She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


13. She's Eccentric Chapter 12

Chapter 12

            It is another music class and we are practicing for our dance. It was Lyn and Charles who’s making the dance steps.

            I looked at Aimee who’s trying the moves that Lyn and Charles taught. Aimee really has some moves. I wonder what she can’t actually do.

            I saw Aimee made a mistake and Charles ran over to teach her. Yeah, I know Charles likes Aimee. He’s even defending her from Raiza last time.

            These past few days have been good since Aimee is now talking to Rhea. They shared stories and different stuffs. They would even tease me sometimes.

            Rhea’s girl friends are not bullying Aimee anymore and I don’t hear them talk about bad things regarding Aimee.

            Aimee also talks to me in school now, but still, not the way we talk at home. She will only talk to me if she needs something or if she’s going to ask something.

            Most of the time, Aimee will approach Serena, and if Serena can’t help, she asks Rhea. They had become pretty close now.

            Back to Aimee, she started dancing again and I just stood staring at how she moves. I can’t get enough of looking at her.

            We are wearing our Physical Education uniform right now. Since the shirt is very thin, I asked Aimee to wear a shirt inside.

            Last time she did not wear an extra shirt, we saw through her uniform and I don’t want that to happen again.

            Anyway, back to our practice. Lyn is teaching me and the others about the steps and we followed what she taught us.

            Not to mention, I’m quite skilled at dancing. Not as good as the Jabbawockeez  but I still have the moves.

            “Not like that Raiza! You are too stiff!” Lyn said while correcting Raiza. Raiza tried it for the second time but Lyn just rolled her eyes.

            Lyn repeats the steps to show Raiza. “I still don’t get what’s difficult with this simple move.” Lyn said. She looks a bit pissed now.

            I take a look at Aimee and she’s still following what Charles is teaching her. I don’t want to admit it but I feel jealous.

            I went towards the two of them and interrupted. “Mind if I join you two?” I asked. The two stopped from moving and looked at me.

            Charles looked at Aimee then looked back at me. “I guess it’s okay. But I am actually focusing on Charmagne so she can get the steps easier.” He said.

            “Well, I think Raiza needs more helping than Charmagne.” I pointed at Raiza who’s having a hard time with the steps.

            Charles also looked at Raiza but ignored. “Well, Lyn is there to teach her anyway. She can handle Raiza,” he said.

            He just don’t want to leave Aimee, that’s a fact that I hate. I looked at Aimee, showing her I am not happy seeing the two of them.

            Aimee got the message and talked to Charles. “I’m fine Charles. I’m good. Maybe you can go to the others because I can really keep up with our dance,” she said while smiling at him.

            Charles nodded. Serves you right! “Okay. Just tell me if you need anything and I’ll come rushing over to help,” he said before he left us.

            I followed Charles go with my eyes. Then, I looked at Aimee. “He is hitting on you. I know that you know.” I said.

            Well, I know that she knows. Most of the time, Aimee can read what you’re feeling by just looking in your eyes. I even thought she’s a psychic before.

            Aimee stayed relaxed. “He’s trying to be nice to me to get points, I know. I actually like him,” she said.

            What she said made my eyebrow furrow. She just laughed with my reaction. “I like him alright, but not the way I like you my darling Chase,” she said in a confident way.

            It made me feel better. But why do I have the feeling that she’s teasing me. Anyway, I can’t show people I am jealous.

            That is really something bad, I can’t get jealous because Aimee is not my girlfriend. It’s a shame she never gets jealous, not even with Rhea.

            “You don’t have to be jealous with anyone. You are more than enough for me,” what she just said made my heart jump with joy.

            “I won’t consider any other guy no matter what they do. All I want is you so, get a grip. Okay?” she said.

            Why am I so inebriated with this girl. I’m like a fish in a hook, no matter what I do, I can’t detach myself from her.

            We finished our practice and it’s almost lunch time. We waited for Serena before we go to the pantry.

            We were supposed to be joined by Rhea but her friends are demanding to eat with her today, so she wasn’t be able to join us.

            The music room is at the third floor of our school building and the pantry is at the ground so we have to use the stairs to get there.

            We were about to go down when I noticed Aimee spacing out. She’s just walking but it’s as if she can’t see anything. She’s looking straight ahead.

            I called her, “Aimee.” But she continues to walk as if she can’t hear me. I repeated calling her but there is still no response. She went ahead of us.

