She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


22. She's Eccentric Chapter 21

Chapter 21

            It has been a month since we planned our trip, and tomorrow, we are going to go to my parent’s house in California.

            We have already booked a flight and my parents are happy about it. They are so excited to meet Aimee.

            One time when we were at school, my dad called out. He said he booked a flight on the thirty First of January.

            It is a Friday so we’ll leave in the afternoon after school and then go home on Tuesday. My mom talked to Relena to excuse us from school for two days.

            And so, Relena went to school to excuse us. She even covered up for Aimee and said that Aimee’s aunt Leila was her long distance relative and was left in her care.

            Rhea knows about the real thing but she’s still oblivious to the issue of Jake, Aimee and Rei. Neither Rei has any idea.

            I never tried to ask Rei about it. It’s like igniting a fire. It’s just that my parents discussed things to Relena.

            It was actually Relena who scolded me when she found out that I am letting a girl live at my house, she’s scary.

            But my mom assured her that things are okay and they are happy for Aimee to stay with me so she can’t argue anymore.

            Aimee and I are so excited about the trip and we are now packing out our things. We decided to leave “Arsee”, our cat, in Rhea’s care since she likes cats too.

            We named the cat “Arsee” as a combination of our name, from Chase and Aimee. Aimee first thought of naming her “Chasey” but I did not agree with her.

            We already brought Arsee in Rhea’s house earlier and Relena can’t keep her hands of the cat. She said she was a cat keeper when she’s young.

            Rhea’s family has been a great help to us and I love them even more. I will never forget the things that they’ve done for us.

            “Do I have to bring a swimsuit?” Aimee asked. I turned to look at her. “You know, in case we go swimming?

            I’ve never thought about that. “Hmm… I’m not sure if we’ll go swimming. But might as well bring one in case my parents decide to hit the beach,” I said.

            She gave me a smile. I’ve already seen all her clothes but I’ve never seen a swim suit. “I thought you don’t have one.” I said.

            “Oh! I received a gift from Arvin last Christmas. It was a two piece swimsuit,” she happily said. My brows furrowed with the idea.

            Out of all people, it’s Arvin who gave her a swimsuit, a two piece swimsuit! “I know what’s running on that guy’s mind. I want to kill him right now.” I said.

            Aimee laughed. “It’s royal purple so I really like it. And you don’t have to worry because other’s can only look, they can’t touch,” she said.

            I moved closer to her and put my arms around her, I am facing her back. “If they try to touch, they are so dead.” I said.

            Without moving her body, Aimee reached my lips and gave me a kiss. Then she gave me a sweet smile.

            She pulled away from me to continue packing her clothes. “I wonder if Arsee is doing fine in Rhea’s. I miss her already,” she said.

            I feel really happy seeing how Aimee treasures Arsee. She loves the cat a lot and cares about it like it’s a kid.

            Aimee respects the value of life. She cares for every living creature and that is something admirable about her.

            “She would be fine. I am sure Rhea’s taking good care of her since she loves cats too. She’s just busy at school that is why she doesn’t have a cat.” I said.

            All of a sudden, Aimee lost her balance. Good thing she was able to grab the closet’s knob. I immediately ran to her.

            She’s holding her head with one of her hands. “Are you alright?” I worriedly asked her. This is something I am scared of.

            She nodded. “I just felt a little dizzy, that’s all,” she said. I help her stand up and lead her to the bed and make her sit.

            “Just sit down for now, you must me tired because you haven’t had any rest. I’ll just help you out later.” I said.

            I saw her nod as she lay down on the bed. “Do you want water?” I asked because she looks so pale and dry.

            She smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I think I need water,” she replied. I made my way to the kitchen and get her a glass of water.

            I went back to her and gave her the glass. She took if from my hand and gulped the water. She put the water on the bedside table and covered her mouth.

            In my surprise, she ran to the bathroom and vomited. I can’t do anything but rub her back trying to make her feel better.

            Aimee wiped her lips. “The symptoms are starting to be more and more obvious,” she looks at me with tears on her eyes.

            I feel so bad about it; I cannot help her at all. I pulled her and embraced her. If only I can take half of the symptoms and pain, I’ll take them.

            It hurts me a lot to know that I cannot do anything and watch her slowly die. I want to be able to do things for her, but I’m not a doctor.

            Well, even the doctors are unable to do anything. They cannot cure Aimee, then how about a normal guy like me?

            Aimee pulled away from me. “You don’t have to look so sad, Chase. It doesn’t hurt me one bit since I’ve already accepted this long ago. It’s you who’s hurting, I don’t want to see you like this,” she said.

            I took her hands and kissed them. I gave her a smile. “I just got worried because you seem fine a while ago. But don’t worry; we’ll enjoy our vacation in California.” I said.

