She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


20. She's Eccentric Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Aimee & Jake (2nd Part)

                        “Uhhh!” I stretched my arms and I yawned. I am still sleepy but I have to get up early for school.

            I want to stay in bed for another five minutes but it’s gonna be the same so I already sat up. I let out another yawn again.

            Today is my start of being a Junior high school student and I feel a bit excited. I stood up from my bed and stretched my legs and back.

            It feels good to do a little exercise after waking up. After I have satisfied myself, I walk my way to the sink.

            I am currently living in Leila’s old apartment. This is where she and my dad live when they are still studying.

            I decided to stay here because it’s closer to school and I felt awkward whenever Julius is around.

            Well, I guess even though he already changed, I cannot remove his malicious act towards me before.

            And I don’t want Leila to get any idea that there is something wrong. I hate making Leila worried.

            When I reached the sink, I tool a glass and fill it with water. And then, I reached for my toothbrush and toothpaste.

            I should remember to buy a new toothpaste ‘cause it’s running out. I can only use was left for now.

            In front of the sink, there is a mirror where I can see my reflection. I look at my reflection while brushing my teeth.

            My hair is growing longer; it’s already reaching my waist. Maybe I should get a haircut because it’s difficult to maintain a long hair.

            After I brushed my teeth I took at towel and went inside the bathroom. There is a bath tub in there.

            I filled it with water and soap. While it’s still not full, I took my time removing my clothes. For some reason I feel like the bra is very fit.

            After I removed my clothes I faced the mirror. The mirror is about six feet tall so I can see my whole body.

            I don’t know if I am being conceited but I like what I can see. I went closer to the mirror analyzing the shapes on my face.

            I wonder if this is the way the other people see me as well. Because I know, if they see what I see then they’d be attracted to me.

            I looked at my body. It’s not the kind of body a normal sixteen year old girl should have. My body is so mature.

            No matter what I do or eat, I don’t get fat. My body stays the same. My waist is very small, my boobs are well shaped and my hips are wide.

            I looked closer, my breast are getting bigger. Maybe that is the reason it’s hurting sometimes.

            Well, I may have all this good looks but people still don’t like me. Its okay, as long as the people I care for loves me.

            I went to the tub and sat on it. The water is lukewarm and I love the feel of it on my skin. It’s so gentle that I’m starting to feel sleepy again.

            After I washed myself, I took the towel and covered my body with it. I remove the plug of the tub so it would be drained.

            Sometimes, being alone is just so boring. If only Julius is not at their house, I would go there even if it’s far from school.

            I went inside my room and took my uniform from the closet. I haven’t used it for two months but it still smells good.

            I immediately wear it and noticed that the size is not good for me anymore. The chest part of my uniform is a bit tight.

            But I still wore it anyway. My skirt is still the same but I noticed that I got taller, I think about an inch or two.

            I wore my socks and shoes to get ready for school; I also took my bag out. When I got out and closed the door I noticed there’s someone waiting for me.

            Jake was smiling while leaning on the wall beside the door. “Jake!” I shouted. We haven’t seen each other for a month since they went on a trip.

            Jake embraced me. “I’ve missed you so much. I’m glad to finally see you again,” Jake said. He is still as handsome as ever.

            Jake brought me to school and carried my bag. He was so sweet. I think that I was very lucky and I could not ask for more.

            He said he won’t be able to meet me for the next few days but he’ll come fetch me on Saturday for a movie date.

            That was so romantic and exciting; I was so happy the whole week that I keep on day dreaming about Saturday.

            And so, Saturday comes. I was stuck in the house still confused in what I should wear. We haven’t gone out for a few months so I feel nervous.

            I picked a simple black buttoned blouse and a white skirt. I wore my favorite purple open-toe sandals.

            It was actually my moms. Leila kept my mom’s things when she died and recently, she gave them to me.

            I must really look like mom. It’s like when I look in the mirror; I can see how mom looks in the pictures.

            A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I know it’s Jake so I ran towards the door and opened it.

            When I opened the door, I saw him standing there with a bouquet of roses and a bar of chocolate in his hands.

            It made me smile. He handed me over the flowers and chocolates then kissed me on my cheeks. It was the first time someone did that.

            I was startled but then I come to realize, it was Jake. He was the one I love so it shouldn’t bother me at all.

            I put the flowers and chocolate on the table and he followed me inside. “Kitty, can we talk first for a bit before going?” he asked.

