She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


11. She's Eccentric Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Little girl, little girl, quietly sleeping,

Seeing you like that, keeps my heart beating.

Every cry, every smile, that you show and express,

Stops me from breathing, what a distress.

Close your eyes, open it wide, it doesn't really matter,

When those lips start to move, all I do is stutter.

So little girl, little girl, don't you dare leave me.

I need you in my life, 'cause only can you complete me.

            What a jerk am I? I am starting to be all imaginative. Now I can make a poem just by looking at this girl sleeping beside me.

            Aimee looks like an angel sleeping. Her hair is thrown like crazy but it doesn't make her less beautiful.

            I slowly moved some of her hair strands away from her face. Her lips is a bit parted and it's like they are inviting me to kiss her.

            I hesitated for a while if I will kiss her or not. In the end I decided to give her a kiss. It's just a kiss anyway and she's sleeping.

            Aimee doesn't have to know and I'll make sure she will not know. So I slowly moved my face towards her. And just when I was about to reach her lips...

            "You know Chase if you wanted to kiss me then just do so," Aimee said with her eyes still closed.

            It took me by surprise. This is just unbelievable. "How come you are always awake even if you look like you are sleeping." I said.

            Aimee opened her eyes and leaned on the headboard. "Well. I already told you about my insomnia, right?" she said.

            I nodded as a response. "Yeah. But, you're already taking sleeping pills, right? Why aren't you asleep yet?" I asked hoping I can cover for what I almost did.

            "Oh! The sleeping pills. It takes some time before I can feel the effect so I am still awake." she said. Darn! I should've known better.

            "Okay, then maybe we can go ahead and try to get some sleep now. It's really late." I said as I lay down and turned my back on her.

            "But I still don't understand Chase. You try to kiss me when you think I'm asleep, but when you know I'm awake, you're staying as far as possible." I heard her say. Her voice is very low and gentle.

            "I told you about it Aimee." I said not really knowing what to say to her. How should I defend myself when I am caught in the act.

            I felt Aimee's hand touched my shoulder. "What difference does it make whether I am awake or asleep? I don't get it Chase." she said.

            I stayed silent since I'm really cornered by her question. I don't even know the answer to her question. I am as confused as she is.

            She gently tried to pull my arms causing me to face her. "Look at me Chase, please." she pleaded with her voice still low.

            I complied with what she want. I turned and face her. She is sitting on the bed while I am lying down facing her with my right arm flat on the bed.

            "Please, Chase. I really wanted to talk. I want to know what's going on. Why are you still acting like I don't have any effect on you?" she asked.

            "You know you do." I said. "Yeah I know I do, but you are acting like I am some sort of plague when I am awake. What's up with that?" she asked.

            Again, I ran out of words to say. I looked at her worried face. I can't tell her how I feel about her. Not yet.

            "Do you want me to pretend that I am sleeping when you're about to kiss me? Tell me Chase, do I have to act like that?"

            I sit up and hold Aimee's hand. She's seriously looking at me. Maybe I should say it in my own words and in a different term.

            "Okay. I am gonna tell you about it. though I am not sure you will understand at all. " I said hoping that she's going to get it in one go.

            "I'm all ears Chase. I'll try to understand anything, everything you are going to tell me." she said in response.

            "Okay, It's like this. If I kiss you when you're sleeping, it's like I am kissing my crush or something. It's different when we're kissing because, if we're kissing, I can't... I mean..." darn. Here it goes, I can't say it anymore.

            "Chase, Chase! Listen to me!" she cupped my face in an instant. "It's alright. You can tell me everything. I won't judge you. I will understand." she said.

            I sighed. Maybe I should try to talk to her like how I talk to Arvin. No inhibitions or whatsoever.

            "Right." I said and tried to be frank even though I stop speaking every now and then. "If I kiss you when you're sleeping, it's like I am just kissing my crush but if we're kissing..."

            I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. "I'm thinking of different things..." I stopped for a while trying to calm myself from being anxious. "to do to you." I finally said it.

            Aimee's expression stayed the same. She was not shock at all. "Do I look like I'm bothered about it? Chase, for crying out loud we are living in the same roof!" she said with her voice starting to rise up.