            Serena called for her too. “Aimee! Hey!” But Aimee just walked and walked. If she don’t stop, she’s gonna fall off the stairs.

            I have no choice but to grab her. After I pulled her, she snaps. “Chase?” she asked as if she doesn’t know what’s going on.

            “You almost fell. Why are you spacing out?” I asked. Aimee is really a weird girl. But what shocked me was Serena’s reaction after Aimee snapped.

            “Aimee!” she cried out as she run towards Aimee. “Are you okay? Let’s go to the clinic. Do you feel anything?” she asked.

            Serena is over reacting. She acts as if Aimee fell and rolled on the stairs already. Her reaction is funny but I know she just cares for Aimee.

            “I am okay. It’s fine Rena. I am really fine.” Aimee said. She seems really fine but she looks a bit pale. Maybe she was shaken.

            “No! You are not okay! We are going to the clinic!” Serena said while trying to pull Aimee towards the clinic.

            Aimee resists and did not let Serena pull her. “I said I’m okay Rena, please,” she pleaded while trying to remove Serena’s hand from her.

            Serena won’t let her go. “No! We are going to the clinic. You are not okay!” she screamed and still tried to pull Aimee.

            “Stop!” I interrupted while I remove Serena’s hand off Aimee. “She said she’s okay so there’s no need…” I wasn’t able to finish since Serena got upset.

            “Don’t act as if you know everything. You know nothing!” Serena glared at me then walk out. It was the first time she acted like that.

            I turned to Aimee. “What’s wrong with your friend? That’s really weird.” I said. Aimee just smiled at me.

            “Maybe she just had a bad day. She tends to be over caring of me like Rhea cares for you.” Aimee said.

            Maybe. But Rhea never acts like that because of a simple things. Rhea is a very reasonable person and she’s understanding.

            So, only Aimee and I ate together at lunch. We saw a couple of other students looking at us. They must be speculating that we are going out.

            The truth is, I don’t mind if they think we’re dating. Ever since Aimee came into my life, I have forgotten how to care about my reputation.

            I don’t care if they think that I am hanging out with Aimee because I am attracted to her (mainly because she’s sexy).

            Screw whatever they think. That’s bullshit. I don’t give a damn of whatever that is running on their head.

            What’s important is that I am with Aimee, and that is making me happy. And I am making her happy. We are happy.

            Later on, we stayed a couple of hours after school. Aimee spoke to Serena about what happened earlier.

            It was a private talk that Aimee left me outside. I’ve waited for her outside of the school building. I was standing there when Arvin passed over me.

            He approached me and stand beside me. “You know. I don’t understand how irrational girls are sometimes.” I said.

            “Is it Aimee? Or is it Rena this time?” he asked. Maybe Serena already told him what happened earlier.

            I looked at him estimating if I should tell him. I am still not sure if he knows what happened. “Yeah, it was your girlfriend.” I said.

            “You know what? Serena, she told me that if… If I mess with Aimee, she’s gonna leave me,” he said.

            That really shocked me. “She said that?” I exclaimed. I didn’t really expect that she cares for Aimee that much.

            “Yeah,” he paused and looks at me. “I don’t like Aimee the way I like her before. But I am still attracted to her,” he frankly said.

            It made me look at him. “I don’t know if you are supposed to tell me that. You know what’s going on with us.” I said.

            Arvin leaned on the wall. “I know. That is why I want you to know what’s going on with us,” he said.

            One thing is for sure. Arvin trusts me that is why he is telling me this. I know he’s not snatching Aimee away from me.

            “I am attracted to Aimee but the one I love is Rena. She knows that, but you know what, she told me that it’s normal to be attracted to Aimee,” he said.

            “I mean, she’s pretty and sexy and all. All physical things you want on a girl is in her so she is attractive. Rena is not like her, but only Rena can make this” he pointed at his heart, “beat faster,” he said.

            I laughed at the last thing he said. “The way you’re lusting with my girl should make me want to punch you now, but it’s funny how you look like a crazy-in-love dude.” I said.

            He laughed with what I said. “But anyway, you should trust Rena. If she ever acts weird for no reason, it’s only because she cares about Aimee a lot,” he said.

            The last thing he said made me smile. “I honestly know that. That is why I like your girlfriend too. We’re even.” I said.

            Arvin laughed and gave me a high five. It’s really nice to have good friends. Even though I know he likes Aimee, I am not bothered at all.

            Arvin is not the two timing type. He takes relationships seriously and it looks like he’s really head over heels in love with Serena.

