She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


4. She's Eccentric Chapter 3

Chapter 3

            "Run, Run." I heard a voice asking me to run. The voice is very husky like it's a voice of an old woman. And so I ran. For some reason my feet are not reaching the ground. I looked at my feet and it is about two inches away from the floor.

            I tried to jump so that gravity will pull me down but I really can't seem to reach the ground. I bend down trying to reach it using my hands but it's still no use. I cried for help and it seems like no one is around.

            I feel like I am being devoured by space so I reach out my hand. Before I knew it, someone grabbed my hand. I turn to where it is from and I saw Diane. "Wake up!" she said.

            And so I did. I woke up with harsh breathing. I'm running out of air. While I try to get a grip on my breathing, I felt that someone is with me. "Are you alright?" I heard a voice asking.

            In shock, I jumped out of bed and look at the face of the person who spoke. A beautiful face. Her brown eyes looked worried as I look at them. I wasn't able to move nor to speak.

            Until I heard Aimee speak again. "Is it a bad dream?" She asked gripping my hand. I closed my eyes and let out a big sigh. She pulled me into the bed by holding my hands. I sat there beside her.

            For some reason, she pulled and embraced me. How can a guy be so lucky. I don't know if she knows it but my face are now in the middle of her wonderful "future".

            She pat me, "Tell me about your dream." Suddenly, I remember the time when I was still with my mom and dad. They do the patting thing whenever I had nightmares. They would even ask me to stay on their room whenever I had those bad dreams.

            I felt Aimee's hands rubbing on my back. This is so comforting. I can stay like this forever. And suddenly, we heard a loud noise. "Waahhhh!" Aimee screamed.

            Oh darn! The alarm. I turned to my left where my bedside table is, where my alarm is placed. I reached the button that will turn it off and press it.

            Aimee's reaction is just so funny. I laughed my heart out. I faced Aimee and she still has a shock registered on her face so I continue laughing. Her shocked face turned into a grimace. She took one of my pillows and hit me with it. "It's not funny!" she shouted.

            I could not stop laughing. It is really good to live with someone. Living alone is lonely and somehow tiresome. I am just glad Aimee is here.

            The next thing I know, Aimee is grabbing my right arm. And with a fleeting moment, she bit my arm. "Ouch!" I exclaimed.

            I think she's still upset. Maybe she does not like being laughed at. I gave her a teasing smile. "I didn't know you could be so violent."

            "Serves you right!" she said before she left the bed and go to the closet. She opened the closet's door and the drawers I lent her.

            The first thing I thought is that she's going to take all her clothes from the closet back to her bags and leave. In frustration I grabbed her arm to stop her. "Hey!"

            She looked at me with a confused look. In her hand is her underwear and school uniform. I finally figured out she's going to take a bath since we have school. "Oh!" I uttered.

            She gave me a questioning look. "I thought... you're going to leave," I shyly told her what I actually thought.

            Now it's her turn to laugh. She walked towards the room door then turned her face. "You're funny." she said sarcastically then went across the bathroom.

            This is really crazy. Everything turned out to be crazy. It's just the second day and this is what's happening to me already. I surely have to get a grip at myself.

            I remembered last night when we were both lying on my bed, I heard her whisper. It was clear. She said "Don't fall in love with me." How could she say that?

            Stopping someone to feel a certain feeling is just unimaginable. You can never force yourself to feel or not to feel something. It always depend on the situation.

            And this girl sometimes look as if she is trying to seduce me and then tell me things like don't fall in love with her. That is just so darn crazy, and hilarious even.

            Like what I always do every morning, I tie up the curtains so the ray of the sun will enter the room. In that way I don't have to open up the light. I turned off the light and opened up my pc. I forgot to check my e-mails last night.

            After my pc loaded I immediately opened my browser and go to my e-mails. There are bunch of spam mails. The first thing I did is delete them.