            I turned to look at him and nod. “Yeah, sure.” I said and I moved closer to him. We are now looking face to face.

            Jake held my hand. “I want you to know that you are the most wonderful thing on earth. I felt so happy that I can love you like this. But I’m still hoping that you’ll love me too,” he said.

            I smiled at him. Maybe it’s about time to answer his feelings. “I love you too Jake.” I said. He looked surprised with what I said.

            “You mean you and me… its okay for us to be lovers?” he asked and I nodded in response.

            Jake embraced me tight. “You just made me the happiest man on earth alive, kitty! I’ll make you happy!” he exclaimed.

            I was filled with happiness that day. I know Jake would take care of me and will love me like Leila loves me.

            And so we started going out. I enjoyed our dates and all the things that Jake is giving me. Aside from material things, he gives me time and attention.

            Five months after going out Jake is still the same. But he frequently asks if we can go to his apartment.

            I normally decline his invitation but he looks so sad because of it. Maybe he can’t feel my feelings for him.

            Maybe it’s unfair that he’s giving everything to me when I can’t give anything to him in return.

            Jake and I went into a movie date to watch a romantic movie. We normally just talks about the movie while watching but he held my hand this time.

            I looked at him and he is staring at me. Slowly, and slowly he moved closer and closer and he kissed me on the cinema.

            I don’t feel really good about it. I actually felt disturbed. He apologized anyway but he said he only did that because he’s attracted to me.

            We’ll he courted me for about two years and did not make a move on me so I don’t he has any bad intention at all.

            Maybe it’s true that he’s just attracted to me that he does things like that. After we watched a movie we went to a restaurant to eat.

            It was his treat of course. He ordered my favorite meals and drink. I was glad that we could have a time like these for ourselves even though we’re studying.

            After we ate, he invited me to go to his apartment. “Kitty, uhm… Do you still have time? I mean… Are you planning to do something else today?” he asked.

            I shook my head. “No, why?” I answered. He looks nervous as if he’s hesitating if he should say what’s on his minds or not.

            “Uhm… I want to spend a little more time with you. So is it alright if he head over to my apartment and maybe, watch a movie or something,” he invited.

            I was stopped for a while. Maybe I should not decline the invitation right now; I’ve always turned him down.

            I nodded. “Okay, but I have to go home before eight in the evening, okay?” I said. He gave me a smile.

            He looks relieved and happy so I removed any hesitance in my brain. It is Jake after all, the man who’d do anything for me.

            We went to his apartment like what we’ve planned. It was a big apartment and it was very clean. What shocked me is that my pictures are everywhere.

            We went inside his room where his television is located. He has lots of DVDs and CDs of different movies.

            “You have lots of movies in here. We should’ve just gone here instead of the cinema, less expenses.” I said.

            I sat on his bed which is facing the television. I felt Jake sat beside me. “I know, but you’re always making me feel like you don’t want to go here,” he said.

            Jake opened up the television then sat beside me again. “It’s just that, I don’t its right to be in a guy’s house.” I said.

            Jake held my hand and squeezed it. “I am not just any ordinary guy kitty, I am your boyfriend. I love you more than anything. I won’t do anything to hurt you,” he said.

            I smiled and nodded. “Yes, I know that. I am so sorry for doubting you. This is the first time I had a relationship so it’s really weird for me.” I said.

            Jake took my hand and put it in his lips. He gently kissed it. “I love you so much Aimee. I want you more than anything,” he said as he put a longer kiss in my hand.

            My heart starts pumping very fast. The way he kisses my hand is so different. It makes me feel different too.

            Jake looked at me and he looks so intense. His looks is making me feel uneasy and I feel like can’t breathe.

            Jake slowly kissed me in my lips. He usually kisses me but not like this. This time his kiss was longer.

            I feel absorbed by the moment and I just let him kiss me. Then I felt his lips move while kissing me.

            He pulled me closer to him as he deepened his kiss to me. I feel his hand caressing my back while the other one is caressing my shoulder.

            I am being taken by the moment. I feel so careless and free. I feel good to be kissed by the person I love.

            Jake put some pressure on his hand as he lay me down on his bed. I didn’t notice it because I’m completely taken.

            And then, I felt Jake’s tongue moving inside my mouth. That started me so I pushed him away from me.

            He stopped for a while and looked at me with hazy eyes. “Trust me kitty. I want to love you,” he said.

            I am very hesitant with it. I have no experience with having sex before and so I am a bit scared. I don’t know what to do.