            And he is right, Aimee got everything that a guy is looking for, so I cannot stop them from liking her.

            After a few minutes more, Aimee and Serena already went out. They were even holding hands while walking towards us.

            “Whoa! What is that?” I pointed at their hands. They looked at it and then laughed. I think they are really okay now.

            They parted and Aimee went towards me. “Let’s go. A girl might get overly dramatic and cry a river now so let’s get going.” Aimee said as she teased Serena.

            Serena pinched Aimee’s waist. “Hey! That was uncalled for!” she cried out in between her laughs.

            Aimee smiled the sincerest smile I saw. “Thank you Serena. I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life, I swear.” Aimee said.

            I interrupted. “Hey! You look like you are on your wedding.” I teased them and the two of them giggled.

            It is now Arvin’s turn to interrupt. “How about after life? ‘Cause I’ll still love her after death. Beat that.” Arvin said.

            The two girls stopped laughing and Serena hit Arvin. “Don’t joke about something like that. The next time you say something like that, I’ll send you straight to hell.” Serena said.

            Aimee laughed because of that. Sometimes I don’t really get what is funny and what is not. Seem’s like they have a different sense of humor than I have.

            Well, we went home after that amazing reconciliation between Aimee and Serena. It’s good a thing that they fixed it quickly because I don’t want to see Aimee sad.

            After we got home and changed our clothes, I opened my computer to play LoL. It’s taking a long time to log in and it’s a bit anoying.

            “Chase, can I borrow your PC for a sec.” Aimee said. I looked at her and she’s already at my back.

            “I just need to check out my mail box. I am expecting a reply from Leila,” she said. It must be something important.

            “Sure,” I said as I stood up from the chair. “Thanks!” she said and immediately sit in front of the computer.

            I have nothing to do so I grabbed my guitar. I better practice my fingers since I’ll be accompanying Aimee on one of her performance for the upcoming Christmas Vacation Party.

            At first I only strummed some chords without really playing any song. I am still thinking what to play.

            And then I remembered this one cute song. I strummed the intro and I sang it a bit loud so that Aimee can hear it. The title of the song is “By Chance” by J.R.A.

Hi, Girl you just caught my eye

Thought I should give it a try and get your name and your number

Go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers

Why, did I say that? I don’t know why

But your smiling and it’s something I like

On your face, yeah it suits you

Girl we connect like we have bluetooth

I don’t know why I’m drawn to you

Could you be the other one so we’d equal two

And this is all based on a lucky chance

That you would rather add than subtract


You and I could be like Sonny and Cher

Honey and Bears, yeah

You and I could be like Aladdin and Jasmine

Let’s make it happen

            I know Aimee is listening because she stopped what she’s doing and turn to look at me. She gave me a smile. “You are so sweet,” she said then continues what she’s doing.

Hey, How’ve you been I know that It’s been a while

Are you tired ‘cause you’ve been on my mind

Running thousands and thousands of mile

Sorry I know that the line’s out of style

But you, you look so beautiful on this starry night

Lovin’ the way the moonlight catches your eyes

When you smile, I’m captivated

Your beauty is timeless, never outdated

            I continued playing some more songs like “Empty” by The Click Five and “Falling Slowly” by Kris Allen.

            “You know what Chase, We can do a duet for that Falling Slowly. I know we are gonna do good If we do a duet,” She said.

            I stopped playing. “I sing at parties, solo. But I’ve never sang in duets before. Besides, you are gonna intimidate me.” I said.

            “I won’t! Come on Chase. You are going to do me a very huge favor if we sing in duet. It would be awesome,” she said.

            “Hmmm… Ill try to think about it.” I said. I’m only a normal guy who has a bit of a voice but I am nothing compared to Aimee.

            “You don’t have time to think about it Chase. And remember, you said you’ll do everything I want. And I want to sing with you at the party,” she said not even looking at me.

            She really knows how to manipulate me. I just can’t say no to her. But when I think about it, it must be great performing with her.

            I am now staring at her back. She’s still very pretty even if it’s only her back that I can see. Uh! I thought the idea of being romantic is not welcome to me anymore.

            Aimee stood up from the chair. “I’m done. You can use it now. Thanks,” she said as she went out of the room.

            I stood up and put my guitar in place. I think I should also check my mail. Mom or Dad might left me a message or something.

