She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


16. She's Eccentric Chapter 15

Chapter 15

            Wow! I can’t believe how fast time flies by. It’s already the twenty-fourth of December. I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas.

            I’ve already bought a gift for Aimee and I hope she likes it. Well, Aimee doesn’t accept material things so I thought of something else.

            Last week, we went to her Aunt Leila’s house and there, I found out more things about Aimee.

            Therese told me how Aimee despises dogs and how she loves cats. I decided to buy a cat and leave it in Mrs. Laydon’s care for the time being.

            I bought a very fluffy Angora kitten. I hope Aimee will like my gift. This is the first time I’ll buy a pet for someone.

            Also, last Monday, Aimee and I decorated the house with a small Christmas tree. I think it is only four feet tall.

            We decorated it with bunch of purple & blue Christmas balls. We decided to pick purple and blue since purple is Aimee favorite and mine is blue.

            We also put some Christmas lights outside of the house. We made a dear out of it. We also put some Christmas lights at the plans and open them every night.

            It was really good. I never thought I’d spend Christmas like this. I never thought that I’d decorate my house and will be spending it with someone.

            My parents don’t celebrate Christmas nor Christmas Eve with me since they are saving that day for charity works.

            They never forgot to call me anyway and I know they will be calling soon. I think I want to tell them about Aimee.

            I know my parents will be shocked as hell once they found out that I’m letting a girl live with me.

            And since they are far from me, I never really get to know how they react at things so I don’t have any idea what they are gonna say.

            But, I want these to be legal. I know I’ve only met Aimee for more than two months, but I am sure I want her.

            I feel like, if I let Aimee go, I won’t find anyone like her anymore. I feel like I won’t feel this way again.

            And I don’t want to let go of these feelings. I know that Therese said Aimee will leave me one day.

            But, I’ve already made a decision. I’ll do everything I can to make her stay. And then, I will marry her someday.

            When I said that Arvin is a romantic fool, I feel like I am telling myself the same thing because I am even worse.

            “Let’s take a Christmas bath together.” I heard Aimee said from my back so I turned to look at her.

            She’s holding a towel on and clothes on her right hand and her left hand is on her waist. She’s giving me a cranky smile.

            I gave her a smile. “You go ahead. Don’t tease me like that or I will give you a kiss mark on your neck that you can’t hide.” I said.

            I found out that Aimee doesn’t like having visible kiss marks. She gets irritated the whole day if she has one.

            Aimee glared at me then entered the bathroom and slammed the door. “If you don’t want to, then fine,” she said after she got in.   

            She really can’t stop amazing me. I remember that Aimee is not like this when I first met her, she was so different.

            But the first Aimee that I met is only a façade of who she really is. I am still glad that I’ve made her change.

            She looks happier now. She looks contented and carefree. She’s now comfortable in telling me what’s on her mind.

            I got bored since I am waiting for Aimee to finish taking a bath so I grabbed my guitar and sat on the living room’s floor.

            “Babe, I am gonna sing a song for you!” I shouted so she can hear it. I started playing my guitar to the tune of “Everything I ask for” by The Maine.

She takes her time with the little things

Love notes reminding me

She wears red when she’s feeling hot

I have her and but it’s all I got

She looks best without her clothes

I know it’s wrong but that’s the way it goes

I don’t know what she sees in me

But I’m happy she’s happy now that she’s with me

And I’m freaking out because I’m just so lucky

Oh she makes me feel like shit (it’s always something)

But I can’t get over it

‘Cause she’s everything I asked for

Everything I ask for

And just a little bit more

Everything I ask for

Everything I ask for and so much more

She loves music but she hates my band

Loves Prince, she’s his biggest fan

She’s not big on holding hands

But that’s alright ‘cause I still got her

She keeps up on current affairs

Prada is what she wears

            “You know, Chase. I don’t think that song is for me. First and foremost I don’t wear Prada now am I a fan of Prince Charming,” she shouted.

            I pretended that I didn’t hear her and continue playing the guitar and singing for he. It’s the chorus that I really love singing for her.

            I repeated the refrain and the chorus before I hit my favorite part of the song, which is the bridge.

Fist fights turn into sex

I wonder what comes next

She loves to always keep me guessin

And she won’t give it up

And we both know it’s because….

            I repeated the chorus again. I really like this song because it tells a story of what I really feel. I feel lucky that of all the people in the world, it’s me who Aimee loves.

            My singing was interrupted with a knock on the door. It’s probably Arvin, Serena or Rhea. They are the only people who keep on going to our place.

            I put my guitar back in place and opened the door. I didn’t expect to see the face of the person who is in front of me. It’s my brother, Jake.

            “Jake!” I uttered not knowing what to do. He’s gonna find out that I have a girl in the house. This is such a sudden visit.

