She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


18. She's Eccentric Chapter 17

Chapter 17

            “Merry Christmas!” Serena and Arvin screamed as Aimee opened the door. One look and I saw Aimee embrace the two of them.

            “Merry Christmas guys. Hurry up and come in,” she parted and gave way to them so they can get inside. John is following them.

            Serena took a gift from the paper bag and hand it over to Aimee. “This is for you, she said as she gave her the gift.

            Serena then turned to look at me and took another gift from her paper bag. “And this is for you,” she said as she gave me a gift.

            I didn’t expect to get a gift from her since most of the time; she acted as if she doesn’t like me for Aimee.

            “Uhm, thanks.” I said. Serena smiled and tapped my shoulder. “Why are you making that kind of expression, Chase? It’s Christmas!” she said.

            I shook my head. “No, I am happy. I… I just found out today about Aimee’s illness.” I said. I saw Serena’s smile turned into a frown.

            She nods, “I guess it’s not entirely a good Christmas after all. But we can make the most out of it though,” she said.

            “No, I’m fine. I’m great. Uhm… We should enjoy this Christmas we are all together.” I said without thinking.

            Serena smiled at me. She’s really a very understanding and interesting girl. Arvin is so lucky to have her.

            I looked at Aimee and I saw her talking to Arvin and John. She’s laughing about what they’re talking about.

            I put the gift that Serena gave me on top of a small desk. Serena then joined the others. It is very lovely to see Aimee laugh with them.

            I saw Aimee get a present from Arvin and John and so I took it from her hands and put them on top of the desk.

            I also hand her over the gift she bought for Serena. She took it from my hands and gave it to her best friend.

            “Uhm… Rena, please accept this. I hope you like it.” Aimee said as she gave the gift to Serena. And once again they embraced each other.

            “Hey girls, stop that dramatic hugging. We should do something fun!” Arvin said while looking around us.

            I agree with him. We should start making something fun. “We could start with singing a long together!” As suggested as I reach for the guitar.

            They all agreed with my idea. “So, what do we sing? A Christmas song or what?” Arvin asked.

            John took the guitar from me. “Hey, Aimee. Do you know the song ‘My only wish’ by Britney?” he asked Aimee.

            Aimee nodded with a smile. “Of course! I loved that song a lot. I sing it every Christmas.” Aimee said looking at us.

            John started playing the guitar with the tune of “My only wish” by Britney Spears. I don’t quite know the song but it seems like Aimee loves it.

Last night I took a walk in the snow

Couples holding hands places to go

Seems like everyone but me is in love

Santa can you hear me?

             “Lies! You are crazily in love with Chase. You shouldn’t be singing that song because it does not apply!” Serena said while laughing.

I signed my letter that I sealed with a kiss

I sent it off it just said this

I know exactly what I want this year

Santa can you hear me

I want my baby, baby

I want someone to love me and someone to hold me

Maybe, maybe.

He’ll be all my own in a big red bow

Santa can you hear me?

I have been so good this year

And all I want is one thing

Tell me my true love is near

He’s all I want just for me underneath my Christmas tree

I’ll be waiting here

Santa that’s my only wish this year

Christmas Eve I just can’t sleep would I be wrong for taking a peek?

‘Cause I heard that you’re coming to town

Santa can you hear me?

Really hope that you’re on your way

With something special for me in your sleigh

Oh please make my wish come true

Santa can you hear me

I want my baby, baby

I want to love me, someone to hold me

Maybe, maybe

We’ll be all the love under the mistletoe

            We are all singing with Aimee as she sings. She is holding the microphone even though it is not plugged. She’s even moving to the tune of the song.

            We are having fun by singing along with each other. Aimee looks so open and unreserved unlike before.

            She changed a lot and it’s really good. She’s always smiling and looked so happy now, it makes me happier.

            We finished the song and we all enjoyed it. We were stopped by a sudden knock on the door.

            I ran towards the door to open it. I am sure who I can see there anyway. I opened the door and saw Rei and Rhea.

            “Merry Christmas!” both of them shouted as they both gave me an embrace together. I almost fell because of that.

            Our friends laughed because of what happened so I let Rei and Rhea in. Rei grabbed my arm and kissed my cheeks.

            That gave a shock to everyone because everyone knows that Aimee is my girlfriend. And in front of my girlfriend, another girl kissed me.

            I turn to look at Aimee whose eyes are wide open in shock. But I saw Rhea came towards her and spoke to her.

            “She’s my sister Rei, she’s used to doing that to Chase all the time so don’t be shocked.” Rhea told them.

            It felt a little awkward but Rei is close to me and I know she’s always like this. Rei put her arms around my arms.

