She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


2. She's Eccentric Chapter 1

Chapter I


            It is cold. Very cold evening. I gaze at the window and I can see that it is starting to rain. I get up my feet to look outside. It is very dark. Darkness is devouring the world outside, there is only a dim light from the light post.


            I look at the clock and it is half past seven. It is very dark already for this time. And, I have nothing to do.


Whenever it rains, I want to lie down my queen size bed. How I wish I could share it with someone. Share it with who? I don’t even have a girlfriend. Well at the moment, I don’t have.


            The last time I had one was about a year ago, and her name is Jenna. She’s such a pretty girl but has an attitude problem. She’s too possessive, and those kind of relationships are not welcome for me.


Yes, I love my freedom more than anything. That is why I am living alone unlike normal teenagers. My parents are working abroad and I really thank them for being that way. Call it practicality.


And unlike normal teenagers, I’m not longing for my parents. Longing for someone, anyone, is not a welcome idea. I like living alone.



I don’t like anyone telling me what to do, or what not to. That’s how I am, plain and simple. I want everything in place and where I want them to be.


            It’s starting to be really cold now so I stood up next to my closet. I opened the first drawer inside hoping to find a sock for my cold feet. I hate this. Whenever my feet turn cold, my stomach grumbles.


            The first drawer does not have what I’m looking for so I had to check the other drawers. I opened the second one and saw a few handkerchiefs. Not what I’m looking for. I closed the second drawer to open the third one. Inside the drawer are pictures.


            Definitely not what I’m looking for. But I grabbed the pictures and I look at the one in front. I closed the drawer and the closet then sat on my bed. I covered my cold feet with a bonnet I saw on my bedside table.


            Still holding the pictures, I saw a pretty face. In the picture I’m looking at now, I can see a girl smiling. What a very innocent smile. She has a long black hair. She has a fringe of hair cut short across her forehead which is pinned on the right side of her hair.


            She looks very nice and lovely, petite, gentle and shy. That is what she is, a shy girl. I flipped the picture down so I can see the next picture. Now there is a picture of her, beside me. My left arm on her left shoulder and her right arm on the right side of my waist. I can still remember this day.


            The girl on the picture is Diane, my first girlfriend. No one ever thought that such a nice girl like her can be a real bitch. Is this bitterness? Well, whatever it is, the feeling is not welcome.


            Aside from that bad feeling I also felt happy. Seeing the fourteen year old me with a military cut hair. I look really weird in this picture. Such a shame I ever had that haircut, I’m never gonna have that kind of haircut again, ever.


            So again, I flipped the picture to see the next one. Oh! Jenna. She was my last girlfriend. Unlike Diane, Jenna is a bit outspoken, unreserved. At first I thought that is very good of her, but when I figure out how that trait can go bad, I broke up with her.


            There are still some pictures but I rather not see them today. Memories, the coldness of the evening, and the darkness outside makes me feel somewhat, lonely.


            I collected the pictures and brought them back to where they originally were. I remembered that I was actually looking for socks. Darn pictures.


            I lie down on my bed again and cover my whole body with my blanket. Uh! This is not enough. Maybe I could grab a coffee and noodles to warm me up a bit. But I feel really lazy right now.


            I hate it when it rains. I feel so down and gloomy for no reason at all. If only someone could embrace me, it might warm me up. Or maybe more than that.


            Maybe some loud music can stop this melancholy thoughts from coming. I stood up and drive in the plug of the dvd to the outlet. I turned it on then seek for my favorite cd. The Cab. This band rocks, no shit.


            I put on the disc in my dvd and wait for it to play. This kind of music just makes me alive. I never once hesitated buying this Symphony Soldier album. The songs are the best.


            I sat down the floor, then grab my guitar. Playing my guitar while the songs are playing is just awesome.


            I was suddenly stopped by a knock on my door. Who might it be? I lowered down the volume of the amplifier and put my guitar back in place.


