She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


23. She's Eccentric Chapter 22

Chapter 22

            It’s been months since we found out about Aimee’s pregnancy and I’ve noticed the changes in her.

            Aimee became thinner and the texture of skin became bad. She usually looks so pale now and has less appetite.

            She stopped going to school and we moved to my parent’s house which is near our place, but it’s a bit far from school though.

            I travel from our house to school for about twenty minutes every day. But it’s fine, as long as I am able to be with Aimee.

            Serena often comes with me to visit Aimee. Sometimes Arvin tags along with us. It’s good that they don’t forget about Aimee.

            Aimee lost weight a little. She would sometimes dream while awake, they said that it’s hallucination.

            Leila visits every once in a while with Therese, I still didn’t get the chance to meet Julius but I think its fine.

             My mom stays at our house and stopped working for the time being, while dad comes back and forth from America to here.

            And Jake, he visits every week. After we found out about the pregnancy, he never tried to talk to me.

            We were like strangers when we see each other. It must still be difficult for him to accept the thing about our baby.

            Aimee’s belly got a bit bigger now, it already has a bump. Since it’s already five months, the baby is already kicking and moving around.

            It feels so good and warm to feel the baby’s movement. It’s overwhelming and terrifying at the same time.

            I still can’t explain how our love for each other create another living creature. And it is now in her womb.

            I feel ecstatic when the baby kicks. Even though Aimee changed physically and emotionally, my feelings for her did not change.

            I am on my way home now to meet her. We are still preparing for the upcoming important celebration.

            I was cleaning my mom’s car when I saw Aimee brushing Arsee’s fur. The cat is very close to her.

            She looks so pretty while brushing our cat’s fur. She looks radiant and carefree. The expression on her face is priceless.

            I knew right there and then that she would make a good mom to our child. So, I should be a good father as well.

            After I washed the car, I moved closer to Aimee whose looking somewhere far. She must be day dreaming again.

            She’s standing and facing the house so I sneaked and embrace her from her back. She got surprised but she did not react.

            “What are you thinking?” I asked her. Aimee gave me a very wide smile and then pointed at the roof.

            I didn’t get it at all so I waited for her to speak. “I want to go to the roof. But I can’t since I am pregnant,” she said.

            “When you are somewhere high, it gives you a thrilling feeling. And it makes you feel superior in a way. I love that feeling,” she added.

            I held her hand while my arms are across her body. “You must feel superior all the time. You are my boss.” I said.

            It made Aimee laugh. Up until now, her laughter gives me a very lovely feeling. Aimee parted from me and sat down on the garden set.

            She reached something from the table and shows it to me. At first I thought it is a picture in frame, but I was wrong.

            She turned it around and let me see it. I was surprised to see the drawing I made the first time we met, she framed it.

            I knelt in front of her. I reached her right hand and kissed it. “You’re able to keep it, and even frame it? You made me so happy.” I said.

            She put her hand on the side of my face. “You are making me happy every day. This is just a little something,” she said.

            I faced her tummy as if I am facing our baby. “Hey baby, you’re mom is so beautiful. You should look like her whether you are a boy or a girl.” I said.

            I held her tummy and kissed it. Aimee looks so happy with what I did. I gently rubbed her hand so I can feel the bump in it.

            Suddenly, we both felt a movement. “The baby kicked, Chase! It kicked!” Aimee cried out. She was so happy about it that she embraced me.

            “Thank you, Chase. Thank you for giving me a baby. Thank you letting me feel this wonderful feeling,” she thanked me.

            I pulled a little away from her and shook my head. “No, I should be the one thanking you for letting my kid live inside you even though it is making you suffer.” I said.

            There, I decided that I would like to marry Aimee. I approached my mom and told her about my plan.

            At first she asked me to think about it. She said she likes Aimee but it’s gonna be difficult if we get married.

            But I told my mom that it is the last request I am going to ask from them so she gave her blessings. She also informed my dad about it.

            One evening, I saw Aimee inside our room and checking our pictures. She’s looking at the ones that we took when we had a double date with Serena and Arvin.

            I sat beside her and she smiled at me. And then, she continued browsing the pictures as if she’s memorizing the details of our faces.

            I put my arms around her before I started to talk. “Babe, if this is not the situation and you were to live for a hundred years, what would you want to be?” I asked.

            Aimee put the pictures down and looked at me. “I want to be a ninja.” I stopped for a while and thought she was serious.