            I helped her stand again and lead her to the room. She badly needs some rest because we haven’t been resting.

            The past few weeks have been difficult for us since we kept on running here and there for our visa and other stuffs.

            And today, Aimee prepared for her stuffs after we got home from school. I think that just made her body exhausted.

            I don’t really understand much about her sickness. But I know how tired your body will be if you don’t have some sleep.

            One day without sleep will make my body tremble, how about her? It’s like she’s been awake for nearly a year.

            The next day we went to school like normal. Aimee is not feeling well but she insisted that she wants to go to school.

            And so we went to school. She shouldn’t have come to school with me since we’ll be leaving afterwards, she won’t have any rest again.

            We were in the middle of our class when Serena screamed, “Aimee!” she cried out. Everyone in our class turned to look at her.

            We were all shocked to see Aimee unconsciously lying on the floor. I immediately ran to her and tried to wake her up.

            I feel so shaken. Serena started to cry that made me tremble more, I just feel so scared. The teacher ran out to call the school nurses.

            They carried Aimee out to the clinic and the teacher let Serena come with her. I was about to go with them but I was not allowed.

            I felt so weak and powerless. I could only watch as they take Aimee away. I felt so bad about it that I wanted to cry.

            I felt Rhea embraced me and tap my shoulders. “It’s gonna be alright, Chase. Aimee is gonna be alright,” she said.

            I know that whatever Rhea says, it won’t stop me from worrying. I can’t seem to breathe, I can’t even think.

            Rhea made me sit on my chair and tried to calm me down. But all I want to do that moment is ran over to the clinic.

            Later on, our teacher told us that Aimee was sent to the hospital with Serena because of a very bad condition.

            I know about it, and I know that it was Serena who told them. She might be so worried that she told them about her sickness since she knows a simple nurse won’t be able to help.

            We still have a few subjects so I can’t really go to the hospital yet. I’ve excused myself for a while to call my parents about it.

            I dialed mom’s number and she answered. “Mom, we can’t go there today.” I told my mom, I can’t stop my voice from shaking.

            “Did something happen? Are you guys alright?” she asked. For a few seconds, I can’t seem to get words to come out of my mouth.

            I cleared my throat because I feel like choking. “Aimee collapsed and she was sent to the hospital near our school?” I said.

            “What? She collapsed? Where are you right now? Are you at the hospital or are you still at school?” she asked.

            My mom seems like she’s worried. “I am still at school. They won’t let me leave. I just told my teacher that I’ll have a pee break so I could call you.” I said.

            I became silent for a while. “Mom, I am scared,” I said while I started to cry. I cannot stop myself from crying.

            “Oh gosh, relax dear. Everything’s gonna be fine. Call Relena and tell her what happened, and then call Aimee’s relatives. They have to know what happened to her,” my mom said.

            “We’ll book a flight back there as soon as we can. So hang on there, Chase,” my mom said. They’d fly back here for Aimee, I feel better after hearing that.

            “And Chase, please inform Jake about it. He needs to know,” she said. It is more off like a request from her.

            “Okay. I’ll call him and let him know. Thank you mom, for everything.” I said in between my weeping.

            Like what I told my mom, I called Relena and told her what happened. She said she’s going straight to the hospital.

            I also called Leila and said that they’d come to us. I gave her instructions how to get to the hospital. We’ve also agreed that they are going to stay on our house for a while.

            And even if I don’t want to, I called Jake. It’s respect for my mom’s decision since she’s been trying to help us.

            Jake said that he’s coming as soon as he can. I am happy that there are a lot of people who cares for Aimee, but I am not happy with what’s happening to her.

            After school, Rhea and I went straight to the hospital. Arvin said he’s coming later on after he informed his parents that he’ll go to the hospital.

            When we got to the hospital, Jake and Relena are already there. Serena is with them who has a gloomy face.

            I immediately approached Serena. “What did the doctor say?” I asked her. She looks me with a face that is about to cry.

            In an instant, Serena embraced me and cried. She was crying very hard and it’s making me worried. “Is she alright?” I asked.

            Serena continues on crying. “They are still performing tests until now. We are still waiting for the results,” Jake said.

            Aimee, please be alright. Serena keeps on crying on my chest, I feel bad about her. I’ve never seen Serena cried.

            We’ve been on the same school since grade school but she never cried. She’s always the strong and fun girl in her class.

            She must love Aimee so much, and I know Aimee loves her a lot too. She was the first female friend of Aimee.

            I rubbed Serena’s back trying to calm her down. She seems so hurt and scared. “Hush now. Aimee’s gonna be fine,” I said even though I am scared myself.

            A few minutes later, the doctor came out. “Who’s Charmagne Louis’ relative?” the doctor asked. We all looked at each other.

            “Me. I am her distant aunt.” Relena said. The doctor flipped the paper that he’s holding and seems like trying to make sure that he’s gonna say the correct thing.