            I went out to the living room and open the door to see Mrs. Laydon standing outside. I know what she’s here for.


            “Hi Mrs. Laydon,” I smiled at her. She smiled at me as well. She handed me over a pile of clothing.

            “Here are your clothes you asked me to wash. Just tell me if you have more, okay?” She replied.

            “Sure, and thanks I guess.” She smiled again and turned away.


            She is the one who is taking care of my laundry, since I cannot do that myself. And of course I pay her for the service. She is a mother of two, a single mother. I remembered that she told me her husband died so she’s working hard to cover for her children.


            What a lovely mom for her kids. But she’s only twenty nine, she looks older than her age. Maybe because of too much work. Well, I closed the door and put my clothes on the closet.


            It is such a boring Sunday. I lie back to bed and felt that I’m starting to fall asleep. Darn this rain.


            I woke up next morning because of the sound of my alarm. I stretch my arms to reach it and turn it off. Oh well, it’s Monday.


            I stood up and took an instant noodle at the top of my fridge. Another day with noodles, maybe I should get a housekeeper to cook for me. I plugged the electronic thermos or whatever it’s called to heat the water.


            It would have been better If someone can do this for me. Oh yes, I am so lazy. I was born lazy, and I think I’m gonna be lazy for the rest of my life.


            After the water boils I unplugged the thermos and fill my cup with the hot water. This is really good, especially in this cold weather.


            After I ate, I took a bath and get ready for school, it is still early but I don’t want to be late. I don’t want to ruin my good reputation at school.


            I do have a good reputation at school. I am running for valedictorian, good at sports, polite, respected. If they just know how odd I am. Well not really odd I guess. Just a normal teenager with raging hormones.


            Since my house is near I just walk going to school. I just think this is a form of exercise to keep me fit.


            While walking to school I saw a girl, a pretty girl. But the first thing I actually noticed is her incredibly huge breast. She’s wearing a uniform but her breast are still obviously big.


            This girl is wearing a black backpack, unlike any modern school girls whose using shoulder or hand bags. Her hair is cut short to her shoulders and they fit the shape of her face.


            She’s walking quietly towards my school, wearing our school uniform. How come I’ve never seen her before. A girl with those kind of breast should be very popular.


            I wanted to get near her and talk to her, but she has this aura (if that’s what you call it) that will make you feel that she doesn’t like unwelcome attention.


            So I just watched her as she walks slowly to school. I also noticed my other schoolmates staring at her, at her boobs.


            I don’t know if I should feel bad about her. Having that kind of body must allure men, not just our age, I know.


            Someone got the courage up to talk to her, I can’t hear what he is saying but she just continues walking as if there’s no one talking to her. I secretly followed them. Still I can’t hear what the guy is saying. The guy who’s following her, walking next to her is Mack Diaz. I know him.


            He’s a bit popular for being too rude, and mean to girls. Not that he hurt them, he just usually push himself on them, and they don’t like it.


            The next thing I saw is Mack, on the floor, touching his left cheek. Did she slap him? She’s in serious trouble. I saw Mack standing up and his friends running towards them. I ran towards them too.


            I saw the girl looking at Mack. No reaction on her face. Isn’t she scared? Mack is a big guy and if he tries to do anything to her, she will be badly hurt, considering he has friends backing him up. We are not even in the school grounds yet.


            “Bitch! Do you realize what you’ve done?” Mack shouted at the girl.


            At first I thought that his friends are going to help him with the girl but I saw them calming him and trying to take him away.


“I’m gonna fuck you hard one day! Remember that!” last thing Mack said while he walks away and pushes his friends. The girl is left there looking at him.


            I get my courage to face the girl and talk to her. “Are you alright?” I asked.


            She glanced at me, then stares. She just stares and didn’t say anything. I don’t know what’s wrong, I don’t know what to say.


            “You must’ve been shaken because of what Mack did. But please tell me you’re alright.” I asked her.


