She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


19. She's Eccentric Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Aimee & Jake (1st Part)

            I was walking the path towards my school. Everyone looks fresh since it’s a Monday morning.

            I saw a lot of people running towards the school gate. It’s still early but they are hurrying as if they are going to be late.

            I reached the school gate and saw the security guard with a silly look on his face. He doesn’t move unless there is a violation being made.

            I looked away and saw a few of my girl classmates. They are talking while walking and they seem happy.

            I wish it was easy for me to have friends too, but I am different. I am way too different from all the other people.

            They don’t like me. None of them can accept me. It’s as if I am an alien in earth and I don’t belong with them.

            It is sad because it had always been like this. All the other people are talking to each other but none would talk to me.

            Actually, there are some guys who would talk to me. But they are all rude and perverted; they don’t talk to me like they talk to normal girls.

            I arrived at my class early but there are people in our room already. They have their own groups that they talk to.

            I looked around and everyone’s busy chatting. I am so envious of them, I wanted to talk to them and share my ideas too.

            I sat down my table and put my things down. “Look! The booby beast has arrived! I think she’s seducing the guys by letting a button open.” I heard one of my classmates said.

            I looked down on my uniform and indeed, a button is open. I closed it without showing any expression.

            The classmate who noticed it is Martinet. She doesn’t like me the way all the other girls dislike me.

            Martinet came closer to me. “Why did you close it now? You’re embarrassed that a girl noticed it first?” she said and my class laughed.

            I ignored her. Nothing good will come up if I talked back. They would say nasty things to me even more.

            Martinet lets out a crooked laugh. “Cat got your tongue booby beast? I think your brain went to your boobs,” she said and walked away.

            They are all laughing at me and I pretended I didn’t care at all. But it actually hurts a lot whenever they say cruel things.

            I want to talk back, I want to defend myself. But is no use, I am alone and there’s a lot of them. It’s no good at all.

            It happens all the time. The ‘booby beast’ thing is a nickname they gave me. They all say I am stupid and I only got big boobs.

            But that’s not true at all. I am doing well with my class; I even strived harder for them to stop. But it didn’t work.

            Maybe I won’t be able to please them no matter what I do. They cannot accept me because I am different from them.

            And so, at lunch I ate alone. No one joined me like any other day. Sometimes, it’s lunch time that people would hit on me.

            “Hi!” a good looking guy said and sat beside me. “I see you are eating alone. Mind if I join you?” he asked.

            I shook my head. I hope he is not like the other guy since he looks nice. He is even polite while talking to me.

            “You know, I’ve been noticing you since before. You are a lot prettier than the other girls in your age,” he said.

            I felt that kind of feeling again, I though he’s different but I am wrong. I know what is going to happen next.

            “And you are a lot sexier than most of the girls, even on my age. So, would you consider going out with me some time?” he asked.

            And I am correct with my assumption. I stopped eating since I lost my appetite. “I am sorry but I’m not interested.” I finally said.

            He looks disappointed but eager. “Well, you might as well consider it because I promise you’re gonna have a wonderful time with me. I’ll make you feel something you’ve never felt before,” he said.

            He is starting to irritate me. I don’t like indecent proposals at all. “I said I am not interested. Please go away,” I said.

            I left my food at the chair and stood up. We are in the back of the school so there are only a few people there.

            He grabbed my arm and pulled me. “Wait, would you consider a one night stand instead?” he asked.

            It was horrible. I felt so disgusted with him. I was about to hit him with my palm but he suddenly fell off the floor.

            I saw him rubbing his cheek which looks swollen. And then I saw this guy that is standing in front of him.

            He is looking down at the pervert. “I told you to stop making indecent proposals to girls,” he said.

            The guy who punched the pervert faced me. He looks so handsome even though he looks mad. He’s like a prince.

            “Are you alright?” he asked. I slowly nodded with amazement. He is so cool, and he helped me with the pervert.

            “That’s great. I am really sorry for what Josh did. I already told him to stop doing that but he still continues,” he said.

            “I already got an idea he’ll be hitting on someone that is why I followed him, and I saw the two of you here. I am deeply sorry,” he said.

            He made me smile. So there is someone here in school that’s not angry at me, someone that won’t hit on me.

            “Damn it you’re beautiful,” he said. He seemed shock with what he said too. “Sorry, that was out of the blue. I’m just gonna take this friend of mine away,” he pulled up his friend from the floor and glared at him.

            “Uhm…” I uttered. He stopped and looks at me with a clueless expression. I wanna see this guy again.