            And then I figured she was joking. “No, the truth is, I want to be a pirate!” she said. I furrowed my forehead to make her see that I am serious.

            She laughed and then nodded. “Okay, actually, I wanted to be a mage!” she said and broke into laughter.

            Sometimes I don’t really get this girl’s humor. “I’m serious. I just want to know what you wanted to be.” I said.

            She stopped laughing and gave me a smile. “Well, when I was a kid, I have always dreamt of being a singer,” she said.

            Then that must be it. “But you were offered by the talent scout. She said that she can make you a star.” I said.

            She put her head down. “If I became a singer, more people will mourn because of my death. I don’t want that,” she said.

            I nodded. That question is actually just a front for my real motive. It’s the first time I am doing it so I am nervous.

            “Babe, there is something I want to ask you.” I said while I pull her hand. I kissed it but she did not speak.

            Aimee is waiting for me to ask. “You know, I thought about it a lot. Will you please…” I took the ring that I bought from my pocket, “marry me?” I asked.

            I saw how Aimee’s eyes grew wider. She did not speak for a while which is making me more nervous.

            She then gulped and cleared her throat. “You know, Chase, I really wanted to marry you. If I am not sick, I’d be the one asking you to marry me. But it’s not like that, I am sick and I am dying, I cannot trap you into something like that,” she said.

            “No Aimee, you don’t understand. I want you to be my wife. I don’t care how long or how short. Please, do me a very huge favor and marry me.” I said.

            “That kind of favor you are asking from me is not really in your favor at all. It will not benefit you in any way,” she said.

            I squeezed Aimee’s hand. “Aimee, I know you’re already mine. But I want you to be legally mine, in front of God.” I said.

            Aimee smiled at me and she started to cry. “You know what? You always do those craziest things! You always do those craziest things that makes me happy,” she said as she reached the ring on my hand and put it in her finger.

            “Yes, Chase. I’ll marry you. I’ll marry you and be your wife as long as I can,” she said. It made me happy that I embraced her tight.

            I am so excited with our wedding. It is going to be a marriage that only our relatives and closest friends know.

            We decided that Arvin will be the best man, it was supposed to be Jake but he refused. And Serena will be the Maid of Honor. Rhea settles as a bridesmaid.

            I am now in front of our house, I can’t wait to see my soon-to-be-wife. When I arrived, I ran immediately to our room.

            Aimee is lying silently on our bed with her eyes closed. I know she’s not sleeping so I sat beside her.

            Without opening her eyes, Aimee reached for my hand and squeezed it. She looks so peaceful, like an angel with a bump on her tummy.

            “Aren’t you bored just lying in here. You could watch movies on the television or play with Arsee.” I said.

            She shook her head. “No, I want to lie in here, I feel so tried today because of the preparations and all,” she said.

            I totally understand that, we had to make sure that everything is alright. “Would you like me to get you anything?” I asked.

            Aimee shook her head again. “No, I just want to hear your voice. I want you to sing a song for me, please,” she said.

            “Okay, then.” I reached for my guitar and started plucking it. I heard this really great song just this morning and I want to sing it for her since I know it anyway. It’s “Angels brought me here” by Guy Sebastian.

It’s been a long and winding journey, but I’m finally here tonight

Picking up the pieces, and walking back into the light

Into the sunset of your glory, where my heart and future lies

There’s nothing like that feeling, when I look into your eyes

My dreams came true when I found you

I found you my miracle

If you could see what I see

That you’re the answer to my prayers

And if you could feel the tenderness I feel

You would know it would be clear that angels brought me here

Standing here before you feels like I’ve been born again

Every breath is your love; every heartbeat speaks your name

My dreams came true right here in front of you

My miracle

If you could see what I see

That you’re the answer to my prayers

And if you could feel the tenderness I feel

You would know it would be clear that angels brought me here

            Yes, I feel like the angels brought me here beside Aimee. And they brought Aimee here beside me to love and marry.

            Our most awaited wedding ceremony came with a blink of an eye. I was standing on the path walk of the church while waiting for the most beautiful girl on earth.

            Beside me is my dad and Arvin who are both standing straight. I cannot remove the nervousness I am feeling.

            I can already see Therese as she walks on the pathway. She’s our little flower girl, she looks so pretty and I think, like Aimee.

            Rhea passed while holding Jake’s arm. Even though Jake refused to be the best man, he settled as a groom’s men.

            Almost all everyone included in the entourage has already passed, and now, Aimee is walking along the Aisle with Leila.