            “I’m not.” She looked away. So, she’s not fine? “shaken,” she continues. I was confused at first but I was able to decipher what she’s telling me. She’s telling me she’s not shaken and she’s fine.


            “That’s great to hear. Let’s go, we might be late.” I started to walk and she walks side by side with me. I look at her. She’s beautiful, she’s hot.  But her eyes is somewhat lonely, longing.


            “I’m Chase, Chase Wells. And you?” I introduced myself. She didn’t answer for quite a while and sighed.


            “My name is not worth knowing.” She said. Why is this girl like this. Thinking she’s not worth knowing, like you’ll forget it sometime soon.


            “I wanted to know. Please tell me.” I insisted. I can see she is still hesitant to give out her name. She looks at me.


            I don’t know but when she looked at me, it’s like I’m being seduced. Is she doing that on purpose, or am I just affected because of her face and body.


            “You have lonely eyes.” I was stopped with what she said. I don’t know what to say to her. She sighed and looked straight. “Charmagne Louis. Call me Aimee.”


            “Oh, Aimee that is!” I replied. I started walking again and got curious about what she said earlier. “And, I look lonely?”


            She did not answer. “Oh I guess you’re not really into talking to strangers. But thanks for giving me your name.” I told her.


            Am I hitting on her? Darn Chase. The poor girl was harassed by Mack earlier but here you are, hitting on her.


            Darn this pretty girl! Darn these hormones! And Darn this despicable good reputation. If the situation is just different, I would’ve brought this girl in my bed. No talk. And put her in between my thighs. Darn this thought! Darn everything.


            “Don’t get affected by this looks.” She said.  Did she notice? Does she know what I’m thinking?


            “You cannot tell a guy what to and not to like. Like you can’t decide what can and can’t make you lonely.” I replied. I didn’t know if she noticed I’m trembling. Why did I even said that?


            She smirked, but still beautiful. I think she is too confident that guys will like her. Well, with that kind of body, alluring even on uniform? What if she’s out of that uniform. I had to remove the thought on my head, or else my nose are gonna bleed.


            “Thank you for being frank Chase. And please don’t walk with me anymore.” She walked away saying that.


            I think I offended her. Darn! Well, atleast I did not get slapped. My reputation will be ruined for harassing a poor girl. Harass? I didn’t harass her in anyway.


            I walked slowly as I look at the girl walking towards the Principal’s office. Hope she’s not reporting me. Hope it’s just Mack she is going to report.


            Later on, the class started. Everything is much the same as last week, like any other school day. It sucks being in high school. I wanna be older and work. What do I want to be anyway? I haven’t decided yet.


            “Good Morning class!” I heard Ms. Cooke greated. She’s our homeroom teacher. She’s normal, nothing fancy. I ignored and continue what I’m doing. I am drawing the face of the girl I saw earlier. The big boobed girl. I heard Ms. Cooke mentioning about a new student or something but I just continue drawing.


            A girl entered our room which shifted my attention. That’s her. Lonely eyes, pursed lips, big boobs! It’s her. I heard my class shouting in delight, well most of the boys in my class. Then I saw the girls smirking whispering to each other as if they didn’t like her. I know, it’s called insecurity.


            She’s looking at the class and our eyes met. She recognize me, that’s for sure because she keeps on looking at me. Ms. Cooke asked her to introduce herself.


            “I’m Charmagne Louis. I’m not interested on making friends. So please stay as much as possible away from me. Thank you.” She gaze at Ms. Cooke who has disbelief registered on her face.


            “That is not a good start Charmagne. They will be you classmates for a year so you should get to know them.” Ms. Cooke told her, like telling the whole class.


            Is she like that? Wanting to be alone. She’s a loner. I saw her look at me then looked away. What made her into something like that.


            She didn’t make any response to Ms. Cooke and I guess she quite get the idea that Aimee doesn’t want to talk. She was just advised to sit on the far right corner of the room,  in the middle of Serena and the trash bin. I wonder if they could get along. Serena is a fun girl and she’s a loner, what could possibly happen?