            "You've always told me you're not bothered about it but it bothers me. It's crazy, I know, but that's how it is." I said.

            In an instant, I saw tears started to build up on her eyes. I moved closer to wipe the tears and stop them from falling but she pushed me.

            "I am not going to cry. I am just confused, furious, exasperated! You are just making me feel like I'm not wanted!" she screamed.

            Aimee pulled away and went of the bed. I immediately came after her and pulled her back. I am starting to be annoyed at some point that my voice are rising too.

            "Look! It is not like you are not wanted! I am just protecting you!" I screamed at her without knowing. She's trying to get away from me so I held her arms tighter.

            "Why do you have protect me? Am I a weak little girl in your sight. You think of me as a fragile glass that will easily break? Bad news for you, I am not like that!" she screamed.

            She really got into my nerves and I really feel impatient since she keeps on resisting. I pulled her with my strength and lay her down my bed with one pull.

            "It is never like that! I just don't want to lose you! Don't you understand?" I screamed at Aimee. And with that, she didn't shout back at me.

            Aimee's teary eyes are now wide openly looking at me. I know I look angry and seeing her like that melts my heart. My anger disappeared in an instant.   

            "Don't tell me..." she stopped for a while and it's as if she's about to cry now. "Don't tell me, you're in love with me." she slowly said.

            In an instant, I feel numb. I feel as if lightning has struck me a thousand times. It's like I am breaking.

            Don't tell her I love her... It's like she's telling me never to tell her how I really feel. That is why she will never understand.

            I need to get out of here and cool my head. I am going to go crazy if I stay another minute in here. I pulled away from Aimee and took my jeans that is hanging on the clothes pin and wore it.

            Even though Aimee is at my back, I know she stood up. "Where are you going Chase?" she said with her voice trembling.

            I badly needed to think so I ignored her and reached for my shirt and wore it. I immediately went out.

            "Chase!" I heard her shout my name before I slam the door close. I walked and walked and walked without going anywhere.

            I found myself in a playground where Rhea and I used to play. I sat at a swing and slowly swing myself.

            I wanted to cry. But I shouldn't. I just feel so badly hurt. It is like I am turned down even though I haven't told her my feelings.

            I am so down and I needed someone to talk to. Good thing my phone is in my jeans' pocket. I dialed Arvin's number but it's busy. He must be speaking with Serena at this hour.

            I saw Rhea's number. I remember her and remembered how she cares for me. She had never let me down so I dialed her number.

            Her phone just keeps on ringing. So I called again and she answered. "Damn Chase! Do you know what time it is? It's freaking eleven in the evening!" she shouted.

            "Well, I badly need to talk to someone. I am here at the playground where we used to go when we were little." I said.

            "Gosh Chase! Oh well, just wait for me. I am just going to change my clothes and go there straight away. Don't go anywhere." she said and then hung up.

            Ever reliable Rhea. If I fell in love with her then my life would be much easier. It's just so bad that I really think of her as a dear friend.

            While I am waiting for Rhea, I saw a vending machine. So, I checked If I have some coins in my pocket. Luckily, I have my wallet at the back pocket.

            I inserted some cash on the vending machine to get a beer in can. I badly need a drink. I drank it as if it's water and bought another one after I've finished.

            I continued doing that until Rhea arrives. I actually finished seven cans and on my eighth when Rhea arrived.

            "Why the heck are you drinking!" Rhea grabbed the one I am holding. I grabbed it back from her even though I feel tipsy.

            Rhea grabbed it on my hand again and this time I wasn't able to get it back since she turned it upside down.

            Rhea looks so disappointed with me now. "You drank all of those alone?" Rhea asked while pointing to the can of beers.

            I nodded and it made me feel more drunk. I feel the worlds rotation now. "Because it took you too long to be here. If you came here earlier I wouldn't have drank that much." I said while putting the blame on her.

            Rhea knelt in front of me. "Tell me you're problem. Spit it out now before I change my mind and leave you here." she said.

            "I am not that drunk yet to tell you the story. If you replace the can I am drinking earlier then I'll tell you." I said even though I have no intention to tell her.

            "That is a deal Chase! Just one more can. And your money." she reached my wallet and get another can of beer. She handed over the beer in can and that is the last thing I can remember.