            I wanna know him more. “May I know your name? That is if it’s not rude to ask,” I shyly asked him.

            He flashed me with a smile. “Jake. I’m Jake Draft. So, anyway I gotta go. Take care kitty,” he said before he left.

            He called me ‘kitty’. The same way mom used to call me. The same way that Leila calls me, is it fate?

            I went home that day with a smile on my face. I was so happy to meet Jake Draft. My head I full of him and I wonder if he has a girlfriend.

            “Hey kitty, why are you spacing out?” Leila asked when she saw me silently day dreaming while leaning on the table.

            I smiled at her. “I met a guy at school.” I said. I am not usually at Leila’s place because it’s far from school.

            “Kitty, you’re too young to have a boyfriend. You’re mom will not be happy with that,” she said. Leila’s always like that.

            I smiled. “You know that everybody hates me right? But there’s this one guy who was nice to me earlier. He was so handsome and he’s like a prince.” I told Leila.

            Leila stopped from sweeping the floor and looked at me. “But again, you’re too young to have a boyfriend. You’re just in eighth grade,” she said.

            I put my hand on my chin and lean on the table. “You can’t blame me for liking a person like him. He’s one of a kind,” I defended.

            Leila continued sweeping the floor. “You are one of a kind too. If he doesn’t find you attractive then he’s blind.” Leila said.

            Right now, Leila is the only one who’s boosting my self-confidence. She always gives me compliments that will make me feel good about myself.

            Leila stands as my mother ever since mom died. I am just so happy that she loved me like her daughter.

            “Aimee, you’re here!” Therese shouted when she saw me. She ran towards me and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

            I carried her and made her sit on my lap. Therese is Leila’s three year old daughter. She loves me like a sister.

            I love Therese a lot and I take care of her whenever I am in Leila’s house. She always makes me happy.

            The next day, I went to school with a smile on my face. I am hoping to see Jake Draft again. I hope I can see him.

            I went to school early in the morning so I can leave my things and stroll around the campus.

            As I walked in the campus, I passed by the gymnasium and there’s already a lot of people playing basketball.

            A particular guy caught my attention; it was Jake Draft who’s playing. He is wearing the school varsity uniform and it fits him really well.

            He looks good in uniform but he looks better with the jersey. I am starting to like him even more. He looks so handsome.

            But a girl approached him; she was one of the prettiest girls I’ve seen in school. She also has make up on her face.

            She’s slim and she walks with confidence as she walks towards Jake and wipe up his sweat. I could never act like that.

            I walked back to my classroom. I was so disappointed. If only I have confidence in myself and walk like that, I’d suit to be his girlfriend.

            An eccentric girl like me can’t be his girlfriend at all. He cannot show me off to his friends, I might end up degrading him without wanting to.

            My class started and I feel like a zombie. I just sat at my sit quietly with such a gloomy mood. I bet my classmates are making fun of me now.

            And again at lunch, I went at the back of the school to eat lunch. I didn’t notice that someone sat beside me.

            He poked my shoulder that made me look at him. “Hey!” the guy said. It was Jake Draft who poked me.

            I was too surprised by seeing him there. I don’t know how to react; I just felt my face turned warm.

            And then suddenly, my classmates passed by. “Look guys, booby beast is trying to flirt with Jake Draft! She’s such a bitch,” Martinet said as their group passed by.

            I couldn’t do anything but look down. “Do you always ignore them when they do such a thing to you?” he asked.

            It’s so embarrassing to let him see that scene. I hate myself that very moment. Jake stood up and I thought he’s already going.

            I was shocked to see him held Martinet’s arm and stop them from walking. “Apologize to her,” he said.

            Everyone looks shocked, even Martinet. “Why would I say sorry to that booby beast? I just said she’s flirting with you,” Martinet reasoned out.

            “She didn’t do anything to make you say those kinds of horrible things to her. And don’t act like that in you upperclassman. Apologize to her now,” he said.

            I was looking at them and I am speechless. “All of you,” he said as he points all of the people in her group.

            Martinet rolled her eyes and came back in front of me with her group. “Sorry,” they said then they went away.

            That was the first time they apologized. And that is the first time someone defended me. I felt my tears build up.

            I am just so glad. I covered my face because I don’t want Jake to see me cry. I don’t want to him to think that I am weak girl.

            He gently removed my hands on my face and smiled at me. “If ever they try to bully you again, just tell me. I’ll help you no matter what,” he said.

            I’ve never met a guy as gentle as him in my whole life. I felt so glad that I met him, I felt so happy and pleased.