            I saw her look at me again while walking towards the vacant chair, then look away again. What does this girl want? Does she think I am all over her? Well, I’m a bit into her. But it’s not quite bad.


            I put my head down and so our eyes will not meet. I don’t wanna meet her eyes. They are so lonely, but captivating. As I lean my head down I saw my drawing. I was drawing her before she came. I rumpled the piece of paper and put it under my desk.


            What will they say, what will she say if they saw this. Darn Chase, don’t be crazy for a girl you’ve met just today. Mind your reputation.


            I tried to compose myself so it will not show I was affected by this girl, Aimee. All of my classmates, mostly boys, are looking at her every now and then. Yeah, I know what they are thinking and feeling. Same goes for me, I’m a no different tyrant in anyway.


            I saw Denis lean over my table. “What do you think of Charmagne?” he whispered. I took a glimpse of her as if I didn’t talk to her earlier.


            “She’s pretty, and reserved I guess.” I replied to hide what I’m really thinking. This is what they are expecting of me.


            “Doesn’t she turn you on?” he asked. He just doesn’t know what I really am feeling. “Look at that boobs, they are like waving they want to get fucked.” He added.


            Some reason, I feel angry. This is not acting or sort, I really feel angry. “The girl did not do anything to show you she likes that sort of thing. She deserves respect.” Huh! Can’t believe I said that. Way to go Chase! You could be a good actor.


            Denis leaned back on his table. If he wants to fuck this girl he can keep it to himself. He could have been discreet about it. And for some reason, I felt like I want to protect Aimee, protect her from everyone.


            Protect Aimee from guys who wants to do indecent things to her, protect her from girls who might plan to do bad things to her. That is what I’m thinking, but when I look at her. She looks so strong. She's sitting straight, chin up. It’s like Aimee is not afraid of anything. I really admire seeing her like this.


            She looks at me again and I got nervous. To hide this, I simply smiled at her. And like what I expected, she just looked away. Is she going to pretend she does not know me?


            I look straight to the black board and I saw Ms. Cooke pinning some visual arts on it. Class is starting. Will Aimee be able to cope up? I really should stop thinking about her. She’s just very intriguing.


            I took one of my notebooks to write what is on the board. Since it's trigonometry, all I can see are formulas. Here we go again. The first class  is numbers. I don't like this subject but I had to pretend I like it. My brain can actually keep up with this subject, I'm just too lazy to think.


            If it's a simple addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, it'll be a piece of cake. But with letters and numbers combined, darn it. You will need a pen and paper to solve 'em.


            After class I feel so tired. So tired that I even yawned in class. This feels bad. Making people see you yawn with mouth wide open. It's the first time they saw me like this. I look at the people around me. Their eyes are as wide as their mouth can be.


            The girls are grinning and the guys are laughing. I smiled at them, It's really great to be the center of the class. Like everything revolves around you. Like you are a god.


            I saw Rhea, Jenna's cousin walk towards me. She is smiling at me, bet she's gonna hit on me. "That was huge." she joked.


            I smiled back. "There's nothing to be ashamed of, everyone does that anyway. Right?" I replied. She giggled.


            I know Rhea likes me even before Jenna did. Rhea and I are having a good friendship at that time when Rhea introduced Jenna.


            After a day or two Jenna confessed she has feelings for me and I didn't have the guts to turn her down. Besides I like Jenna, at that time.


            What can I say? When I met her it's like I met a star. She sings, she dances, she plays the piano, she does most of the things. She's very beautiful and sweet.


            I like the fact that she tells me everything. She's not hiding anything to me and she gave a lot of herself to me. But then she wants the same to be done to her.


            She wants me to tell her everything, be so into her, not talk to any other girls. I just couldn't do that.  It's like she wants to know what I'm doing twenty four seven.


            It's sickening, frightening even. My parents never treat me like that. I am not use to it. I do not want it. I have no choice but to be frank with her. It's the least I could do for her.