            “Baby, I missed you a lot. You haven’t visited us for quite a while.” Rei flirtingly said to me. It made the situation a lot awkward.

            I pushed Rei away a little. “Uhm… Rei, can you move away a little. My girlfriend is here, you see.” I said.

            She immediately pulled away and looks at the others. I saw Rei’s eyes widened, she stopped for a while and move closer to Aimee.

            Aimee was surprised with Rei’s sudden movement. Rei held her arms and moved closer to her. “You must be the girlfriend!” Rei said.

            Aimee slowly smiled as she looks at me in confusion then looked back at Rei. Her smile is not true at all, she’s forcing it.

            Aimee slowly nodded. “Ah! I knew it! Chase really has a taste in girls. I knew it when I saw you!” Rei said.

            “There are only two girls here before they came. With the way she said it, she’s making me look as if I am ugly,” Serena told Arvin that made him laugh.

            “You are so pretty. Your eyes are big but chinky on the sides and your eyelashes are very long and curled. You lips is small and pouty, I so love you!” Rei said and immediately kissed Aimee on her lips.

            It shocked the hell out of us and we are unable to react. Aimee’s face turned red and she looks really flustered.

            “And wow. You have enormous boobs! Chase must have all sorts of fun with it!” Rei said. And in an instant, she grabbed Aimee’s boobs and round them in circles.

            What she’s doing made my face really warm. I feel startled so I quickly run towards them and pulled Rei away from Aimee.

            Everyone is speechless and Aimee’s face is still very red. Her eyes started to build up some tears on it.

            “What are you trying to do to her Rei!?” I screamed. She’s a bit smaller than me so I am looking down on her.

            Rei took her arms back. “You are taking all the fun for yourself, Chase! That is not fair!” she said to me.

            We were all heated up. I bet the other guys are feeling the same way I am feeling right now. That was so sudden.

            When Rei grabbed Aimee’s boobs, our initial reaction was look at it. So for a second there, all our attention is focused on Aimee’s boobs.

            Rhea faced Rei. “Rei, you should say sorry to Chase’s girlfriend. You know it’s rude to do that sort of thing you just did.” Rhea said.

            Rei looked at me for a while then went to Aimee. Aimee is speechless and looking at me. She looks like a poor kitten.

            She looks so cute and attractive in that facial expression she was showing. I don’t want to let everyone else see it.

            I immediately run to Aimee and embraced her. They are all facing my back now. “It’s okay babe, she’s always like that but she doesn’t mean any harm. Okay?” I told Aimee.

            I felt that Aimee became relaxed a little from being worked out a moment ago. She put her arms on my chest and leaned on me.

            “I knew it! Chase just wants her for himself. You are being unfair.” Rei said that made the others laugh.

            Aimee started to laugh as well. I let go of Aimee and pulled away from her. I just can’t believe what happened a moment ago.

            Rei was smiling as she came towards Aimee. “Sorry. That was reflexes. I was amazed with that thing,” Rei pointed at Aimee’s chest.

            Aimee smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I am alright. I just got startled because no one has done that to me before.” Aimee said.

            Rei shook her head. “No way! Not even, Chase?” she asked. Aimee’s face turned red again. “I don’t believe it.” Rei said.

            Aimee is blushing. She’s extremely red and it’s the first time I saw her like this. “Uhm… it’s like... In front of everybody…” she shyly said.

            Rei nodded now. “So you mean, Chase is doing that to you but not in front of everybody. I see.” Rei said.

            I know she was teasing Aimee. “No, that’s not what I meant!” Aimee said but we are already laughing.

            I’ve never seen Aimee become this shy. She was never shy in front of me; she would always be the one who’s teasing me.

            I saw Rhea hit Rei. “Stop it. You are embarrassing her!” she said. Rhea took something out of her bag.

            It was a present. Rhea handed over the present to Aimee. “Here’s something for you. I really apologize for bringing that good-for-nothing sister of mine. I just can’t leave her at home.” Rhea said.

            Aimee smiled at Rhea. Her smile is really something, when she makes that kind of face, I feel like wanting to make everyone else go home.

.           “You are so mean.” Rei said as she walks toward Arvin and put her arms around him. “Hi!” she said.

            Serena pulled her arms away from Arvin. “No, no, no. He’s already taken. He’s mine, go away!” she said.

            Rei pouted and then look at John. “Are you taken as well? Don’t tell me you’re going out with my sister.” Rei said.

            We all laughed with what Rei said. She’s not a bad girl or anything, it’s just her hobby to act bitchy but she’s not really like that on the inside.

            She used to like Jake a lot when we were kids but Jake is ignoring her. He’s not close to them unlike me.