            I nodded and Jake wiped away my tears. “I don’t understand why you’re letting girls bully you and guys hit on you,” he said.

            Maybe I could open up to him. Maybe he would understand. “I don’t want to let them do those things to me. But I cannot stop them.” I said.

            He gave me a smile. He looks so gentle that I feel comfortable with him. “But won’t your girlfriend get mad if you befriend me?” I asked.

            It is also one way of asking if he really have a girlfriend. “She wouldn’t mind. We have an understanding that she can’t mess with my life outside our relationship,” he said.

            So that’s it, he’s already taken. But still, I am happy he was nice to me. I am so happy he helped me out.

            I am sitting on a block and he is squatting in front of me. “If it’s not bothersome, can we be friends?”I asked.

            He gave out a dashing smile. “Of course. We’re friends now so I won’t let anyone bully you, kitty,” he said as he rubbed my head.

            We we’re like that for the next couple of months. He was treating me so kindly and he protects me.

            The bullying stopped but still, I don’t have friends other than him. He’s the only one I talk to and share my thoughts with.

            I was writing my notes one day when I heard a rumor. “Hey Anne, did you hear that ‘absolute Jake’ and Christine broke up?” one of my classmates whispered to another.

            It made me stop writing my notes and listen to them. “That’s old news. They broke up a few weeks ago. Christine is dating Dexter now,” the other girl replied.

            I didn’t know about that and Jake never mentioned it to me. Somehow, I feel hopeful. I hope that he’s gonna look my way and notice me as a girl.

            I want him to notice me not as a friend. I want him to like me. I want him to see that I am beautiful too.

            And so, at lunch we met at the back of the school like we always do. I decided to ask him about what I found out.

            He was sitting beside me and eating my packed lunch. “Is it true that you and Christine broke up?” I asked.

            He stopped for a while then continued eating. “Who told you about that?” he asked while he’s still eating.

            “Well, I just overheard one of my classmates while they are gossiping about you. I didn’t mean to pry.” I said.

            Jake gave me a humorless laugh. “That was ages ago. I didn’t know that you didn’t know,” he said.

            It seems like he’s not affected with the break up at all. “Why did you guys broke up?” I asked. I know I sound weird now.

            He stopped eating then looked at up. “Seriously, you didn’t have any idea?” he asked. I shook my head in response.

            Now he put the spoon back to my lunch box and looked at me. “Maybe I don’t look sincere at all. But I am,” he said.

            What he told me is really confusing. I gave him a puzzled look. “I don’t really understand.” I said.

            He gave me a nod. “Christine is pretty and all. But there’s someone else that I like now,” he revealed.

            He broke up with Christine and so I kept my hopes up, and now he likes somebody else. This is just so sudden.

            “Okay, I get it. You don’t have any clue at all,” he said. He looked at me then looked away while covering his lips as if he’s nervous or something.

            After a while, he looked back at me. This time, his look is different. His face looks affectionate and serious.

            “I… I know that you are still very you. But… I like you kitty,” he said. I waited for him to say he’s joking but it did not happen.

            I felt confused, nervous, terrified even. The guy I like the most just told me that he likes me and I got thrilled.

            I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say and I am tensed. I just sat there looking at him and I know I look stupid.

            He backed a little from me. “Uh… I knew it would come of a shock to you.” Jake covered his face as if he’s ashamed.

            “This is so embarrassing. I’ve been trying to make you like me for a long time now and you don’t have any idea. I’m sorry, I might’ve startled you,” he apologized.

            I am still shocked and nervous so I am not able to say anything. I am just looking at him, but I felt my face grew warmer.

            He moved his pointing finger away so he can see me, but he’s still covering his face. “Uh… I sucked. I’m sorry kitty,” he apologized again.

            I felt so glad that I almost cried. I felt so happy to finally make Jake like me. There’s someone who cares for me and it’s a good feeling.

            “Okay,” he removed his hands from his face and sighed. “I’ll formally court you. I am going to wait for you no matter what.”

            “I’ll wait for you to say you like me too. Even if it takes forever, it’s okay. Just don’t push me away,” he said.

            This is the first time someone confesses that they like me. I always get indecent proposal but this is the first time someone sincerely told me his feelings. It made me so happy.

            I smiled at Jake and gave him a nod. And finally, he smiled too. But there’s still something in me that can’t believe what’s happening.

            I saw Jake sighed in relief. “Whew! For a moment there I thought you are going to run away from me. I was scared,” he said.