            Jake kissed me again to calm me down while he is unbuttoning my shirt. I really feel uncomfortable but then again, it’s Jake.

            I’d rather do it with Jake that someone else because I know Jake will take care of me. I know he loves me, for me.

            He kissed me deeper and I feel like I’m being pinned on the bed. He managed to unbutton my blouse.

            He kissed my cheeks and to my neck and down to my collar bone. I felt his hand slipped at my back and unhook my bra.

            I scared but I feel aroused with his touch and with his kisses. I tried to contain myself and relax.

            I was wearing a strapless bra so it was easy for him to remove it without totally removing my blouse.

            His hand touched my right breast and his mouth covered the other. And with that, I felt really uncomfortable.

            In one swift push, I managed to drive him away and move out of the bed. No one has ever touched my breast before and it was so uncomfortable.

            He looked surprised. “I wanna go home.” I said. From being surprised he looks frustrated at me now.

            “What the hell Aimee? Can’t you even trust me with this? I thought you love me too?” he asked. He’s so scary that very moment.

            I felt my body tremble. “I can’t do it yet Jake. I can’t so please try to understand.” I said while covering my breast.

            Jake shook his head. “I can’t believe this. You are saying you love me when you can’t do a single thing for me? Are you joking?” he exclaimed.

            I felt so frightened that I ran away. I left my bra at his bed but I didn’t care. I was disappointed in him.

            Just because I don’t want to have sex with him, he’s thinking that I don’t really love him. I’ve never thought he’d be like that.

            After that Jake never came to visit me again. I felt so bad; I don’t want to lose Jake all of a sudden.

            I went to Leila’s place and told her I am having trouble sleeping. That’s when Leila told me the reason why exactly my mom died.

            She died because of Fatal Familial Insomnia. It is a very rare autosomal dominant inherited prion disease of the brain.

            It is usually cause by a mutation to the protein. It has no known cure and involves progressively worsening insomnia.

            It leads to hallucinations, delirium, and confusional states like dementia. The average survival span for patients diagnosed with it after the onset of symptoms is eighteen months.

            The age onset is variable, ranging from eighteen to sixty, with an average of fifty. However the disease tends to prominently occur in later years, primarily following giving birth.

            Unlike any other normal insomnia, this kind of sickness cannot be temporarily helped by sleeping pills.

            The worst thing about sleeping pills is that it exhausts your body more if you have FFI, and it is not helpful. It even reduces your life span causing early death.

            When I found out about it, it scared me a lot. It has no known cure; it means that I’m going to die sooner or later.

            I felt scared with what I found out. Leila brought me to a hospital, to my mom’s old doctor. We figured that I really have FFI.

            The doctor felt bad about me and said it was too early. I am the youngest person on the earth to have an FFI.

            I was stoned when we found out about it. Leila couldn’t stop herself from crying and begging the doctors to help me.

            But then again, we are in a laid back country with less technology, even in the U.S where it is being studied; they still don’t have any cure.

            I went to school feeling numb. I daze for weeks and months, I feel so lifeless. If I only have two years at most to live, how could I enjoy my life?

            And then I thought about Jake, he’s the only one who could make me happy right now. I don’t have much time left.

            And so I went to his apartment. I want to surprise him so I didn’t call him out. Since I have a spare key, I opened the door myself.

            When I got in, I am hearing noises from his room. Maybe he’s watching a movie that is why it’s noisy.

            I went closer to his room, the door is closed. But I could hear moaning inside the room. Could it be that he’s watching porn?

            I laughed with that idea. I am going to surprise him, I wonder what kind of face he’s going to make when he sees me.

            And so I opened the door only to find out that he’s not watching anything. My jaw dropped with the scene that I saw.

            There was a girl on top of him, they are having sex. They both looked surprised at seeing me standing by the door.

            For a moment, I could not move at all. I saw the girl moved away from him and covered her body with the blanket.

            “Kitty…” Jake uttered. He reached for a towel to cover himself. And there, I was hit by reality and realized what’s happening.

            I turned around and walked away, I feel so stupid and hurt. Jake ran after me and stopped me from going before I reach the gate.

            “Kitty, I’m sorry… I… Shit I feel so awful. Kitty… Look I am really sorry. I…” he stopped when I covered his mouth.

            I was already crying. Nothing he will say can soothe the agony I felt at that very moment. I am in deep pain.

            “Jake!” the girl called out. She’s now formally dressed. Jake turned to look at her. “Please go away Reila!” he screamed.

