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Me and the things I do! With a kick of humour..


1. My Summer Holidays

 So basically......I went scuba-diving and rock climbing and mountain biking and ocean swimming (whhhaaaattt???) and swimming and skiing and all sorts of things related to fun...


 No seriously, as great as it sounds, I'm kidding. As I was typing that my friend was pointing at me screaming LIAR LIAR while I thought of interesting things that I could have done this summer. No scrap that, my holidays haven't started. My friend is still screaming LIAR for no reason whatsoever because I SPEAK THE TRUTH!

 I'm soooo bored. We did go to Chessington but spent most of our time lazing on the grass because my parents had a bad back. Then why did we come to chessington? Anyways, my friend is cursing me for my grammar. QUIT IT!!! Ummm what else.... oh YEAH....we tried to play tennis.....but fainted after 15 minutes. We eventually sat down in a park made for 4 year olds but managed to entertain ourselves on the monkey bars. I think the four year olds got scared of us and ran away because within a minute we were the only ones in the park.

So we decided to come home and write this. Yes, I will keep you guys updated, because I care about you and I know you can't live without my books. (JK - your problem if you don't know what that means.)

 Life is getting tedious. Help me people, give me stories, suggestions, fan me and I may survive another day. No seriously. The weather is on my nerves.

 The sun in summer is like having a scorpion on your face. My friend is challenging that point. She says 'the sun doesn't crawl over you like a scorpion.' Honestly, I try to use a similie and descriptive adjective and she ruins my moment of pride. WAY TO GO!!!

You guys will probably know me (especially if you are in my form) as a grammar freak. Not right now! This is actually so fun I can type really fast when I know I don't have to worry about things like commas and apostrophes. Sorry, Miss English Teacher (I cannot enclose her real name, as much as you guys want to hear it!). 

I am writing a really cool book about an abduction case and would LOVE you guys to fan it, download it, like it, favourite it and COMMENT! Also read 'Love never Lasts' by glossygirl11. My friend is challenging me to see whose books are better. Unfortunately she woin't let me put her name down in this book (I personally think she is scared that people won't like her books.) She now replies 'I have over 400 reads, 10 likes, a few favourites, 23 comments on just one of my books. I ALSO HAVE 38 FANS!' Well sweetheart, guess what? Love never Lasts by Glossygirl11 (aka ME, thats my second profile) has over 1,200 views, has 42 comments and 8 favourites, and my friend promised to download it as an ebook! It's not even finished! 

 Yay I'm so glad that I've found something to talk about, and I'm really happy that I have made this page look really big (cause that's my style). Seriously, don't you just get so annoyed at those people who write so little and pretend its one chapter (I HATE ITTTTT)! But guess what I am loving this whole 'non-punctuation thing' it would have taken me an hour to put in all the commas and apostrophes. 

 I also hate google earth. Maaan, I hate it. I hate it when you randomly zoom into a place and all these mountains and reservoirs show up and its so creepy. They make my hairs stand.

I'll tell you what I love. BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! Tesco's blueberry muffins are soo000ooo tasty (I just love how zero's look like o's) and they are fresh from the bakery! I also LOVE ARIANA GRANDE!! Maaan she is my role model and I love her songs and hair and whatnot. When she plays Cat in Victorious she cracks me up. Boo hoo I can't watch Sam and Cat because I don't like in America! No I'm from the UK but I would like to go on Holiday to America because I've heard that its really easy to drive there because the roads are really straight. Go random thoughts!

I also love Zella Day, Jojo, Victoria Juctice, Nikki Watkins, Demi Lovato, Jeanette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove and Liz Gillies...check them out cause they are SUPER-DUPER!

So I'm probably boring you now but I promise to update soon. Man, isn't it so amazing how.....wait, I have to go I'll tell you in the next chapter which I will write someday.


PS: Wait I have nothing to say why did I put PS? 

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