She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


21. She's Eccentric Chapter 20

Chapter 20

            I’ve found out more about the things that Aimee doesn’t talk about. We figured that it was Reila who was Jake’s other woman when he cheated on Aimee.

            I don’t think I can act the same way as I acted before towards Rei. I don’t think I can still pretend like everything’s alright.

            Aimee is acting as if it’s all in the past and it doesn’t bother her. But deep inside her, I know, it’s hurting her.

            Even if Aimee puts on a mask, I will know and I will feel how much it pains her. Even if she smiles and laugh, I will know.

            She must be haunted by that night when my brother cheated on her, and it must be terrifying to see Rei who doesn’t even remember her.

            To hurt someone and forget them is unforgiveable; to be happy when you are the reason for someone else’s pain is inexcusable.

            And I know that no matter what I do, I won’t be able to change the past that’s causing her those kind of feelings.

            Sometimes, I wish that I was God. And then I’d remove Aimee from any illness and make sure she does not encounter any pain.

            I feel like I want to protect her, give her everything, and make her happy all time. I want her to be carefree and contented.

            But I am just me, a normal guy. I only got my parents money in my wallet and I don’t have anything that I could offer her.

            All I can offer her is my feelings which are true. If only we could switch our life spans then I would be happy to give her mine.

            I had loved someone before. She’s not the first one that I’ve loved. But this is the first I’ve gone crazy because of a girl.

            I’d seriously turn the world upside down just for her. That is why I am hoping that there’s a cure for her sickness.

            I don’t want to lose her. I want her to stay by my side forever. I’d never love anyone as much as I love her.

            Ever since I met her, she became the center of my life. My world revolved around her and it is crazy.

            When her hair flips, when her eye blinks, when her lips purse, when her hand moves, when she looks at me, it’s driving me wild.

            I wanted her more than anything in this world. I would give up everything just to make her stay with me.

            That is why thinking that she’d leave me soon makes me wanna break out. Right now, she’s everything I have.

            “Chase, you’re spacing out. What are you thinking?” she asked. I smiled to hide the feelings I have from being obvious.

            I shook my head. “I was just thinking that maybe we should go on a date before New Year. A good way to end the year, what do you think?” I said.

            Aimee broke into a wide smile. “You’d seriously bring me out again?” she asked with excitement. “I’d love to!”

            This happy face just really gives me contentment and satisfaction. When she gives me that kind of face, I feel like I won a hundred million.

            I moved closer to her and put my arms around her waist. “Where do you want to go? I’ll bring you anywhere possible.” I said.

            Aimee moved her face closer to me and looked me in the eye. “I want an overnight trip to somewhere far from here. Somewhere I’ve never been to,” she said.

            I am glad she’s now vocal with what she wants. She would always act as if everything is bothersome before.

            “How about a trip to meet my parents?” I asked. Her smile vanished and she pulled away from me. I don’t think she likes that idea.

            “You know, I’d want to meet your family. I really do. But I don’t know how I will face them. I’m scared,” she said.

            “Before I met you, Arvin and Serena; everybody hates me. I don’t have that much confidence in myself like you thought I do,” she explained.

            I held her hands. “They will love you Aimee. Jake and I both loved you so surely our relatives will love you too.” I said.

            She moved farther away. “That’s the thing. Jake and I have past and now I am going out with you. What would they think of me?” she said.

            I moved towards her and squeezed her shoulders. “There’s something I need to tell you, but promise me that you won’t get surprised.” I said.

            She gave me a crooked smile. “How can I possibly act not surprised if what you’re going to say is shocking. Just spill it out,” she impatiently said.

            I don’t know if it’s right to tell her now. It might not be just surprising for her; she might even get upset about it.

            Well, I’ll just put the blame on Jake. “My mom called on Christmas Eve. She knows about you living with me.” I said.

            She became irrational all of a sudden. “What the hell? Why didn’t I even know that she called? You didn’t bother to tell me,” she exclaimed.

            I tried to calm her down. “Calm down. I just forgot to tell you because our friends already arrived after she called.” I said.

            She looks frustrated now. “Why did you tell her about me? You could’ve made it a secret for now until I fixed the thing with Jake,” she said.

            Now is my chance to put the blame on Jake. I can’t let her get mad at me. “Look, when she called me, she already knew. She told me that Jake called her and told her about you.” I said.

            Her eye brows furrowed and she stopped moving. “Jake?” she asked so I gave her a nod. “I can’t believe this. I really have to talk to him,” she said as she calmed down.