            “You don’t look happy to see me at all. Can I come in?” he said. I hesitantly nod and let him go inside.

            I think Jake heard the sound of the shower. “There’s someone else in here?” he asked while actually looking at the bathroom door.

            I saw Jake put the paper bag he’s holding on the table. “By the way, I brought goodies. I decided to spend Christmas here,” he said.

            Jake sat down at the couch while I stood there feeling nervous. I need tell him about Aimee before she comes out.

            It’ll be harder to explain if he figures it out without me, having to say a single word. “Uh, you have to know something Jake.” I said.

            I don’t exactly know how to start. “What? Are you okay? You seem nervous,” he said. Oh darn! I am on deep shit!

            Jake stood up and looks around. “Hmmm, you’re hiding a girl here?” he asked. I felt more nervous. “I was just kidding,” he said.

            I think he noticed how serious I looked. “In fact, there’s a girl taking a bath at the bathroom.” I said.

            What I said made him stop from smiling. “Seriously, Chase. Is that girl you are talking about just visiting you, or is she living with you?” he asked.

            I tried to calm myself. “She’s… She’s staying here, with me.” I said waiting for Jake’s reaction.

            From Jake’s surprised look, he turned into a smile. “Way to go Chase! Surely Mom and Dad know nothing about it. Who is this lucky girl that my brother fell for?” he said.

            I felt relieved. Yeah, it’s Jake so I don’t have to worry about anything. “You’ll be stunned by her. She’s wonderful.” I said

            Jake sat at the couch again. “I can’t wait this girl you are saying,” he said. I feel confident in showing Aimee to him.

            “Just a sec. I’ll get you a drink.” I said while I go at the kitchen. I few minutes later a heard the creak of the door.

            Maybe must be done with her bath. It’s a good thing since the orange juice I made for Jake is done.

            And so, I went to the living room only to see Jake standing and looking so surprised seeing Aimee in front of him.

            I was stopped for a while since it seemed like they knew each other. I can only see Aimee’s back so I can’t see her reaction but she’s not moving.

            “Aimee…” Jake uttered that made me realize one thing. Jake knows Aimee and I know Aimee know him too.

            I just stood there watching what the next thing will happen. Aimee remained standing and not moving.

            To my surprise, Jake reached the gap between him and Aimee. “Aimee!” he cried out as he ran and embrace her.

            What’s going on?  I froze as I am unable to move still digesting and trying to get the idea of what is happening.

            Jake embraced Aimee and I saw Aimee tried to push Jake away. But I still can’t move, I am trying to anticipate the next things that will happen.

            Jake embraced Aimee tighter though Aimee is resisting. “I have been looking for you. You don’t know what I’ve been through without you.” Jake said as his tears started to build up.

            I am starting to realize a few things but I want to make sure first. “Stop it Jake! We are over! Please let go!” Aimee screamed as she pushed him away.

            Now, I understand. In a quick moment I swiftly pulled Aimee and land a punch on Jake’s jaw. It was reflexes that made me do it, we’ve never hurt each other before.

            Jake fell down the floor with the side of his lips bleeding. He wiped the blood that is stained on his lips.

            “So, you are the fucking bastard who hurt Aimee?” I exclaimed while I tried to attack him again.

            I felt that Aimee embraced me from my back to stop me from attacking Jake again. “Stop it Chase! Please!” she said.

            I ignored Aimee and knelt to reach Jakes neckline and pull it up. “How are you able to do that to her! Tell me how!” I screamed.

            Aimee tried to pull me again and Jake is just looking at me. “Stop it Chase please! I don’t know how he got here but…” Aimee was not able to finish since I interrupted.

            “Do you know who this guy is? Do you have any idea?” I stood up and screamed at Aimee. She is now crying.

            “Chase, he’s past. Let him go please. He’s my past but that’s over,” she said while crying and still trying to pull me away from Jake.

            I felt Jake stood up. “Chase, I didn’t mean what happened. Aimee…. I am so sorry,” he said but I ignored him.

            Calling my name stopped Aimee from moving. “Do you know, huh? The man who fuckin’ messed your life is my damn brother!” I shouted at Aimee.

            I am extremely mad. I am angry at Jake, I am heated by the situation. Of all people in the world, why my brother?

            I faced Jake again and pull him on his collar. He’s not showing any sign that he’d want to fight. He’s not even resisting.

            “Why Aimee? Why did you do that to her! Why?” I screamed with my tears starting to build up now.

            “How did you turn out to be that kind of guy who will hurt a girl? I’ve known you since we were kids. How did you become like that?” I exclaimed and pulled him.

            I heard Aimee’s cry. I know she’s confused and hurt at the moment. But I am not in the state in which I’ll take notice of that.

