlier you said I'll always say you're beautiful no matter how you look right?" I said.

            She nodded and smiled. "I only got this pair of sandals and I'm kind of hesitant if it looks good with the dress." she revealed.

            I looked at her legs, It'll be better if her sandals doesn't have strings so her smooth thighs will show. But nah! It will be too eye-catching. "It's fine. You can carry whatever dress you wear."

            She chuckled. "Yeah right! They would look at my face, my boobs or mu butt. Who will notice my shoes?" she said as she walked towards the door.

            I laugh with the thought she gave me. I immediately took my wallet and put it in the pocket behind my pants. I went out and bowed when she was about to go out. "After you, you're highness."

            Aimee pushed my face away as she laugh my joke away. The sound of her laugh is sweet that it made me laugh as well.

            We went to the mall and eat out on a fast food chain. I tried to bring her to a restaurant but she declined and threaten that she's not going to eat if we go there.

            She also insisted to pay half of our bill which of course, I turned down. I will not allow her to pay for our food no matter what she do.

            After we ate we went to the grocery store to buy some stuffs. As we walk there finding things we need, a thought came to my mind.

            We look like we are a newlywed couple. It is so funny doing the grocery with Aimee since I never did this with mom. I hate going to the grocery stores.

            Aimee reached for meat and as I can see she is quite good at it. She must be very independent that she looks like she knows all about these stuffs.

            While we were doing the grocery we heard someone called "Aimee". I ignored since no one else calls Aimee "Aimee". They call her Charmagne.

            But then Aimee stopped and looked surprised. I checked where she is looking at and there is Serena looking at us. Her parents are near her doing the grocery as well.

            I froze at that spot and unable to say any word. I look at Aimee and she's just the same as me. Serena looks like shaken with what she saw as well. I have no choice but to bow my head, unable to face her.

            We saw her say something to her parents like, "I'll just go to my classmates". If that's not what she said exactly, then it goes to something like that.

            Serena went to us with a questioning look. In frustration, I smiled at her like I am not with Aimee.

            After the questioning look at me, she gave a teasing smile to Aimee. "There's something you are not telling me about you two!" she elbowed Aimee.

            "Not what you think." Aimee replied. She glanced at me as if she's grasping for something else to say.

            I scratched the back of my head even if it's not itchy. Shall we tell her the truth or make up a story.

            She still looks like she's teasing us. "So you guys won't talk?" she asked then nodded. "I won't let you off easily Aimee. You promised we are friends." she pointed at Aimee.

            Aimee showed a bored look then nodded. "Okay, okay. But now is not the right time." Aimee assured her.

            Serena elbowed me as well. "I will let it go for now, but that's for now! I didn't know you are such a play boy Chase!" she teased.

            I shook my head. "Aimee already told you, It's not what you think." I insisted. She just nodded but she looks like she does not believe us.  

            "Rena!" an older woman called. It was her mother. "We gotta go know sweetie. Say bye to your friends." her mom said. "Be there in a minute!" she replied.

            She gave another look at us before she goes to her mom. "So.. tomorrow?" she asked. Aimee nodded and she went off.

            "Jeez! Never expected her to be here." I said while following Serena with my eyes. Aimee remained silent and I looked at her. "Anything wrong?"

            She bowed and shook her head. "I just envy her, she still has her parents". She took a deep breath and then smiled at me. "Let's go!"

            I followed her and we finished doing the grocery. When we got home it is already evening. Aimee changed into a normal tee and shorts, I just changed in the bathroom so it won't be awkward.

            Later on, Aimee prepared the ingredients. "Let me help you out with this one," I told her as I took a knife and cut the carrots.

            Since I'm not used to cooking, I cut my finger accidentally. She saw what happened and took my fingers. The next thing I know, she's sucking my bleeding finger.

            I looked at her in shock as different kind of electricity flows in my body. She looks at me, "The saliva heals the wound easier." she said.

            I want to kill myself at that second. No, I think what I need is just a cold shower. Yeah, I need I cold shower.

            I excused myself and said I'd use the bathroom without waiting for any response. I just went ahead.

            "Oh, by the way. Since I am going to explain what we are to Serena, I think you've gotta tell that Arvin friend of yours." she said.

            Arvin? What does Arvin got to do with Serena, or to what we are. How does she know Arvin. I turned around and looked at her. "How do you know Arvin?"

            "Oh! You must be too drunk to remember, he brought you home last night. He even asked me who I am. I told him that he should ask you instead. He did not insist to know anyway." she said.

            Darn! Arvin saw Aimee? He will see Aimee at school and I have to inform him sooner. I think I'll just call him and ask him to go here so I can explain.

            It's not that Arvin is a bad guy, it's just that he might tell his friends and his friends might tell somebody else. It could start a rumor.

            I turned to Aimee and asked, "How come you're already close to Serena?" I gave her a questioning look.

            She stopped chopping the veggies and looked at me. "Oh that! I like Serena and I am a bisexual." then she grinned at me.

            "Not a chance my dear tenant." I told her. I know she's kidding and I need to know why they are like that.

            "I just like her, that's it. She defended me against your pretty friend the day before yesterday if you can remember. And she's very straight forward, frank." she said.

            "I thought you won't make friends." I questioned her and she chuckled. "Serena is the only exception. Like you, she's different."

            I stopped asking questions and search for my phone. I found it on top of the PC and charged it. I have to call Arvin and talk to him before anything comes out.

            Aimee cooked our food. It was very delicious. When was the last time I ate a homemade food at home? Ages ago.

            Later on I called Arvin and told him we have to talk about the girl he met at my house. He was really curious and though Aimee was my woman. I clearly told him she’s not and told him the situation.

            He understood and promised to keep everything a secret from everyone else. I also told Aimee about Arvin and she did not complain about him knowing the truth.

            But I am still bothered since there are two people who knows about me and Aimee. I think I’m gonna have a night less some sleep tonight.

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