            I laughed with that thought. “Why would I run away from you? I was happy that someone finally liked me here.” I said.

            Jake gave me a sweet smile. I am really hoping that he can wait for me. Because Leila’s right, I am still you to have a boyfriend.

            I mean, being in a relationship is something I cannot handle yet. My emotional thinking is still not yet prepared.

            And I want to know how serious Jake is. If he can really wait for me then I’d be happy to be his girlfriend as soon as I’m ready.

            The next day, I went to school early. I am always early anyway. But I was stopped by seeing Jake outside of the school gate.

            He was holding a bouquet of flowers on his hand. Is it for me? I feel so nervous that I can’t continue walking.

            Jake saw me and so he ran towards me. He handed me over the flowers that he’s holding with a smile on his face.

            “I was waiting for you. Here, it’s yours,” he said. I looked at the flowers, I don’t really like flowers but I’m happy that he thought of giving me a bouquet.

            I gave him a smile. “Thank you.” I said. I saw some vicious eyes looking at me. I know it doesn’t look good at all.

            They know that Jake just broke up with his girlfriend and now he’s giving me flowers. They might hate me even more.

            But I don’t care anymore. What matters is that Jake likes me and he’s giving me something so pleasant.

            I shouldn’t worry about other people. As long as Jake likes me and as long as we’re happy, then I don’t care.

            Jake even brought me to the class room and it caused a ruckus in our class room. No one expected him to bring me there.

            Jake is popular at school since he’s handsome, athletic, smart, and nice. He has lots of friends all over the school.

            No one dares to mess with Jake. You will be hates if you mess with him, and that is really something.

            “Wow, so you’ve really bagged the ‘absolute Jake’ booby beast.” Martinet said with a crooked laugh.

            I ignored her like I usually do. It’s not my fault if Jake likes me anyway. And I just felt so lucky.

            Another classmate came towards me. “So you are really dating ‘absolute Jake’ now?” she asked.

            I shook my head. Maybe it’s not too bad to clear things out sometimes. “We are not dating. He knows I’m not ready to be in a relationship so he said he’d wait for me.” I said.

            My classmate giggled. “Really! That’s so awesome. ‘absolute Jake’ is such a gentleman, you should go for him,” she cheered.

            Another one of my classmates cheered me up with going out with Jake. It seemed like they are starting to be nicer to me.

            I saw the smug on Martinet’s face when she turned around. I feel like I am winning even though we are not in a fight.

            Everything is starting to change and I felt good about it. People’s attitude towards me is starting to change too.

            Everything changed when Jake came into the picture. I can’t wait for the day that we’ll be an item.

            I felt so excited waking up each morning knowing that Jake will be at school waiting for me. He even makes a way for us to meet on weekends.

            And on his graduation, he invited me to be there. His mom cannot attend since she’s in a convention outside of the country.

            Jake said that his mom and dad have separated when he’s still a baby, so it’s only his father who’d be coming.

            He looks so handsome in their graduation and I sat at the guest sit looking at him. I felt so proud of him.

            He invited me to his house after the graduation but I declined. I think he should spend that special occasion with his family.

            “Are you sure you don’t want to join us?” he asked when I was about to go home. He really wants to invite me.

            I shook my head. “You should celebrate with your family. I will be fine so don’t worry.” I told him.

            Jake held my hand and looks at me. “This is not the end. We are only beginning, okay? Even though I graduated and I’ll go to a university, I will still make a way to meet you. I promise,” he said while showing his right hand.

            I smiled at him. “I’d be looking forward to that. And please do well in college, I know you’ll excel.” I said.

            Jake reached for my hand and kissed it. “I’ll do well, because I’ll do my best. Because you are my inspiration,” he said.

            My heart is now skipping a bit. I feel so happy with what he’s telling me. He knows the right words to say.

            Maybe Jake was really meant for me. He’s just so perfect and I am lucky that he seemed serious with me.

            Jake has always been the play boy type. He dates a girl but it usually lasts for only a month.

            But he’s been courting me for three months now and he’s always so patient. He never did anything that will put me in an awkward situation.

            I should tell Leila about it. I’ll tell her everything and I know she would be happy for me, I am sure.

            I’ve always told Leila about the nasty and cruel things that people do to me. But I will be telling something good to her for a change.

            I went to Leila’s house after Jake’s graduation and told her all about it. Leila is still against the idea of me having a boyfriend.

            But she wants to meet Jake. Maybe I shouldn’t regard myself as unfortunate ‘cause I have Leila, Therese and Jake in my life.

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