            I saw Jake looked at Aimee. “Aimee I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Believe me, I love you more than anything!” he said.

            What he said made me grew angrier. I gave him another hit and I was about to give another one when Aimee stopped me.

            Aimee embraced me again while crying. I felt my back became wet from her tears. “Stop Chase, please. I beg you!” she cried.

            She is now weeping and embracing me hard to pull me away from Jake. I slowly let go of Jakes collar but my hand is still trembling.

            For a moment, all we can hear is Aimee’s sobs. I faced her and embraced her. I felt so bad looking like this in front of her.

            I can’t let her see thing like this. I don’t want to scare her. “I’m sorry I lost control. I am so sorry.” I said and kissed her on her head.

            Aimee pulled away from me and looked at me. “I want to speak to him alone, Chase. Let me talk to him,” she pleaded.

              What should I do? I don’t want to leave Aimee on Jake, but I know they have to talk. I looked at Jake then looked at her again.

            I gave Aimee a nod. “Okay. I’ll let you talk.” I wiped away her tears and she gave me a smile. “Call me if you need anything.”

            I felt like I can’t look at Jake right now. So I just walked inside the room and closed the door after.

            This is not what I want. But for Aimee’s sake I’ll listen to her request. I looked at my hands that are still trembling.

            I am shaking. I need to contain myself so I decided to sit on the floor while leaning on the door. I want to hear what Aimee and Jake will talk about.

            I heard Aimee continue sobbing and they were silent for a while. I sat still and listen to them. I know it’s rude but I can’t help it.

            “I am really sorry Aimee, you know I am. I was devastated when I lost you. I feel so stupid for cheating on you and for hurting it you,” it was Jake’s voice.

            “I know. And I know that you want to make up for what you’ve done. I have already forgiven you, Jake,” it was Aimee and she paused for a while.

            “I know you loved me, and back then, I had loved you too. Whatever that happened, it’s in the past and I’ve let go,” Aimee said.

            “Please give me another chance Aimee. I swear that it won’t happen again. I’ll make up for everything and treat you like before,” Jake said.

            “Jake, listen. You know I’ve loved you and you know you were the first man I’ve ever loved. But like I said, I’ve moved on,” Aimee replied but I still hear her sobs.

            Jake is desperate to win her back but I won’t let it. Just one wrong move and I’ll come rushing over there and they won’t be able to stop me.

            “Aimee, please. I beg you. I was so devastated when I lost you and I’ve almost gone crazy looking for you. Now that I found you, I can’t just let you go.” I heard Jake said.

            “I am sorry Jake. Ours is over so please let go. I have Chase now. I love Chase and I want to spend my remaining time with him.” Aimee said.

            It’s good that she told him what she felt about me. But there’s a line that marked on my head, ‘remaining time’.

            I felt nervous and anxious. I even felt scared as if something bad is going to happen that I don’t know of.

            “Aimee I want to take care of you. I can’t just leave when I’ve already seen you. I want to know what’s happening…” Jake was not able to finish because Aimee interrupted.

            “Don’t you get it Jake? I won’t get back with you. I don’t want to be with you. Chase is enough for me and he’s everything I need now.” Aimee said.

            “But Chase can’t cure you! Come with me, I’ll bring you to our parents. I’ll introduce you to them and I hope they can help.” Jake said.

            Jake said ‘Chase can’t cure you’. I only know that she has insomnia but, does she have anymore sickness?

            “Stop it Jake! No matter what you say I won’t come with you. I am not thinking of any cure or whatsoever! I want to stay with him!” Aimee screamed.

            I froze while I feel confused. The way they are talking now is making it seem like Aimee is very sick and going to die soon.

            “Does Chase know about it?” Jake asked. There was a few seconds of silence after that. “You are not letting him know?” Jake exclaimed.

            “He knows I have insomnia alright, but he doesn’t know how serious it is. He only thinks of it as a normal insomnia.” I heard her say.

            Insomnia? Normal? This is getting more puzzling. So there is a worse case of insomnia that I do not know of?

            “Jake, can you leave for now? Please. I want to think before I talk to you again. I want to talk to Chase.” Aimee said.

            “This came so much of a surprise for me. I know Chase has a brother but you being his brother never came to my mind.” Aimee continued.

            “But Aimee…” he said. “Please. I promise I’ll ask Chase to contact you once I am really ready to talk to you. If you truly love me Jake, please leave for now.” Aimee interrupted.

            “I understand. Please contact me and I’ll meet you immediately. I just want to see you again,” he said.

            I don’t know what’s happening outside anymore. They became silent until I heard the opening and closing of the door.

            I don’t know if I should confront Aimee now. I feel mad and out of control. I want to hit something, I am terribly angry.