            When we were young, she would follow Jake around and Jake will run away from her. I wonder what made her change and ignore him.

            “Why don’t we start eating? I’ve prepared something good for you guys!” Aimee invited. Somehow she looks uneasy.

            We had our meals together and we had fun. We ate the cake that Aimee and I prepared for them and they loved it.

            While eating, we had shares of our stories. We talked ourselves out and we all had different conversation.

            Arvin is talking to Rhea while Serena is talking to John about Arvin. Rei is busy eating while Aimee is listening to the others like me.

            Suddenly, Rei spoke. “You know, I felt like I’ve seen you somewhere. I just couldn’t remember at all,” she said.

            Aimee became pale and silent for a while. And then her eyes grew wider as if she realized something.

            I got curious and worried because she did not speak. “Are you okay?” I asked. She got surprised after hearing me.

            She acted normal after that. Though it seemed normal, I felt like there is something wrong. There must be something wrong.

            I ignored what I am thinking since it is our Christmas Eve and I shouldn’t worry her in any way.

            After we ate, we decided to play scrabble with the seven of us. I took the board game and put in on the floor.

            We all sat down on the floor and get ready to play. I took the tiles and put it in a small box I found at the desk.

            John is at the left side if the board game with Rei beside him. They are talking, more of like ‘flirting’ actually.

            At the bottom side of the board game is Rhea who’s talking to Serena. Serena and Arvin is at the top side of the board game.

            It means that Serena and Arvin is across Rhea, while Aimee and I are at the right side of the board game.

            We were about to start when Rhea’s phone rang. She answered the phone and it seems like there is a problem.

            We waited for her to finish her phone call before we started but when she came back, she looks worried.

            “Chase, I’m really sorry about this but I need your help.” Rhea said. She looks so worried that made us worry too.

            I stood up and move closer to her. “Who called you? What’s wrong?” I asked. This is one hell of a Christmas Eve.

            Rhea looked at me. “It’s Jenna; she said she’s going to wait for you in front of the school no matter what.” Rhea said.

            Jenna… What is she thinking? I thought she hates me now, but why would she wait for me in front of the school?

            I shook my head. “You know I can’t Rhea. We are celebrating here, why would I even go there?” I said.

            Rhea looked teary. “I told her you are not coming but she insisted that she’ll wait there no matter what.” Rhea said.

            I cannot go there. I definitely can’t go there since I am celebrating with Aimee. I cannot just leave.

            I felt Aimee stand beside me and held my hand. “You should go to her, Chase. She’s waiting for you.” Aimee said.

            I looked at her and she seems sincere. “I am a girl too. I understand how she’s feeling. You can’t let her wait for you there,” she said.

            I shook my head. “But Babe, we should be spending Christmas together. I can’t just leave you for another girl.” I said.

            Aimee looked disappointed. “I don’t like this at all Chase. You are not like that before, you cared for everyone. Don’t be like this because of me.” Aimee said.

            Rhea held my arms. “I’m worried, Chase. Something might happen to her. She’s there alone and it’s very cold.” Rhea said.

            Maybe they are right. My head is now always full of Aimee that I tend to ignore all other people. I am changing.

            “You should go out there, Chase. Leave Aimee to us. We’ll take care of her until you go back.” Serena said.

            Arvin stood up and tapped my shoulder. “Just go back as fast as you can so you can still catch up with us, okay?” Arvin said.

            All of them are looking at me and they want me to get Jenna and bring her home. I know I should’ve thought of that without them telling me.

            Aimee smiled at me. “Hurry up before she gets cold. And take care,” she said.  That is right, Aimee understands.

            I am always careful of what I do because I don’t want Aimee to misunderstand, because I don’t want to lose her.

            But I am taking it the wrong way. Aimee is such an understanding person. I really love that about her.

            I nodded at Aimee and gave her as smile. “I’ll be back as soon as possible, so wait for me.” I said as I land a swift kiss on her lips and run.

            I know I left everyone stunned. I feel so happy, aside from Aimee being understanding, I found out something else.

            Aimee trusts me, and I am just so happy. Knowing that the woman you love trusts you is a great feeling. It’s epic!

            I ran fast towards the school and I saw Jenna standing there. I stopped in front of her as I ran out of breath.

            Jenna smiled. “I knew you’d come!” she said and then embraced me. I didn’t have the guts to push her away so I just let her hug me.

            We stayed like that for quite a while. I patted her head and she pulled away to look at me. “Thank you for coming for me,” she said then paused.

            “I am sorry for what I did last time. But I still love you,” she said. I am in a terrible situation in which I have to break her heart in Christmas Eve.