            She looks so angelic with her white gown. She was so beautiful that all I can do is stare at her beautiful face.

            I was taken by her that I didn’t notice that Aimee’s already in front of me. She looks so elegant.

            The next thing I know, the priest is already speaking. “Who give’s this woman to this man in marriage?”

            “I do.” Leila replied to the pries as she gave Aimee’s hand to me. Aimee handed over the flower to Serena.

            She was smiling at me with her eyes teary. The feeling I have is very overwhelming. I feel so good as I lead her to the altar.

            When we reached the altar, the priest started the ceremony. I feel so high with the feeling as I am holding Aimee’s hand.

            “Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Charmagne Louis and Chase Wells in marriage. Through the time they have been together, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured, and now they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife.”

            “True marriage is more than joining the bonds of marriage of two persons; it is the union of two hearts. It lives on the love you give each other and never grows old, but thrives on the joy of each new day. Marriage is love. May you always be able to talk things over, to confide in each other, to laugh with each other, to enjoy life together, and to share moments of quiet and peace, when the day is done. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and a home of warmth and understanding.”

            “Charmagne and Chase, remember to treat yourselves and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together. Take responsibility for making the other feel safe, and give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficulty and fear assail you relationship, as they threaten all relationships at some time or another, remember to focus on what is right between you, not just the part that seems wrong. In this way, you can survive the times when clouds drift across the face of the sun in your lives, remembering that, just because you may lose sight of it for a moment, does not mean the sun has gone away. And, if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight.”

            “Today, you choose each other before your family and friends, to begin your life together. For all the tomorrows that follow, you will choose each other over and over again, in the privacy of your hearts. Let your love and friendship guide you, as you learn and grow together. Experience the wonders of the world, even as patience and wisdom calm the restless nature. Though your partnership, triumph over the challenges in you path. Through the comfort of loving arms, may you always find a safe place to call a home.”

            “Do you Chase, take Charmagne to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?”

            “I do.” I replied to the priest. “Do you Charmagne, take Chase to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?”

            Aimee gave me a smile. “I do,” she answered. I saw the ring bearer walked toward us. It is a one of our relative’s kid.

            The priest started to speak again. “Wedding rings are made precious by our wearing them. Your rings say that even in your uniqueness you have chosen to be bound together. Let these rings also be a sign that love has substance as well as soul, a present as well as a past, and that, despite its occasional sorrows, love is a circle of happiness, wonder and delight. May there rings remind you always of the vows you have taken here today.”

            I took the ring for Aimee. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today, our wedding day.” I said as I slid the ring on her finger. Good thing I didn’t choke.

            Aimee took the other ring and faced me. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful partner to you. And as I give you this ring, I give to you all that I am, and accept you from you, all that you are,” she said as she put the ring on my finger.

            The feeling is just great. It is the greatest feeling and It is irreplaceable. I want to marry her again and again.

             The priest started to speak. “And now, by the power vested, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.”

            We heard a loud round of applause. “Chase, you may now kiss your bride,” the priest said that made the people gave a louder applause.

            I held Aimee’s hand and moved closer to her. Now that she’s officially mine, I felt so happy so I grabbed and kiss her.

            And then we faced our family and walked back the Aisle. We were congratulated by our guests.

            We held our wedding reception at our house since we only have a few people, it will lessen Aimee’s stress too.

            We decided that it’s Rhea who will be our emcee since she’s not the maid of honor and she wants speaking in programs. She was joined together with John, who is a very good emcee.

            “A very good evening to everyone and welcome to Chase and Aimee’s Dinner Reception. We are done with the solemn part of the celebration and we thank those people who were with us earlier for the wedding ceremony. And for those who just join us in, Welcome! I am Rhea, for the most exciting part which is the Dinner reception for our newlyweds in celebration of the beginning of their new life together.” Rhea said.

            “I am John, we are the Masters of the Ceremony… We thank you for gracing this joyful occasion especially to those who took a leave of absence from work and to those who traveled miles just to be with us. In behalf of Chase and Aimee and their parents we would like to express their heartfelt gratitude for you presence at this memorable occasion. It is indeed a pleasure to have you all this evening.” John said.

            We didn’t made a mistake for choosing the two as our emcees. They are very good and they sound professional.

            “Before anything else, we would like to acknowledge the key person who took a great part of this joyous affair. For without their support, this even would not be made possible. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to introduce to you the parents of our groom, Mr. and Mrs. Davis Wells. A big round of applause for them.” It was John who introduced my parents and the people clapped.

