when i met you George Weasley sparks flew!

April is a witch that's missed almost 6 years of education at Hogwarts because she didn't have a muse to help her find herself. George Weasley is at a stop in his life and finds himself unable to perform magic scince he lost his twin brother in the great battle of Hogwarts 3 months ago. They fall in love and April attends Hogwarts and does the most amazing thing that leaves George forever in love and grateful for falling in love with her.

Please read it I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Please comment with any feed back it will all be appreciated.
Some updates will take longer then others.


1. I think I found my muse!

April’s pov

“Well Megan it’s not my fault I wasn’t impressed with the looks of him. And having a conversation with him wasn’t the highlight of my day either.” I responded.

“Oh my days April you need to give them a chance your only 16 you need to live life a bit. Yolo! That’s what you use to live by what’s changed that?” Megan stated.

Just as that was said Delanie came bursting in looking flustered.

“Sorry I’m late guys Jordan wouldn’t let me go home to get sorted.” Delanie giggled.

“I think it must be true love!” Me and Megan sang to Delanie.


George’s pov

 I asked the night bus to drop me off anywhere outside the magic world and it took me to somewhere called ‘Newcastle’ where ever that is. It’s been 3month scince the death of my twin brother Fred and it’s been the longest 3month of my life. It’s left me without a place in this world and my magic has gone. Even the simplest of spells are hard to perform so I’ve set off out to find a muse. Doubt I’d find one in a place like this though whatever ‘Costa’ is.


3rd person

Just as April got up to leave George walked in and they walked right into each other. “I’m so sorry” they both said at the same time. And just as they said that their eyes locked.


George’s pov

Just as I looked into her eyes my spirits lifted and I felt warm and fuzzy inside. I need to get this girls name. Such beautiful eyes. As blue as the sea. I felt the sparks fly out of the tip of my wand. Yes! This girl means something to me and I can’t wait to find out what.

“I’m sorry it was my fault. I’m George. George Weasley. And you are...” I asked with a smile on my face.

“April. April Southwell.” She said smiling an irresistible smile.

“Could I buy you a... errr... an...” I stopped. I didn’t know what this place sold. This is nothing like my world so what else could I say!

“A... Coffee...” she asked.

“Yeah a coffee.” I replied. Trying to play it cool.

“I’m sorry I can’t I have to go pick up my cat from the vets. But I would if I could. I could tomorrow though if you wanted...” She asked unsure. How cute.

“Yeah I would love to” I replied.

“Well then here is my phone number.” She stated handing me a piece of paper with some numbers on. Now I have to find somewhere to stay and figure this out. I’m in for some night. Might as well buy a ‘coffee’ while I’m here to see what they’re like.


April’s pov

“And then I give him my number and everything was sorted” I giggled talking to Megan and Delanie on Skype.

“Wow April. It takes you all this time to find a boy your interested in and then when you do find one, 1.he’s not from here 2.he’s ginger 3.he’s older and you haven’t a clue how much older.” Delanie said.

Bless her she always worries about us. But that’s the reason why we’re best friends and get along so well, we all look out for each other.

“Delanie I seen him when you went to order he only looked about 19 and he was quiet cute too I can see you two together. Awww can I plan your wedding?” I’ve never seen Megan’s tone change from serious to excited in such a short amount of time.


George’s pov

Wow that drink was... different. And I figured out what to do with this number so here it goes...

“You can do it George... Just pick up the phone” I muttered to myself.

I picked it up and dialled the number and before I even thought about what I was doing someone answered the phone.

“Hello...” Someone asked.

The voice of an angel. It has to be her.

“April? Is this you? It’s George.” I asked.

“Yes it is my number after all George. I wasn’t about to give you a fake number” She giggled.

Ohhh how I love that giggle. I found myself laughing too at her laugh.

“Haha. Well I was just checking that you still wanted that coffee tomorrow at about 12?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it. So I will see you tomorrow.” She replied sweetly.

“Yeah. Sweet dreams. Night.” I sighed.

“Goodnight George.” She replied.

And then I was out like a light.

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