            I mistakenly click one unknown message and it opened. It is something about slimming products. Oh great, As if that has some use for me. I am already fit in my own way. I closed the message and delete it.

            And I saw one message with a subject of "Breast Enlargement". I thought of Aimee and it made me smile.

            If she will use that kind of item how big can hers be? Ah! Enough about that weird girl. I closed the message and delete it like other messages.

            Then I saw one message with the subject of “What’s up?” I checked who the sender is and it is after the name of Jake Draft.

            So Jake decided to leave me a message after all these years. I haven’t seen him in a while. I wonder how he’s doing right now. I am eighteen at the moment and if my calculation is right he's twenty-one right now.

            I opened the message he left me.



Subject: What's up?

            Hey Chase! How are ya' doing. It's been like what, five years? Time really flies like an arrow. Dad sent me your photo on your Junior - Senior prom. I can see ya' grew up to be a handsome guy. Of course you should be. That girl you are with is pretty, is that your girlfriend?

            Note: DO NOT GET TIED DOWN! That is the number one rule I'm gonna set for ya'. You should always follow my footsteps.

            Anyway, I feel like seeing ya' in a couple of weeks. I wanna know how the life of my li'l bro is like right now. By the way, are you still staying at that old house? Or did ya' move already?

            Living in that house is creepy you know. That is where gramps died. Sorry to bring that up :))

            In case you need anything drop me an e-mail on my box. You are free to do so anytime. Ciao!


Jake Draft

Your Handsomest Brother


            He's my only brother though. I laughed at the "Handsomest" term. But darn! He's coming here in a few weeks? How about Aimee? What am I gonna do?

            Hmmm. Maybe we can pretend that she is my housemaid. But where will you find a housemaid that gorgeous? That excuse will be very lame.

            I gotta think of another excuse or she has to move somewhere else for a few days. Or maybe I can delay his arrival.

            I quickly press the reply button to compose a message.




Subject: Re: What's up?

            I'm good. How 'bout you? Schedule is quite bad but I am doing fine. At this moment I have a lot of things going on. That is at school and I want peace of mind while I am at home. I am in the school officers again so you can just imagine.

            I think it'll be better to visit me, next month maybe. Or on vacation which will be in two months time. That'll be about Christmas time. What do you think?

Chase Wells

Handsomest Guy In The World

            I press the send button. I hope that will do. It will be a huge problem if Jake finds out about this. I need to inform Aimee too.

            I heard footsteps coming from outside. "Your turn." Aimee said. I logged out my mail and shut the computer down.

            When I turn to take my clothes from the closet, I saw Aimee soaking wet. She's already wearing her uniform which is half buttoned, exposing her breast covered in white bra. Her hair is dripping.

            She is drying her hair using her clothes that she was wearing earlier. "Why didn't you use a towel?" I asked while I grab a new towel from the corner of the closet.

            "I forgot to ask. I thought there is a towel in the bathroom." she replied. I hand the towel over to her. "I used your soap and shampoo," she said.

            I nodded. I took my clothes out of my closet and tried to ignore her presence. Well that would be the best thing to do anyway. "You cannot walk here with your clothes unbuttoned." I pointed at her. I took another towel for myself and make a way towards the bathroom.

            "Point taken." she replied. "As if you don't like what you saw anyway," she whispered but enough for me to hear her.

            I ignored her again. This will be one heck of a school day later. Who would've thought that my last year would be this crazy.


            "Morning!" Serena waved at Aimee. She smiled at her. It would be good if she can have a friend on her own. Less trouble for me I guess.

            But like what she told me yesterday, she pretended as if she doesn't know me. It's a weird feeling. A few hours ago we we're so close to flirting. Now we are acting like we don't know each other.

            I didn't notice that I was already staring at Aimee. When she looked my way, she gave me a questioning look.

            I got a hold of myself and look straight in front. I should really try not to space out. I didn't realize Denis is already leaning on my table.