            “Great. Uhmm… It’s good you mentioned about the Fatal Familial Insomnia that she has because we would’ve never thought of that instantly,” he first said.

            “Unfortunately this sickness needs ten more years of research before it will have a cure. But this is not contagious. Well, about her issue of losing consciousness today, it has nothing to do with her FFI,” he revealed.

            I felt a bit relieved. She must just be tired that is why she collapsed. “The truth is, we found out that she’s pregnant.” The doctor said.

            We all stood so speechless. That idea never even crossed my mind. I felt like I lost all my strength and I sat down the stool.

            My mind is blank and I cannot even think. It was so sudden, we’ve never planned for it to become that way.

            I covered my face in frustration still confused on what to do. It’s getting harder to breathe, my chest felt heavy.

            “That’s not true. You are lying,” Jake told the doctor. Jake cannot believe what the doctor said either.

            The doctor smirked. “As a matter of fact, that is one hundred percent true. Believe it or not, it depends on you,” he said.

            The doctor then faced Relena. “She’ll be needing some vitamins to help her with her pregnancy, but I can say that it’s gonna be difficult for her. The nurse will give you the prescription later,” he said.

            He then smiled at all of us. “She’s now sent to the ward and you can now visit her. Although she seems like she’s asleep, she’s not. Her senses are all up but I would appreciate if you don’t disturb her. Any questions?” he asked.

            “No, thank you so much doc’.” Relena said. After the doctor left she faced me and hit my arm. It’s not that hard thought.

            “How can you do this, Chase? You are so young. You are just eighteen and… think about Aimee! I can’t imagine what you kids are thinking,” she exclaimed.

            Jake pulled me on my shirt. “Fuck, Chase! How could you do this to her? You promised you’ll take care of her. This is going to kill her!” he exclaimed.

            But I feel so numb. It’s as if I can’t hear and see anything. My head is going crazy and I cannot think of anything.

            Is this really happening? I am not prepared for something like this. I thought Aimee and I are going to enjoy in California today, with no worries.

            And this happened. “Please take care of her, for now.” I told Relena and walked out of the hospital. I know Rhea is following me, I know she’s worried.

            I went home and sat blankly at the sofa. I know Rhea is trying to put some sense into me but I just can’t understand her at all.

            It’s already two hours after we left the hospital and I am still the same. Rhea already left, she said she will check on Aimee.

            I hear my phone rings but I don’t care. I don’t know how to face them, I don’t know how to face Aimee when she finds out.

            Hours and hours had passed and I remained sitting at the sofa. I am sleepless and senseless.

            I know a few of them tried to go to my place and call me out but I didn’t have the courage to answer, nor to open the door.

            The night had passed and I know it’s already morning, but still I am unable to move. I just sat at the sofa looking nowhere.

            Suddenly the door opened. I looked at the door and I saw mom, dad and Jake outside. They come running to me and mom embraced me.

            I started to cry. “I’m sorry mom, I am so sorry.” I said while crying. I felt so embarrassed with my parents.

            “I’ve heard about it from Jake. It’s okay darling,” she said. I know that mom is trying to pacify me.

            “You’ve got to take responsibility with your actions. I heard that you are not visiting her at the hospital, you shouldn’t act like that. Be a man.” I heard my dad say.

            I looked at him. “I am not disappointed that you got your girl pregnant. I am disappointed with you for sulking here like this. You should be there taking care of your girl,” he added.

            I started crying more. Jake seems really mad and just stood there. “Let’s go to her now, dear. I know that she needs you right now,” my mom said.

            They are so understanding and I felt so ashamed of myself. They are right, I shouldn’t be here sulking and crying.

            We went to the hospital and Aimee is already conscious when I arrived. She looks like she just cried.

            Serena and Rhea already went home. It is just Relena who’s talking to her when we got there.

            I held Aimee’s hand and kissed it. “I am sorry, Chase. I was so irresponsible, I didn’t intend for this to happen,” she explained.

            I nodded. “We both didn’t expect this. And I’m sorry for running away, I feel so stupid for leaving you here.” I said and she smiled.

            “Ehem…..” I turned around and it was my father. I forgot about them the moment that I saw Aimee. I should introduce her.

            “Uhmm… Babe, I want you to meet my mom and dad,” I told her. She covered her lips in shock. I know she didn’t expect that they’d come.

            My mom came near her. “Sorry we just got here. We took the earliest flight we could get. Call us mom and dad,” she said.

            “It’s so nice to finally meet you. I understand why our boys are crazy about you,” dad said. He has a knack of naming Jake as his own son.

            Aimee started to cry. “I don’t know what to say. This is embarrassing, I’ve caused such a commotion that you ended up going here,” she said.

            My mom patted Aimee. “Its fine, it’s been so long since we’ve seen our kids and I think it’s really time to visit them,” my mom said.