            I smiled at her. “Thank you, Jenna. I am really happy that someone as wonderful as you loves me.” I said.

            She started to become teary. I think she knows what’s going to happen. “I am really thankful, but I cannot return your feelings.” I said.

            She’s started to sob as tears fell on her cheek. “Why Chase? What did I do wrong? I loved you the best way I can.”

            “I loved you the best way possible and I thought you loved me too. You said it didn’t work out but I thought you only need space.”

            “I thought I’ll just let you miss me for a while so you would realize your real feelings for me, but that did not happen.”

            “The next thing I know, you were pursuing a new girl and it just hurts a lot! Why can’t you love me the way I love you?” she said continuously.

            I pulled her and embraced her to comfort what she’s feeling. I felt this way when Diane cheated on me and it is terrible.

            I know what she’s feeling; I hate that kind of feeling. “I’m sorry. I really am. I know I can’t say anything to make you feel better. But I don’t want you to be like this.” I said.

            “Are you spending Christmas Eve with her?” she suddenly asked. I nodded as a response and I know she felt it.

            “Why did she let you go here? Does she even know you came to meet me?” Jenna asked while still sobbing.

            I patted her head. “She knows. She was the one who told me to go here because she’s worried you might be cold.” I said.

            I felt Jenna became calmer. “She didn’t fight when I hurt her. She didn’t even defend herself.” Jenna said.

            “She didn’t make any move to take revenge after what I’ve done. And now she’s fine with you, seeing me? What kind of person is that?” Jenna said.

            “She’s very nice, Jenna. Rhea didn’t like her before but when she got to know her, she liked her. You’ll like her too.” I said.

            Jenna pulled away from me. “If that’s true then I can’t compete with that kind of person. I’ll never be like her,” she said.

            “You are beautiful as you are Jenna. You don’t have to be like her. There is somebody out there who loves you because of you and I know that.” I said.

            Jenna finally smiled at me and wiped her tears. “Sorry for the trouble. I am being insensible at times. I just remembered the last Christmas we spent at Rhea’s house. It just made me lonely that I did this,” she said.

            “It’s okay. I’ll just bring you to your house and maybe say hi to your parents. They might be waiting for you now.” I said.

            And so, I brought Jenna home and meet her parents again. They are even happy to see me and speculated that Jenna and I are going out again.

            Well, I cleared it up to them so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding. They understood anyway.

            After I brought Jenna back, I went straight back home. When I got there, everyone is ready to go already.

            “Oh! Chase is here. We could leave now.” Serena said while facing everyone. They all look sleepy.

            Serena kissed Aimee’s cheeks. “So we are going now. Take care okay? And enjoy the rest of the night!” Serena teasingly said to Aimee.

            Aimee just laughed at her. Arvin is about to give Aimee a kiss on the cheeks too but I stopped him.

            “What?” he said. I shook my pointing finger in front of him as a sign that he can’t do it. We all laughed.

            Arvin, John and Serena went on ahead and it leaves Rei, Rhea, Aimee and me. The three of them is still finishing the scrabble game.

            In the end, Rei won the game. It looks like they got a long pretty well. I am happy that Aimee has more friends now.

            After the game, Rhea and Rei bid their goodbye since Relena is waiting for them. Rhea gave me a gift before they went on ahead.

            “I received four gifts this Christmas, I thought I won’t receive anything at all.” Aimee said as she looks at the gifts.

            “Wait a second.” I said as I went out.

            I went to Mrs. Laydon’s house to fetch the cat I asked her to take care of. She gave me the cat in its cage.

            And so, I went back to the house and saw Aimee opening the gifts. She turns around and looks at me.

            Her surprised look when she turned is priceless. “Surprise!” I said as I hand her over the cage of the cat.

            She immediately opened it and took the cat out. She embraced the cat in her arms and it started licking her hand.

            “She likes you. It’s a girl cat.” I said. She looks so fascinated while looking at the cat. “It’s my Christmas gift to you.” I said.

            She smiled at me and then put the cat down. She pulled me all of a sudden and kissed my lips. “Thank you so much, Chase! I love her,” she said referring to the cat.

            She looks really happy and of course, I am happy as well. Later on she asked me something.

            “Is the name of Rhea’s sister, Reila?” she asked. Is that what’s bothering her earlier? She seems troubled.

            “Yeah, why? What’s bothering you? You acted strange when she said you look familiar.” I said.

            She became silent for a while. “I know her. But let’s not talk about it. I just want to confirm it,” she said,

            “Tell me about it. You promised that there wouldn’t be any secrets anymore.” I said. Aimee sighed then looked at me.

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