            I stood up and walked trying to relax myself. But I saw the mirror and I saw myself. I felt irritated so I went in front of the mirror and hit it.

            It made a very loud breaking noise. I know Aimee heard it so she went inside of the room. Aimee ran to me with tears still running down her eyes.

            “What are you doing?” she asked and pulled my hand from the mirror. I pulled my arms away from her but she still pulled it.

            I feel so insensible that I pulled her to one corner and pushed her on the wall. I was intently looking at her.

            Aimee is looking at me and she won’t stop crying. With my bleeding hand, I hit the wall where she’s leaning to.

            “I knew you were listening. I’m sorry that you have to find out this way,” she said as she covered her face.

            “How bad is it Aimee? Tell that you just made that up. Please, I’ll believe whatever you say.” I pleaded.

            Aimee wiped her tears away but the tears did not stop from flowing. “I am dying Chase. Serena knows about it, but I asked her to keep it hidden from you,” she said

            And now, all the inference came out with a truth. The truth that I don’t want to hear, the truth that I wanted to be a lie.

            The things I noticed about Aimee came passing on my mind. I remembered the times that I didn’t know were important.

That time:

            Mrs. Darlington's hand cupped Aimee's hand. "No darling, I could never forget such a sweet kid like you." Forget. That is weird. "I came here to pick up my things and you should pick up where you left before I came here." Aimee removed Mrs. Darlington's hand from her face. "Please. This will give me peace of mind." she added.

And that time:

            Aimee looked into my eyes as if she is waiting for me to promise. "Promise me you will not ask me to stay." she asked. I got quite shock with what she said.

And that time:

"There are things you don't have to know," she replied. There must be something troubling her that she can't tell me. It must hurt her to the extent she wants to keep it to herself.

And that time:

.           "You don't need a relationship that will tie you down Chase. All you need right now is someone who can be there for you when you are alone. When you feel lonely.”

And that time:

"I was very happy with what happened last night. I never felt good about myself, ever. But I did, last night." her voice started trembling. "And now you're acting like you regret what happened? It's like you're breaking me to pieces, Chase."

And that time:

            "I... I love singing a lot. But I never wanted to be a star." she turns at Serena. "I know you know why. Are you disappointed with me?" she asked.

And that time:

            "Why do you have protect me? Am I a weak little girl in your sight. You think of me as a fragile glass that will easily break? Bad news for you, I am not like that!" she screamed.

            She really got into my nerves and I really feel impatient since she keeps on resisting. I pulled her with my strength and lay her down my bed with one pull.

            "It is never like that! I just don't want to lose you! Don't you understand?" I screamed at Aimee. And with that, she didn't shout back at me.

            Aimee's teary eyes are now wide openly looking at me. I know I look angry and seeing her like that melts my heart. My anger disappeared in an instant.   

            "Don't tell me..." she stopped for a while and it's as if she's about to cry now. "Don't tell me, you're in love with me." she slowly said.

And that time:

            “Chase knows how much you hate me but we can’t get enough of each other that is why he kept this hidden. He doesn’t want you to know about it. Maybe someday we’ll part ways, God knows. But you, you’ll stay with Chase until he grows old,” she said.

And that time:

            “Sorry, I just got curious, that’s all. But why is she stopping you from using sleeping pills? You have insomnia, right?” I asked.

            She stopped for a while and looked at me. “Yeah, she doesn’t want me to use the pills cause they have side effects,” she said.      

            It got me curious so I asked. “What side effects? You look actually pretty good.” I said. She let’s go of the mouse and stood straight.

            “Earlier, you saw me spacing out. It’s one of the side effects of the pill. Hallucination, day dreaming and the sorts are side effects,” she said.

            So that is why. “And Serena knows about this?” I asked. She did not answer at all. “Right?” I asked again.

            She nodded. “I’m sorry for keeping it from you. I just don’t want you to worry,” she said. I feel bad about what she said.

And that time:

            Leila nodded. “Do you still take the sleeping pills?” I heard Leila ask. But instead of answering, I felt Aimee stiffened.

            “Oh, I see, I see,” she said. “Uhm… Chase dear, I hope you don’t mind if I talk to Aimee personally.” Leila said.

And that time:

            “There are still a lot of things about me that you don’t know. Some of the things, I feel like I don’t want you to know,” she paused.

            I felt Aimee release a sigh again. “There are really things that I rather not let you know or maybe, let you know sometime soon,” she said.

            Everything is becoming clearer and clearer now. And now, reality is striking, telling me that I am going to lose Aimee.

            I felt like I lost my strength so I fell down my feet. I feel really bad. And now, I’m feeling numb. I can’t even feel a single pain on my bleeding hand.

            I must get a grip or I’ll really fall to pieces.

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