            Aimee smiled and wiped her tears. “Thank you for coming here, I feel so happy right now. I have never been a daughter since my parents died.” Aimee said.

            My mom nodded. “We know everything. Jake told us a lot about you and we know about your sickness,” my mom said.

            The smile on their faces suddenly vanished. “And Aimee, don’t take this the wrong way. We are doctors and we know that the kid in your womb is getting your body worked out. It is not good for your health, it may shorten your life,” she paused.

            “I know it’s not a good topic, but if you want, we can go to the states and… get it taken away from your body. Don’t get me wrong, we’d want to have our grandchild but we don’t want you to suffer because of it,” my mom said.

            My mom is correct. Even the doctor earlier said that it’s going to be bad for her, and I want to be with Aimee longer.

            Aimee lowered her head. “I know it’s the first time that we met so I should leave a good impression, but I’d have to disappoint you.” Aimee strongly said.

            Oh yeah, I remember now. Aimee values life so there’s no way she’d the kid to be taken away on her body.

            “This is all sudden, I know, and we didn’t plan this to happen. But this kid in my womb is not just someone else’s kid. This is Chase’s kid that is why I loved it the moment I found out about it,” she said as she started to cry.

“Even if it kills me or shorten my life, I wouldn’t care. And I know it’s very selfish, and I am not the only one who’s gonna suffer because of this, so please forgive me. I want to have this kid no matter what happens,” she pleaded.

My mom and dad gave her a smile. My dad even sat beside her. “We understand and we are so proud of Chase for having a strong woman like you,” my dad said.

Aimee stopped crying with what my dad said. I saw my mom squeezed Aimee’s hand. “I was only seventeen when I got pregnant with Jake, and everyone in my family is against it. They want me to abort him. But I know how it feels, there is something living inside you, and you can’t just kill it. I don’t regret having Jake even though his father and I separated,” my mom said.

Aimee smiled with tears still on her eyes. “I just can’t deprive someone with their right to live, especially its Chase’s child. I’ll treasure it above all else,” she said.

I am so happy Aimee felt like this. When I found out about the kid I was so devastated, but I never thought she thinks like this.

She loves it not just because she respects the value of life. She loves it because it is mine, and I loved her even more.

My mom looked at my dad. “I guess you’ll be coming back to California alone, sweetheart. I will be staying to take care of our new daughter and our grandkid,” my mom said.

My dad smiled. “I’d be coming back here soon anyway. Do you think I’d just let you bond with our new daughter all by yourself?” he said.

I have really cool parents, they had never disappointed me. I saw Aimee cried again, but this time she cried because she’s happy.

“Thank you so much. I don’t know why you are being so nice to me when I don’t think I even deserved it. Thank you so much,” she cried out.

My mom embraced her now, “Hush, darling. It will not be good for your kid if you continuously cry. Remember, it’s not just you now,” my mom said.

Aimee wiped her tears and smiled. I feel so teary with the scene that I am seeing. Then I remembered Jake who’s at the door.

He’s just silently watching my parents talk to Aimee. He also noticed when I looked at him and he walked away.

I know he’s against the idea of Aimee keeping our baby. If it’s him, he would not allow it to slowly kill her.

I know and I understand. He must hate me so much now. I felt my dad tapped my shoulder. “Give Jake some time. It’ll be very hard for him to accept the fact that Aimee is carrying your child. He loves her too,” my dad said.

“You know, I met your mom before Darius met her,” he said. Darius is Jake’s father. “I loved her first, but I was just so shy to tell your mom about it.”

“Then they started going out and your mom got pregnant. We also figured that Darius is already married that time,” he said.

For some reason, it reminds me of Sandra, the girl from the gym. But the story is way too different.

“Darius wants to leave his wife for your mom, but your mom doesn’t want to ruin their marriage so she separated from him. She’s already seven months pregnant when she realized her feelings for me.”

“Knowing that the woman you love is carrying another man’s kid is painful. You’d wish it was yours instead. But I love your mom so much that I learned to love Jake as my own son,” he said.

This is the first time I’ve heard about this story. I never bothered myself in asking my parents about me and Jake.

All I know is that Jake is mom’s child from another man. I’ve only seen Jake’s father a few times and I never thought he’s married.

“That is why, you should understand Jake’s feelings. The woman he loves is carrying your child, and I know that she chose you over Jake. The pain must be killing him now,” he said.

I nodded. I have forgotten to care about Jake’s feelings. Ever since I knew about their past, I stopped caring for his feelings.

I only cared for my feelings and Aimee’s feelings. I was a bastard to forget about Jake, it would’ve me if it’s him that Aimee chose.

My dad excused himself and said he’d talk to Jake. I think its better that way. I don’t think he’s ready to talk to me right now.

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