Cardinal in Green



1. Cardinal in Green

Cardinal in Green

Verse 1:
You walk the golden halls of the holy palace
You pray to god, pray for the worlds balance
No rest for the wicked, that's what you preach
But knowing the truth, heaven for you is out of reach

Light is what you wield as your weapon
Swing it you will against people who on your god tread on
You damn people who commit crimes to hell
But knowing your doings, you might join them as well

All the world sees the motion pictures
Illuminated by the golden candle
Time to abandon all your lectures
The people will now rock the cradle

Green, is what we've seen
Green, we tried to believe
Green, is the words you bring
Because you, yes you... Touched...

Verse 2:
Public humilation behind the wall you avoid
But they saw the green robe, your reputation destroyed
Cover your world with silver linned curtains
Welcome in the lie to the peace from disturbance

A state surrounded by christianity
Where sin is an impossibility
Or that was the intention, but we all know
Nothing's impossible, it's the individual actions that goes!

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