            “And of course we are truly happy to have with us here the aunt of the bride and her niece, Mrs. Leila Judge and Therese Judge.” Rhea introduced Leila and Therese.

            “To open our program properly, let’s begin with the wedding prayer to be led by Serena Rodriguez.” John introduced Serena to start the prayer.

            Serena stood next to our emcees to start our prayer. Everybody bowed their heads down to give respect as we pray.

            After out prayer John and Rhea started to lead people as we start eating. They even played a clip from our prenuptial pictures.

            We had lots of appetizing food but Aimee doesn’t feel like eating a lot. Her pregnancy is sensitive that it’s not easy for her to eat just anything.

            After our dinner, John and Rhea presented the entourage. They acknowledge all of them one by one.

            Serena, Arvin, John and Rhea prepared a dance number for us. The used the old song “Automatic” by Utada Hikaru, the song is a bit slow.

            I thought I already know everything about our wedding party, but I thought wrong. I was surprised when they called out Aimee.

            Aimee stood in front and took the microphone. “This is a song for you my dear hubby,” she said when the music started. It’s “Terrified” by Katherine McPhee.

You by the light is the greatest find

In a world full of wrong you’re the thing that’s right

Finally made it through the lonely to the other side

You set it again, my heart’s in motion

Every word feels like a shooting star

I’m at the edge of my emotions

Watching the shadows burning in the dark

And I’m in love and I’m terrified

For the first time and the last time in my only life

This could be good it’s already better than last

And nothing’s worse than knowing you’re holding back

I could be all that you needed if you let me try

            Aimee looks so beautiful as she sings that she dedicates for me. Yes, Aimee is singing to me, singing for me.

I only said it ‘cause I mean it

I only mean it ‘cause it’s true

So don’t you doubt what I’ve been dreaming

‘Cause it fills me up and holds me close

Whenever I’m with you

            Aimee went in front of me and pulled me in front of the crowd. She is looking at me while she is singing.

You set it again, my heart’s in motion

Every word feels like a shooting star

I’m at the edge of my emotions

Watching the shadows burning in the dark

And I’m in love and I’m terrified

For the first time and the last time in my only life

            Everything is just so beautiful and perfect. I embraced her in front of everybody after she sang that wonderful song for me.

            Rhea took the audience attention. “Yeah! That’s super sweet but we gotta move on to the next part of the program, the bride and groom will now do the dove release. Let me now call on Mr. David Wells to officiate the dove.” Rhea said.

            Dad came in with doves on his hand. John holds the microphone in front of him so he does not have to hold it.

            “The two doves signify Chase and Aimee being released to start a new journey together. Like the two pairs of dove, whatever happens, they will always try to seek comfort from each other and their home together. This is where they know that they will find love. A dove always chooses one mate for life, and signifies love, faithfulness, joy and hope,” dad said.

            “Chase and Aimee are now ready so we will now release the doves.” Dad handed over the doves to us.

            “At the count of three, release the doves,” he added. Aimee looked at me and she seems nervous.

            I gave her a smile. “Ready when you are,” I said. And with that, my dad started counting so we could release the birds.

            “One… two… three…” he counted and we let go of the birds. They look so beautiful as they fly away.

            After we released the birds, we proceeded to the wishes and messages. Everyone almost wished us the same.

            Most of our relatives are oblivious about Aimee’s condition. They don’t have to know anyway since they are always far.     

            We came to the cutting of the cake which is so exciting. Aimee and I put our hands together as we cut the cake.

            After we ate the cake while feeding each other, we also crossed out arms as we drink the wine. I made sure first that the wine is not bad for Aimee and it’s not that much.

            Serena, John, Arvin and Rhea helped each other in serving the cakes to our guests; they are not a lot anyway.

            Everyone enjoyed the cake that Aimee picked. It is a four layered mocha chiffon cake who has purple and white wedding designs.

            Late on we moved to the part where Aimee throws the bouquet, it was Serena who caught the bouquet. They made her sit beside Aimee.

            The next it the garter toss. I took the garter from Aimee’s legs and ready myself for the toss.

 They already decided to let Arvin catch it anyway. The other guys just remain standing and watch him catch it.

So there, Arvin put the garter on the legs of pretty sitting Serena. They ended up kissing each other of course.

Our wedding reception was ended with people giving us gift. There are lots of gifts so we decided to open it tomorrow. My wife needs some rest.

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