            "You went home early yesterday with Rhea," he mentioned while biting a piece of bagel on his mouth.

            I nodded. "I did," I said in response. I pushed him towards his table because it really irritates me when he leans on mine.

            He leaned on my table again. This twerp really has an ass for a brain. "Arvin and the others are looking for you yesterday. I told them you brought Rhea home."

            Oh! I forgot to tell Arvin. Last Friday I told them that I'll come with them. There are actually five of them: Arvin, Denis, Michael, John and Bert. They form a group of gamers and they play League of Legends also known as "LoL".

            And since I like that game too I usually join them. We'd usually battle each other, three on three. But there are times they would fight other players on a five versus five, they would take me instead of Denis since he is not that good at that.

            They might've sent me a message yesterday but I wouldn't receive it anyway. My phone is drained for a week already and I don't have a care in the world.

            "I am gonna speak to him later," I told Denis. I should play with them today and just tell Aimee I won't be home early.

            It's one way of avoiding her for a few hours. There's nothing wrong about that since I have been this way before she arrived.

            Our homeroom teacher finally arrived and everyone sat still. Ms. Cooke looked so radiant, as always.

            She's wearing that thick eye glass she usually wears and her hair is tied up clean. She's thin but if you're gonna look at her back closely, she looks like Aimee. But her boobs is no way like hers.

            I took a quick glance at Aimee to know what she's doing. She was just sitting quietly while looking at Ms. Cooke.

            "Good Morning Class!" Ms Cooke greeted and we all replied. "Good Morning Ms. Cooke!" a scripted line that never gets old in schools.

            "You may all sit down," she said as she fix some papers on her table. We followed what she said and sit down.

            Math. Yeah my favorite subject. That's what everyone is thinking anyway and for my reputation, I have to pretend it goes like that.

            I hope the class will be over soon. I want to play since I missed yesterday. I took my math notebook and flipped it's back. At the last page I started scribbling.

            Hmmm. I want to draw Sona. One of the characters in the game we are playing. She has blue long hair tied on both sides of her head. She looks like a goddess with big boobs.

            So I decided to draw her. While scribbling Denis leaned on my table again. "That must be Sona," he said. My drawing is not yet done though.

            "If it's not Sona then who might it be?" I answered. Denis is the most annoying in his group. He usually does things without thinking and he can never stop his mouth from opening.

            He laughed without answering my question. Then he pointed at Aimee. I didn't get what he's trying to tell me at all.

            He laughed again and decided to speak. "Since the picture has big boobs, I thought it was the new girl, Charmagne, with long hair." He was obviously joking.

            But for some reason, whenever anyone talks about Aimee, I get affected. Especially when their topic is offensive.

            I hit his arm using my elbow lightly to catch his attention which is obviously on Aimee. "If you like her, talk to her," I told him.

            He frowned and slowly shook his head. "I don't think she will even give me a chance. Everyone thinks they don't have a chance."

            I shook my head and grinned. "Not Mack." Words came out of my mouth before I could even think.

            Denis looks excited about what I said. He leaned closer to my table. "So, what's with Mack? What did he do?" he asked.

            Uh-Oh! Darn! I am becoming like Denis, speaking before thinking. "Uhmm... I just saw him yesterday hitting on her. I didn't know she's a new classmate."

            "And what happened?" he asked. Denis is such a stubborn kid. I should've kept my mouth shut in the first place.

            I tried to get some words to say to him. "Well, she turned him down. That's it." I tried to focus on my drawing to add more details.

            "What do you mean by she turned him down? What did Mack told her exactly?" he asked me.

            I shook my head again. "I don't know. I am too far from them to hear what he is saying. And it's as If I care," I answered,

            He chuckled. " If you didn't really care, how come you know she turned him down. And it seems like you care."

            I don't usually roll my eyes but I did this time. "Okay!" I raised my hands up as a sign of defeat. "I did care. There is a girl being hit on in front of me by the most notorious play boy in school. Shouldn't I be worried at least, especially the girl looked so innocent."