            I shook my head. It hurts even more by seeing that girl. I pulled Jakes towel in an instant, threw the towel away and ran.

            In that way he won’t be able to follow me. I went straight home and packed my things. I have to go somewhere else because Jake will surely come for me.

            I went to Leila’s house to tell her that I’d be living in my parent’s old house and she agreed with it.

            Examinations are already over so I think its fine not to go to school anymore. I’ll just ask Leila to prepare things for me.

            And so, a week has passed and I am still all alone in my parent’s house. I felt so bored and lonely.

            I decided to go to the garden and maybe clean the dried leaves there. There are lots of dried leaves because we have a wild mangostin tree.

            When I get back, the door is opened. I remember that I didn’t close the door while going to the garden.

            I remembered what Leila told me. There is a burglar roaming around somewhere in here so I have to make sure the door is always locked.

            And so, when I got in the house, I immediately closed and locked the door. But when I turn to look at the living room, Jake was there.

            “What are you doing here?” I asked. He stood up and came near me. He tried to hold my hand but I moved away.

            But he was eager so he managed to hold my hands. “Kitty, I am so sorry. I know I did something wrong and I admit it,” he started.

            “It is very wrong and disgraceful. I was just so down when you rejected me and my childhood friend Reila was there. I know it’s not an excuse but she seduced me. I know it’s wrong, I felt so stupid,” he said.

            Jake’s eyes are wet with tears almost falling. But I felt like a stone and I don’t care about his excuses.

            I was hurt with what he did and apologizing will not changed anything, to think that I was about to give myself to him when I went to his house.

            I went inside my room because I don’t want to face him. “Go home Jake. I’ll forgive you but nothing will change.” I said.

            He followed me to my room. “No, let me take care of you. Leila told me about your sickness and, I don’t want to lose you,” he said.

            I was shocked to know Leila told him about it. Maybe because I haven’t told Leila what happened between us?

            “So, you pity me? I don’t need that at all Jake. I can live without you just fine.” I said. In an instant, Jake embraced me.

            “No kitty, I won’t let you leave me. I’ve been a fool and I regret what I did. Please give me one more chance,” he pleaded.

            But my mind is closed for any explanation. “Go away Jake. I don’t want to see you right now.” I said.

            “Please, kitty. I love you and I am deeply sorry.” Jake said as he tried to kiss me. I evaded his kiss and slapped him.

            He touched his cheek that’s very red from my slap then looked at me with burning eyes. I got scared by the way he looks at me.

            Jake slapped me too. I was shocked so I pushed him away but he slapped me again, I fell down on the floor.

            Jake pulled me and kissed me harshly, he was holding me so tight that it is hurting me. He pushed me down my bed and pinned me down.

            I feel so weak with what he’s doing. I can’t fight because he’s too strong. I just exhausted myself by fighting.

            “Jake, no!” I screamed. But it seemed like my words just made him fire up more. Jake slapped me for the third time and kissed me harsher.

            Jake tore my clothes and pulled out my bra. I am wearing a skirt but since I am fighting him, it’s now up to my waist.

            In this case I’ve already felt like I was naked. Jake even tore my panties away. I am really frightened but I stopped from moving.

            The pain he is putting me through is worse than anything. I didn’t fight anymore, I felt so tired and helpless.

            I just let my tears fall from the sides of my face. It hurts me a lot that Jake is forcing me into doing this.

            Jake felt my stiffness and looked at me. I think Jake recovered by seeing me cry and stopped what he’s doing.

            He wiped my tears. “I’m sorry.” Jake stood up and pulled his own hair in frustration. The he punched the wall.

            “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing. I…” Jake punched the wall again. I tried to cover my nakedness.

            Jake knelt down on the floor and put his head down. “What have I done?” he screamed then punched the floor a few times.

            “Please go home Jake. Please give me some time. Please go home.” I pleaded in between my sobs.

            Jake stood up. “I don’t know how to face you. I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know how I’ll make it up to you,” he said.

            “Please go home Jake. I beg you,” I pleaded. Tears continuously fall on my cheeks and I can’t stop it.

            Jake could not face me because of what he did and decided to go home for now. He said he’s come back when we both cooled off.

            But I don’t want to wait for that moment. I ran to Leila and told her what happened. At first she wants to bring Jake to the police.

            I told her that I don’t want that so she just decided to send me away. She sent me to one of her friends so that Jake won’t be able to follow me.

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