            Why did she calm down when I told her that it was Jake? But when she thought it was me, she was furious.

            I feel bad about it. “When I mentioned Jake’s name, you suddenly toned down. Great!” I sarcastically said while I turn my back on her.

            I know I am acting like a kid now but I just can’t stop it. I want Aimee to know how I feel. I want her to notice.

            The truth is, I want her to come to me and make me feel like I was the only one. I just want her to assure me that it’s just me that she loves.

            “That is why I don’t want you to know about our past. I know you’d feel that way if we ever talked about him,” she said. I heard her sigh then.

            I know that it’s just me but, I don’t know. I don’t know why I still want to hear assurance when she assured me over and over.

            Maybe I am just being overly dramatic over it. But can she blame me? I feel jealous because they have a past.

            Yes, I already admitted it to myself. Even if Jake is the past and I am the present, I am still jealous of him.

            When Aimee talked about their past, her eyes are sparkling. It’s as if she still loves Jake even if she denies it.

            And I don’t want to settle for second place, I’ve never settled for second place. I always make a way to be number one.

            I felt Aimee embraced me from my back. “Chase, what do you want me to do to make you believe me that I don’t love Jake anymore?” she asked.

            I just want you to tell me over and over again that you love me. I wish I could say that but I don’t have the guts to make those words come out of my mouth.

            I remained silent. Honestly, I don’t know if she could do anything to remove this insecurity that I am feeling.

            I felt Aimee leaned on my nape. I am just a bit taller than her so I can feel her breath, it actually tickles me.

            “There’s nothing in this world that could ever take you place. You are everything to me now, and I won’t do anything to make you leave me,” she said.

            It’s still not enough. She openly told me what she feels but still, it’s not enough to soothe this uncertainty.

            I managed to use my voice to ask her something that’s been bothering me. “When did you find out that you love me?” I asked.

            Aimee stayed silent for a while. “Do you remember the time we had an argument and you left the house?” she asked.

            I tried to dig into my brain when that happened. I am sure there is that time but I just couldn’t remember.

            I think Aimee realized that I can’t remember. “It’s the time we fought, you went out and had a drink, go to Rhea’s house, went home the next day ignoring me, went out again, went home and I was about to leave you, you stopped me from leaving. Remember now?” she asked.

            I tried to remember the things that she’s telling me. There must be something wrong with my memory, and suddenly I remembered something.

            "It is never like that! I just don't want to lose you! Don't you understand?" I screamed at Aimee. And with that, she didn't shout back at me.

            Aimee's teary eyes are now wide openly looking at me. I know I look angry and seeing her like that melts my heart. My anger disappeared in an instant.   

            "Don't tell me..." she stopped for a while and it's as if she's about to cry now. “Don't tell me, you're in love with me." she slowly said.

            So that was it. Now I remember. “That time when you said that I can’t tell you that I am in love with you?” I asked.

            She nodded. “Exactly! After you left, I realized my true feelings for you but I tried to hide it. Because I don’t want our feelings to become deeper,” she paused.

            “Because I don’t want to hurt you once I leave this world,” she said. That’s when I realized one thing.

            Aimee stopped and held my arms so I turn to look at her. "Chase." she mentioned my name. I love the sound of my name when it’s coming from her lips.

            I stopped for a while and face her. "Thank you, for caring for me, and for making me stay. Because I really hate to leave." she said.

            So that is the reason why she thanked me for making her stay. But she loved me that long? I have no clue at that time.

            At that time I thought she doesn’t have any bit of feelings over me. I was even desperate to make her fall for me.

            Aimee pulled away from me but went in front of me. She gave me a smile. “Satisfied?” she confidently asked.

            Well, not what I am expecting but it made me feel good anyway. “Yeah. Very satisfied.” I smiled and embrace her.

            “I want to talk to Jake, with you,” she said. I looked at her and she’s very serious. I don’t know what that might lead to, but I think there’s no other way to fix my anxiety anyway.

            I gave her a nod. “Do you want me to ask him to come over?” I asked her but she just shook her head.

            “Not here. I want us to meet him somewhere else. You might end up hurting each other if where in here. Since you’re both decent guys, you won’t do it outside,” she said.

            Sometimes, I am really amazed with this girl’s logic. Maybe she thought about it a lot that is why she knows what to do.

            “Okay, I’ll call him and ask him to meet us at Sbarro. Are you okay with that?” I asked. She gave me a nod.

            And so I dialed Jake’s number. While I was waiting for Jake to pick up Aimee talked to me. “I think we should move the trip on January. It would be better,” she said.