            I woke up the next day and my head hurts like hell. It's as if it's being grinded with mortar and pestle.

            I sit up with a hope that the pain will go away, but it didn't. What made the pain reduce is the fact that I am not in my room, not even in my house.

            But the place seem somewhat familiar so I stood up. The room was clean and I feel like I've already slept here a couple of times.

            Maybe I can think about it later. I need to get out and grab some water because I feel really thirsty. I grabbed the door knob and open it.

            I almost fall on my butt when someone bumped into me. I opened my eyes to see who it is and to say sorry too.

            "Oh Chase! I'm so sorry, are you hurt?" I heard a girl's voice said. I put my head up to see who it is. It was Rhea.

            Oh Jeez! What exactly happened last night? "I'm fine. Don't worry. But I need a glass of water if you don't mind." I asked.

            She nodded. "Oh sure!" she ran quickly. I sat at the bed still holding my head. It still hurts and I really hope Rhea could bring the water now.

            "Oh! My Baby, you shouldn't have been like that because of a girl." I heard a voice said. What stopped me is what she actually said.

            The girl who owns the voice who said that was Rhea's sister, Reila. We often call her Rei when we were kids. She's three years older than us.

            Rei sat beside me and embraced me. She has always been like this to me and I am really used to it. "My baby don't go here anymore. Don't you miss me?" she said as she embrace me tighter.

            I laughed at what she did. It's just that I don't go to their place recently. "Stop molesting him Rei." I heard Rhea said with a glass of water in her hand.

            Rei pulled away from me but embraced my arm instead. I took the glass of water from Rhea. "Thank you." I told her.

            So, I drank the cold water and it just felt so good and refreshing. After I finished the glass of water I handed it over to Rhea.

            Oh! My Baby, you shouldn't have been like that because of a girl.

            I remembered what Rei mentioned earlier. "What exactly did I tell you last night?" I curiously asked Rhea.

            Rhea hesitated for a while and then handed me over my phone. I took the phone, confused. I feel nervous of seeing her holding my phone.

            "You said..." she stopped for a while as if she's wavering to tell me. "You said you got turned down by Aimee. The girl you love." she slowly said.

            Oh shoot! I told her about my feelings for Aimee. I am so done for. This is not good, I shouldn't have gone myself drank.

            "You know what Chase, whoever that girl is, she doesn't know what she's losing." she said. Instantly, reality struck me. She doesn't know that Aimee is Charmagne. Thank Goodness!

            "And I'll always be here baby. I am all yours." Rei teased with a flirty tone. She never fails to annoy Rhea.

            Rhea pulled Rei away from me. "Stop flirting with him and don't you ever call him baby!" Rhea screamed at Rei.

            Rei raised her hands up as a sign of defeat. "Fine, fine! I am out of here. Call me, Chase, okay?" she said before she went out. Rhea glared at her.

            This scene is so familiar. Rei will pretend as if she's flirting with me and Rhea will pull her away from me. I kinda missed these two girls.

            Suddenly, an older woman came into the room. "Oh Chase! What happened? Are you alright?" Rhea's mother asked. Her name is Relena. They are actually a triple "R", Relena, Reila, and Rhea.

            I nodded. "I'm alright. Sorry for the trouble, I think I overdid drinking last night and it's not gonna happen again." I apologized.

            Relena tapped my arms. "What if Rhea is not there, what could've happened to you?" she said while rubbing my back. "That is why I told you before that you can stay here instead of staying alone in your house."

            "Thanks for your concern but I'm really alright. I swear it's not gonna happen again. Swear!" I put my right hand up to show my sincerity.           

            She nodded. "You better be sure because I am going to cover for this time. The next time I see you like this, I am gonna ask your mom to bring you with them." she said as if she's lecturing me.

            "Mom stop it. He already said it's not gonna happen again. I'm gonna watch him from now on." Rhea interrupted.

            "It's fine." I said facing Rhea and then I faced Relena. She always insisted that I call her Relena. "I understand. And thank you so much." I said.

            Relena gave me a nod. "That's good. Oh! You better eat lunch with us. I'm sure you miss home cooked food." she said.

            You have no idea. "No, I've got to go ahead. I have an appointment with my coach at the gym. I am already running late." I excused myself.