            I saw Denis grinned. "Innocent? I don't think so," his grin is somewhat devilish. "So you did talk to her?" he asked.

            "I didn't," I continued drawing. " I was about to talk to her but I didn't when I saw Mack and his friends walked away from her." I had to lie. No one should know we ever had any connection. Things might get worse.

            Later on at lunch, Rhea approached me to eat with her. She doesn't seem happy at all. Then, I found out the reason why. Jenna asked her to invite me so we could talk.

            I know Rhea is reluctant in their plan. Even from the start, she doesn't like Jenna for me. But they were cousins who are close to each other that is why she couldn't tell Jenna to stay away.

            Well I think I need to talk to Jenna too. It's not good to continue evading her. When she started ignoring me that is what I did too.

            But these past few months, she's trying to get in touch. But I tried to evade her 'cause I dunno what to say to her.

            I saw Jenna sitting at a table where I always sit with Rhea and her friends or Arvin's buddies. That gave me an idea it was a set up and Rhea's facial expression shows she doesn't like what she's doing.

            I had no choice but to tell Rhea it's going to be alright and assure her that we'll talk straight. So I excused myself to Rhea then stand near Jenna.

            Jenna turned her head to look who's beside her. I gave her as smile. "Hi!" I exclaimed. "Hi!" she replied. No one spoke for a few seconds. I think we are both grasping what to say to each other.

            I pointed at the vacant seat beside her. "I believe this seat is free. Can I seat here?" I asked even though I know that it's what she wants me to do.

            "Oh!" She moved a little and removed her bag beside her. "Yeah... Yeah... Sure..." and so I sat beside her. "I was really waiting for you." she said.

            "Yeah. I figured." she smiled at me like she always does. But her smile is somewhat apologetic. "So..." I said not knowing what to say to her next.

            "Yeah..." she said as she open her bag. She took out a lunch box which she always does... when we were still together.

            She opened it and inside the lunch box is spaghetti. I looked at her subconsciously asking what those are for. "Well, I know you love spaghetti and you only eat instant food at home." she stopped for a while. "I cooked this because I know you like this."

            The feeling is overwhelming. She cooked my favorite for me. But still, this is not going anywhere. I don't wanna go in circles.

            "Thanks Jenna, I appreciate it." I took a fork which is at a cup in the center table. "Let's dig in then." When I was about to scoop the food, she took the fork in my hand.

            I don't know what she's thinking now. A moment ago she's offering food. Now, she took my fork. She scooped a fork full of spaghetti then she was acting like she was about to feed me. "Say Ah!" she said.

            At that moment I really wanted to laugh. She wants to feed me! In school! But I decided to show her a serious face. "Jenna..." I tried to take the fork from her hand but she wouldn't give it to me.

            I shook my head out of frustration. I feel annoyed right now. But if I show it now, what will people think of me.

            I held  Jenna's hand and put it down. "Jenna, I think we should talk first." Her smile vanished and it was replaced by a worrying look.

            She put the fork back to the lunch box and gave me a fake smile. It was obviously fake. "Yeah. I actually came up here to talk to you... About us."

            I nodded. "I'm all ears." I really have nothing to say. All I really want say is 'it's over'. But I know that'll make her cry.

            She took a deep breath before speaking. "Can't we go back to the way we were?" She seriously told me. "I mean, nothing has changed, I still feel the same."

            Her two hands cupped my hand. I worried that anyone is looking so I looked around. And I saw Aimee and Serena looking at me.

            I'm sure Serena has told Aimee about what she knows about me. But obviously, Aimee will act as if she does not care at all.

            "Chase. If you just know how much these months had been a torture for me," Jenna said as if she was about to cry.

            I have to be honest to her at least. She loved me. She does. It's just that, I don't love her the way she wanted me to love her.