            I think she wants to fix some things for now and I think that it’s the best suggestion. “January then.” I said and I heard Jake pick up the phone.

            Jake knows my number so there’s no way he’d ask who I am. “Aimee, is it you?” he asked. It’s just great how he thinks Aimee will call him.

            “No, it’s Chase.” I said. He paused for a while. “Chase….” He uttered my name but did not say anything more.

            No one’s speaking for a while. I think we are both waiting for someone to start the conversation.

            I cleared my throat. “Aimee wants to talk, let’s meet up, let’s say about one pm? Is that time good for you?” I asked.

            I feel uneasy with talking to him right now. “One pm is great, where do we meet?” he asked but his voice sounds troubled.

            “Let’s meet up at Sbarro. The one that’s near my place so we don’t have to travel.” I told him. Since we are not going to travel, then it’s him who has to.

            “That’s great. I’m somewhere near right now. I am really waiting for kitty… for Aimee to call me. Is she going alone?” he asked.

            What he said made me choke. The hell I would let Aimee meet him alone. “The hell I’d let her meet you alone. I don’t trust you anymore, not even one bit!” I said.

            Aimee pulled my arm for me to notice her. She lipped ‘What’s that all about?’ and I just ignored her.

            Jake paused for a while before talking again. “I understand but, I’d really want to talk to her alone. There are things between us that we need to clear up, Chase,” he said.

            I shook my head. Nice try, bro. “Not in your dreams, Jake. Aimee is my girlfriend and I shouldn’t be allowing her to meet you. But for her sake I’d allow it, but I can’t let you get too far. We’ll just see you there at one. Good day.” I said as I hang up on him.

            “You hung up on him, didn’t you?” Aimee asked. Her eyes are questioning me and I don’t feel happy about it.

            “I told you not to hate Jake. That hatred for your brother, you should not let it consume you. No matter what happens he’s your brother,” she calmly said.

            “And no matter what happens, he was your ex-boyfriend who hurt you and cheated on you. Knowing someone I know hurt you is something I just can’t accept.”

“I am sorry Babe, I don’t want to feel this way either but I do. I don’t want to keep this hatred I feel about him but I can’t.” I said.

She nodded and held my hand. “Okay, I understand. I just hope that it fades in time. I know it will,” she said.

And so, we met Jake at one pm in Sbarro. We got there first. We occupied a 4-seater table for the three of us.

Aimee and I are sitting together because there is no way I’d let Jake sit beside her. Every time I remember him, the insecurities keep on coming back.

When he arrived he immediately sat down in front of Aimee and held her hand. I managed to pull Aimee’s hand from him.

Jake looks so tired. It’s as if he hasn’t slept for days, he hasn’t even shaved because there are small hair on his chin.

When he said he was devastated, he’s not lying. “Kitty, how are you feeling? Do you know how worried I was?” he asked.

I can’t just sit there. “She’s fine Jake; I’m feeding her and giving her everything she needs so you don’t have to worry.” I said.

Aimee looked at me and held my arms to stop me from talking. Then she nodded, telling me that she can handle it.

She looked at Jake again. “I want to know something. Why did you have to call your mom and tell them about me?” she asked.

Jake looked so worried. “Because I am worried about you! I want to make sure that you are gonna be alright. I was only thinking about you,” he said.

Aimee shook her head. “You know Jake, that is so troublesome. You know that I don’t want to involve people if they don’t have to be involved,” Aimee replied.

“It was impulse. I want to seek help from mom. I am hoping that she knows someone out there that knows the cure for your sickness. I don’t want to lose you,” Jake said with his eyes teary.

“You’ve already lost me, Jake. You are just giving me trouble, I know there’s not cure,” she said.

I feel so impatient with just listening to their conversation. But I can’t interrupt. At least I have the decency to acknowledge their seriousness.

“We can’t just settle for what you know. There is surely someone out there who can help us. You are still alive so I haven’t lost you completely. I can still…” he was not able to finish.

I suddenly flared up because he talks as if I am not there. “You already lost her when you cheated on her. She’s mine now! When will you wake up and check reality? You are over.” I said. I did not notice that I stood up already.

Aimee pulled me down to sit back. I lost control again, this is not me. I am always in control, I always manipulate the situation.

But this circumstance is something that I am not in control of. I felt disappointed with myself for showing Aimee this side of me.

“Stay out of this, Chase. This is between me and Aimee,” he said without even taking a look at me.

I was about to talk back but Aimee held my hand to stop me. “Let me handle this, Chase. Trust me,” she whispered.