            When I sat down in front of my computer, I noticed Aimee’s mail has not yet been logged out. “Aimee, you left your mail logged in!” I shouted.

            I didn’t hear any response. She must be at the toilet and unable to hear me. Well, I’m just gonna log it out.

            But before I log it out, a message made me curious. It says, “It’s been a while.” It is a message sent to her. Out of curiousity, I clicked it.



Subject: “Re: It’s been a while”

            Thanks for remembering to inform me about your current condition. I am really worried after I heard that you left Marisse’s care. I regret sending you off to her, I never thought this could happen. But it’s great that you found a shelter. I just hope that you’re okay there. And don’t drink sleeping pills, okay? I already forbid you to take them.

            Therese is now seven and she wants to see you. I’m hoping that you can go here, let’s say, about next Saturday? You can sleep over and go home on Sunday. I want to meet your friend who’s keeping you right now and I hope he can come along.

            Kitty, I need to see you. I am deeply worried because I know you can make up a story that you’re fine even if you’re not. I want to make sure by seeing you.

            And please take care always. I’m missing you so much now. Don’t skip a meal. I’ve already sent some money so just get it from your bank account. Don’t hesitate to use it as you like, it is yours.

Love and Care,


            That was quite a mail. But I don’t understand why she would forbid Aimee from using sleeping pills. I thought it’s actually quite useful.

            “What’s that?” Aimee said as she went towards me. I was surprised so I was not able to close the mail.

            She caught me reading her mail. “Hey! Why are you reading my mail?” she said. She took the mouse off me and closed her mail.

            “Sorry, I just got curious, that’s all. But why is she stopping you from using sleeping pills? You have insomnia, right?” I asked.

            She stopped for a while and looked at me. “Yeah, she dosn’t want me to use the pills cause they have side effects,” she said.      

            It got me curious so I asked. “What side effects? You look actually pretty good.” I said. She let’s go of the mouse and stood straight.

            “Earlier, you saw me spacing out. It’s one of the side effects of the pill. Hallucination, day dreaming and the sorts are side effects,” she said.

            So that is why. “And Serena knows about this?” I asked. She did not answer at all. “Right?” I asked again.

            She nodded. “I’m sorry for keeping it from you. I just don’t want you to worry,” she said. I feel bad about what she said.

            But she looks sad. I think she really feels sorry for not telling me. She did it for a reason and I know that’s not a selfish act.

            I stood up and pulled her close to me. “I understand. I would’ve acted worse than Serena if I had known it sooner.” I said. “But I think you should stop taking that pills.”

            She gave me a nod. “Yeah. And thank you for understanding Chase,” she said as she gave me an embrace.

            I saw my guitar and got some idea on my head. “Wanna practice for our performance, my lady?” I asked.

            Her frown turned into a wide smile. Her eyes are smiling too. “Really? Youre gonna sing with me?” she asked.

            I nodded and she gave me an embrace. “That’s great Chase! You just made me so happy!” she said and gave me a kiss.

            “That kiss is enough for a thanks.” I said. I pulled away from her and took the guitar. And then I sat on the floor.

            I played the intro of “Falling Slowly”. “So, are you sure it’s Falling Slowly that you want to sing with me?” I asked.

            Aimee sat in front of me in an ‘indian’ sit. “Yep. One hundred and one percent sure. I love that song,” she replied.

            I continued playing the song until I remember the mail from Aimee’s aunt. “Oh, and by the way. Let’s go to your aunt next Saturday.” I said.

            Aimee just looked at me, she’s speechless. I stopped playing and looked at her to know if there is any problem.

            “Are you serious… that you want to go there with me?” I heard her ask. I gave her a confident smile.

            “I want to meet your family. And I want to show your Aunt how much I care for you so she should not worry.” I said.

            Aimee became speechless again. She’s just looking at me. I don’t know if it’s just me or I really see love in her eyes.

            I removed the thought from my mind. It’s not good to keep my hopes up if I am not sure. But I want her to love me.

            Aimee touched my hand and smiled. “Yeah. Let me introduce you to Leila. She will like you,” she said.

            “I’m not interested in older woman so she won’t have a chance on me.” I joked pretending I got it the wrong way.

            I didn’t fail with that gag since I made Aimee laughed. We’re back to the ambience earlier. It’s a lighter shade of blue now.

            So Aimee and I practiced the song and sang other songs too. It was fun and it feels good to be singing with her. I can’t wait for the Christmas Vacation Party, I hope it comes in a blink of an eye.

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