            I care for her and I admire her. But that is all there is. I don't feel anything else. I can't force myself to continue in a one sided love affair. I never wanted that.

            I took my hand from hers and I tried to hold her hand. "Look Jenna. I told you right? We can be friends. I can't do anything more than that," I told her.

            She grimaced. "Even if I promise that I will change? that I won't stick around too much? that I won't control you?"

            I slowly nodded. "I'm sorry. I think being in a relationship is too much for me." I saw her lower her head in disappointment. "There's someone better for you. I am here as a friend. We can talk, tell stories or hang out. You can even stick around me."

            Her eyes became teary so I tighten my grip on her hand. "Don't cry please. I don't hate you or anything. It's just that... it didn't work."

            She looks at me with her eyes still  teary. "It's just so difficult to watch you talk with others, knowing that you're not mine," she said.

            So, it goes like that. She wants to regard me as one of her possessions. And that's the worst thing a girl could to me.

            "Let it go. Who knows, things might get better. We could be good friends. We can both be happy and free, and..." I was not able to finish what I was saying when she interrupted me.

            "Unattached?" she said sarcastically. I feel like I was tongue tied for a moment because she caught me up. "Do you like someone else now?" she asked.

            The first person I thought of when she said that was Aimee. But I erased that thought since it's different. Not that I don't like Aimee, but "attracted" is a better choice of word for that.

            I shook my head in response to Jenna. "If you are thinking of that kind of "like", then I would say no."

            And there, she gave me a smile. She looks like she's really happy to hear that, relieved even.

            "Thanks Chase, I feel a lot better," she said. "And you should really taste this spaghetti I cooked for you. I put a lot of effort into preparing it for you."

            "Okay then," I grabbed the fork that has some spaghetti already and put it in my mouth. It was good enough and I can say she improved. The last time she gave me lunch was really gross.

            I just don't have the heart to tell her it taste bad. This time, her cooking is a lot better. If she's really the one who cooked this.

            In the corner of my eye, I see Aimee silently listening to Serena. I can say they get along pretty fine.

            Why are my eyes always searching for Aimee. I am even wondering if she is letting Serena call her "Aimee" too.

            After class I saw Aimee walking. I think she's about to go home. I checked if anyone is looking and when I secured there's none, I pulled her to one corner.

            She's looking at me with her school face. Yeah, I can call it school face because she makes this devil may care face whenever she's at school.

            "You don't have to pull me over like this. I can just wait for you outside of the house. This could make a scene, you know." she told me.

            I hand her over the duplicate key which she accepted with her soft hands. "I'll be going with my friends. So, you can go home first and rest. Okay?" I replied.

            She gave me a nod, pulled away from me and walked away. Her normal school attitude. Whew! Can't she even say thank you? Or goodbye? Or Take care?

            Or... 'Be home early'? What am I expecting anyway. I don't like those things as far as I know. I never liked being reprimanded to go home early.

            I met Arvin and his pals after school and had a good time by playing with them. Arvin even commented about my lack of focus.

            Well at that time, I was actually thinking if Aimee already ate or if she's hungry. I forgot to tell her that there are some instant noodles above the fridge that she can eat.

            Going back to Arvin, he said I'm not 'into it' today. So after playing a couple of games, we decided to go home.

            Suddenly, Michael suggested to drink since tomorrow is a holiday. We are all eighteen and above so it's not illegal. Well, we usually drink up after a tiring day since we we're like fourteen. Drinking is nothing new.

            We went to Arvin's house to have a drink. It's better to drink there 'cause his parents are allowing them to drink up. By the way, Arvin and John are paternal twins. They don't look like each other.

            So at Arvin's we drink up, exchange stories, give advices and all. Do what normal friends do in drinking sessions.

            I just drank and drank. For some reason I just want to forget that Aimee is at home because the thought of her being there is very stressful for me.

            The last thing I remember is that we are singing some shitty old song. And then I passed out.

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