Aimee then faced Jake. “I want you to know that you made me extremely unhappy with what you’ve done. Open your eyes Jake. I am in love with your brother now,” she paused for a while.

“With your brother, Jake. Please accept it. That is the only thing you could do for me,” she said to Jake with her voice trembling.

Jake’s tears started to flow. I’ve never seen Jake cried before and I felt sorry for him. My hatred against him just instantly vanished.

Aimee let go of my hand and hold Jake’s hand. This time, I was able to understand and prevent myself from being jealous.

Aimee started to sob, it’s only then that I noticed that she’s already crying too. “Please let me be happy with him. I am begging you Jake. Please forget me and let me be happy with Chase. I love him,” she said.

I was taken aback with what she said. She would go to the extent of telling my brother these things? Why did I ever doubt her?

“I didn’t love him because he’s your brother if that is what you’re thinking. Chase, being your brother, never even crossed my mind. But I loved him; he cherishes me and cares for me. He loves me deeply and I feel it.”

“I want to spend the rest of my life loving him. I want to spend the rest of my life being with him. I want to wake up each morning with him beside me. Please Jake. Let me go. Let me become happy with him,” Aimee pleaded.

Tears started to build up on my eyes because of Aimee’s words. I’ve never thought she thinks like this.

I feel so embarrassed for always being insecure and doubtful. I didn’t know what to do. “I’m just going to the rest room.” I excused myself.

I stood up and made my way to the men’s room. I entered the cubicle and sat at the closed toilet bowl.

I don’t understand what I am feeling. I am crying but I feel glad and relieved. Is this what they call ‘tears of joy’?

Ever since I’ve found out about Aimee and Jake’s past, I never stopped thinking. I am always thinking that she can’t love me enough.

I am thinking that Aimee can’t really love me since she got terribly hurt before. And it’s my brother who hurt her.     

Why did I forget that Aimee is an understanding person? I forgot that she was pure and she’s forgiving.

I was so happy with what she told Jake. I felt so good about myself. This is the first time I felt really loved.

I took my time sitting on the toilet until I can calm my breathing. And then I went out to wash my face, making sure I have already contained myself.

When I came back to our table, Aimee is nowhere to be found. So I have to choice but to approach Jake and asked him.

“Where’s Aimee?” I asked him. His head is bowed down and his eyes are very red. He looks so terrible.

“She just went to the lady’s room,” he said as he pointed my chair as if he’s asking me to sit back down.

And that’s what I did. I sat down my chair and waited for Aimee to come back at our table. But I think she really wanted me and Jake to talk.

Jake looked at me. “I love Aimee, I love her up until now,” he said. “I was such a bastard to do the things I did to her.”

“I never thought I could do those things, not to her. But I got so full of myself when Aimee rejected me. And Reila…” he stopped and looks at me.

I guess he doesn’t really want to drag Rei in the discussion. “I know about Rei, Aimee told me about her.” I said.

He looks surprised with what I said. “Aimee knows Reila?” he asked. He looks like he doesn’t have any idea at all.

I nodded. “Aimee remembers her, and they met at our house after you left. Rhea and Rei came to visit.” I said.

If I am a painter, I won’t have any idea how to paint Jake’s facial expression. “That must be painful for her,” he said.

“Aimee does not hold a grudge against anyone. She is so forgiving. And it seemed like Rei doesn’t have any idea.” I said.

Jake nodded and smiled. “Take care of Aimee. Always make her happy, give her everything,” he said.

I smiled back at him. “You don’t have to tell me. I’d love her the best way a man can possibly love a woman.” I assured him.

“Even if you forbid me, I’d still love her. I accept the fact that she loves you now and not me, but that won’t stop me from loving her,” he said.

Well, that is something I can’t control anyway. “I have already accepted that a lot of guys like her when we started going out. I can’t stop other people from falling for her since I cannot even stop myself.” I said.

We are more relaxed talking to each other now. The awkward feeling has disappeared; it’s really a great thing we get to talk.

After quite a while Aimee came back to our table. “Where is Jake?” she asked when she noticed he’s not in our table anymore.

“He went on ahead. He said he wants to go to Leila today and apologize for what he did to you before. It will give him a peace of mind.” I said.

Aimee smiled at me and held my hand. “Since we are already out, why don’t we have a date?” she asked.

“Sounds good!” I replied as I stood up and pulled her away from the restaurant. We still have lots of time that we can use to bond.

I feel so glad today that I’d want to have an entire day out with Aimee. This should be fine since we postponed our trip.

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