            Not telling her the truth will just leave her hoping for a better "us".  And I am not even in love with her. I like her, but I don't love her.


            I also need to maintain my good reputation. So I broke up with her by telling her that I can't be with her. You wouldn't want to know what happened next.


            So here comes Rhea, she's a lot better than Jenna. Not that I regret being with Jenna, I actually learned a lot from her. I just think that being with Rhea would've been a lot better. But what would that make me? Hitting on cousins.


            I remember last month, Jenna tried to get back with me. She said she is going to change. But even so, I don't have feelings for her anymore.


            So, Rhea sat on my desk. We are that close that she has a knack of doing that. I don't mind in anyway. And of course, her girl friends are with her.


            "So how's Saturday and Sunday?" I heard Rhea asked. This line never get old. I always hear it every Monday.


            "Quite good. Just a bit boring alone at home." I replied. I took my notes back to my backpack. And then I saw the crumpled paper. Oh! The drawing. I should throw it before anyone sees it.


            I took the crumpled paper out of the desk and throw in the trash bin as if I'm throwing a ball in a hoop. Too bad it boarded and rolled beside Aimee's feet. I saw her look at the paper then at me. Oh darn! I'm done for!


            My mind is filled with worry that I wasn't able to hear what Rhea and her friends are saying. They are teasing me for not being able to shoot the paper.


            I saw Aimee reach for the crumpled paper and I felt my face turn pale. And since I am looking at Aimee, Rhea and her friends noticed I'm staring at her. Their face crumpled like the piece of paper.


            Aimee opened the paper and I can still see no reaction at all. She folded the piece of paper and put it in her bag. Did the others saw that? This girl is really something.


            The paper holds Aimee's face and if others find out, what will they think of me? I saw Rhea walked towards Aimee with her friends.


            "You like trash?" Rhea asked Aimee then looked at her friends. They all laughed as if she did something wrong. Again, Aimee did not react.


            Looking at them, they look like they are going to start a cat fight. Oh no!. Should I go there? Should I get in between? This is so darn bad!


            The next thing I know is Serena's already talking to Rhea. "There is nothing wrong with picking up a piece of paper, Rhea. I would've picked it up myself if it was me." Serena told Rhea standing in front of her.


            Whew! Good thing there is Serena to the rescue. I didn't have to stick my nose into it. Way to go Serena! But what can happen next?


            I decided to call Rhea to cut the drama. "Rhea, you want me to walk you home?" I asked Rhea without looking at Aimee. I know she's looking at me now. This girl just affects me so much.


            Rhea's expression lighten. Ah! I just know how these girl's thoughts go. Aside from that Aimee girl that is.


            "Oh girls! I have to go ahead then." She informed her friend and rolled her eyes on Aimee. I saw that. Never thought Rhea could be this bitchy. Or maybe, maybe this is only because of Aimee's presence. There is just something in her.


            I talked to Rhea to lighten up her mood and in the corner of my eye I saw Serena spoke to Aimee. Aimee is speaking with her! She must've felt Serena's sincerity. I hope they can be friends. I don't want her to stand alone in this class because if she does and I stand with her, they will hate her more. I don't want that to happen.


            Rhea and I walked home together and talking about a few things about Jenna. I can say she is leading me on. But sorry girl, I'm not in the market. My head is still filled with Aimee. Now I am not thinking about her boobs anymore, I am thinking more about... her.


            After I brought Rhea to her house, I went straight home. If I am gonna encounter Aimee everyday then she will seriously give me a brain cancer. Poor me, too young to die.


            I took a quick shower and indulge myself with the softness of my bed. So good to be home, relaxing, not thinking of anything. I remember I had assignments.  Maybe I'll do them a bit later.


            I was almost sleeping when I heard a knock on my door. Must be Mrs. Laydon. But why will she go here at this hour. I found myself walking out of the living room and I opened the door shocked to see who is outside... Aimee!

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