            "Gym? You were drunk then you're going to the gym? Are you killing yourself?" Relena asked and Rhea seems worried as well.

            I stood up to show I am already okay. "No, I'm fine. I badly need to go. I'm really sorry." I said while I exchange look at Relena and Rhea.

            Rhea looked at her mom. "If he has to go then he has to go. He'll just come here some other time. Right Chase?" Rhea asked me and I gave her a nod.

            "Well if that's the case then you can go. But at least bring some sandwiches with you. I made lots this morning." Relena said.

            "Thanks. That would be nice." I replied. Their family is really nice to me even when we were little. They deeply cared for me.

            When we we're kids, Rhea and I are really close. We never cared about our gender, we would just hang out and play.

            My parents are always working so hard so they would sometimes leave Traise and I on Relena's care and it's okay with them.

            When Traise got sick, my parents always stayed at the hospital, they don't usually go home and I am not allowed to go to the hospital so they left me with Relena. Jake was a different story since he stayed with his dad, he only visits us if it's vacation.

            I am really thankful to their family, that is why no matter what happens, I am not gonna hurt Rhea. I may not be truly in love with her, but I still love their family in a different way.

            Right after Relena gave me sandwiches, I went on ahead. I'm still not sure how to face Aimee and what to say to her.

            I think I'll just go home, take some stuffs and go to the gym. I don't want to talk to her yet. Not until I figure out what to say to her.

            So I went home but when I arrived, I forgot that I don't have the key so I knocked. After a couple of seconds Aimee opened the door.

            She looks worried. "Where did you go?" she asked. I went inside and ignored her as If I didn't hear her. I went straight to the room and pack my gym stuff. I'll just take a bath at the gym.

            Aimee followed me to the room. "Where are you going?" she asked. She sound as if she's really worried.

            "I'll go to the gym. I'm really late now and I have an appointment with the gym coach." I lied. The same lie I told Relena.

            "Have you eaten?" she asked. "Yeah, and I have sandwiches." I swiftly answered. I brought my bag to the living room and wore shoes.

            "Where did you get those? Where did you go Chase? I was really worried. " she said. "We need to talk."

             I stood up after I finish wearing my shoes. "We'll talk later when I get back. I'm in a rush now." I said as I go ahead.

            She doesn't know how much it pains me not to talk to her properly. But I am still upset and I'm scared of what might happen.

            Yes. I am upset and I'm scared that I might do something bad. I'm scared to screw up and totally lose her.

            I need to stop thinking for a while or I'll go crazy. I took my phone and the earphone and plugged it to my hear. I listened to a random song. The random song that played just made me hate the world. It is "Temporary Bliss" by The Cab.

I come over quarter past two

Love in my eyes blinded by you

Just to get a taste of heaven I'm on my knees

I can't help it I'm addicted

But I can't stand the pain inflicted

In the morning you're not holding on to me

Tell me what's the point of doing this every night

What you're giving me is nothing but a heart

It's a lullaby gonna kill my dreams, oh

This is the last time baby make up your mind

            Hear comes the chorus that made me really hate what's happening with my life now. How can a song just go with what I feel?

'Cause I can't keep sleeping in your bed

If you keep messing with my head

Before I slip under your sheets

Can you give me something, please?

I can't keep touching you like this

If it's just temporary bliss

Just temporary bliss.

            This is really crazy now. I want to sing this song in front of Aimee. But what will that make of me? It's like I'm asking her to love me before I sleep with her. Darn!

.We were on fire, now we're frozen

There's no desire nothing spoken

You're just playing I keep waiting for your heart

I am fiending for the sunshine

To show our love in a good light

Give me a reason I am pleading to the stars

            Maybe I should stop listening to this song. I want to listen to some songs because I will go nuts if I don't. But If I continue listening to this, I might burst into tears in the middle of the streets so I pressed the next button. The next song is "Two is better than one" by Taylor Swift and Boys like girls.

            I continued playing the songs on my phone until I reached the gym. When I got there, I took a bath first before I started.

            If I am about to go crazy earlier, now I am about to die. I haven't eaten a meal and here I am carrying something heavy in my arms.

            I should condition myself before I go home. I can't avoid Aimee forever and I think it's time to fix whatever misunderstanding we have.

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