when i met you George Weasley sparks flew!

April is a witch that's missed almost 6 years of education at Hogwarts because she didn't have a muse to help her find herself. George Weasley is at a stop in his life and finds himself unable to perform magic scince he lost his twin brother in the great battle of Hogwarts 3 months ago. They fall in love and April attends Hogwarts and does the most amazing thing that leaves George forever in love and grateful for falling in love with her.

Please read it I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Please comment with any feed back it will all be appreciated.
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3. How is this possible?!

April’s pov

I woke up to hear talking downstairs. It sounded like they were arguing. I’m not one to eves drop but when you hear your name in a conversation and don’t even know who it is talking about you, you just have to listen.

“... April didn’t even receive a letter. We have no idea how she is a witch never mind a metamorphmagus. You have no idea how rare those are Mr. Weasley. They only come from pure blood families. We... We haven’t even met the girl.” A woman tried to reason.

“Professor what if we took her to diagon ally to olivanders to if April can get a reaction out of a wand or something but I know she has at least some sort of powers. She’s an amazing girl capable of amazing things I just know it.” George tried to convince the woman.

“MR. WEASLEY!” The woman thundered. “You can’ just invite the first person from the muggle world that you meet to our world. It doesn’t work that way! Nor should you let your feeling for a girl affect your ability to think.” The woman had calmed down in that last part of what she was saying, but she sounded like she was ready to settle for the next suggestion.

It was silent for a few seconds and then what sounded like a man coughing happened as if he was about to say something.

“Professor might I suggest something?” A man questioned. The man sounded worn out but patient.

“Of course Arthur.” The professor woman replied.

“Why don’t you take April to the ministry of magic and find out if a metamorphmagus was registered born around the time April was and well... if so then great but if not you’ll still have to find out why she wasn’t registered and either way you’ll have to work from there.” The man named Arthur suggested.

“Hmmm. Yes I suppose we could do that but it would have to be now and well... she has missed out almost 4 years of magical education I could easy catch her up to her year group but after that she will have to study. Mr. Weasley could you go awake her so that we can head off to the ministry. But then I do need to get back to Hogwarts my absence will go noticed if it’s for too long.”  The professor stated.

Just then I heard someone run up the stairs and they fell over me and were lying on top of me. When I looked up it was George.

“I guess you heard everything...” George questioned.

“I heard most. I didn’t mean to listen in I swear but i-i-i was about to come looking for you when...” I rushed out but George quietened me by kissing me.

“Shhh its fine it’s your business come on lets go we need to get to the ministry.” He whispered with his forehead against mine looking into my eyes. Then he started laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” I questioned.

 “Every time I kiss you or even touch you, your hair changes colour. Always the bright colours. Guess it shows what a big effect I have on you huh?” he stated tickling me and the fact that he was still lying on me made it hard for me to escape the torture.

“George stop!” I giggled whilst squirming.

“No make me.” He murmured against my lips as he pinned my arms about my head and that’s when it happened.


His wand let off a huge explosion from his back pocket causing him to roll over in panic taking me with him tumbling down the stairs.

When we looked up when it was over and we were no longer moving we were in a room with 7 people in it. How embarrassing!

“Ohhh hi guys been here long?” George said stupidly as if to break the tension.

 “George get off the poor girl. Hello dear I’m George’s mum Molly Weasley and this is my husband.” She stated gesturing to a balding man with glasses. “And this is Harry and Ginny.” She said pointing to a black haired green eyed boy with a scar on his head and a pretty ginger haired girl whom I’d seen before. But somewhere that felt almost like a dream. That’s it! My dram last night!

 “Hey I dreamt about you last night!” We both stated at the same time.

“Haha we can talk about it later but either way I’m Georges sister it’s a pleasure to meet you. We’ll be great friends.” Ginny stated in a nice friendly way.

“Hey I’m Harry.” The boy with the glasses said.

“And this is Ron one of George’s other brothers and that’s Hermione. And this is Professor McGonagall she’s headmistress at Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry.”Said Mrs. Weasley.

“Well then I think we should get going we have so much to do. Molly may we borrow your fire?” McGonagall asked.

“Of course. I’ll just go get the floo powder.” Mrs. Weasley stated.

“Fire? Floo powder? George?” I asked panicked.

“Shhh don’t panic I’ll be there too don’t worry if you get scared just hold my hand and whenever you panic just... Squeeze my hand. I promise I won’t let go.” George stated kissing the back of my hand.

“Right George you go first to show April what to do. But it’s simple you throw the powder into the fire, state where you want to go which is the ministry of magic and then tuck in your elbows and don’t step out until you see George. George if you will...” McGonagall said.

“Professor don’t you think this is a bad idea can’t we just apparate or something? It’s just... she won’t be able to do it. I’ve been doing it for years but yet I still struggle with it. Just let me apparate her into the ministry or something...” George pleaded.

“George apparition is very uncomfortable especially for alongside apparition. Are you sure you can do this...?” She questioned.

George looked at me and I knew that I could trust him before now but that look was all it took to show that I could put my trust in him. “Yeah I can do it.” He stated confidently and then grabbed my hand “It’ll all be fine I promise.” George whispered into my ear then trailed kisses from my ear to the crook of my neck and then it happened.

I felt George’s arm twist away from me and re-doubled his grip, then everything went black I was being pressed very hard in different directions, I couldn’t breathe it was like all of the air was sucked out of my lungs, it was as if there was iron bands were tightening around my chest. My eyes felt like they were being pushed into the back of my head and my ear drums were being pushed deeper and deeper into my skull until I couldn’t hear.

Then it was over.

I clutched at George’s arm like there was no tomorrow, I buried my head in his chest gasping for air taking as much in as possible like it was going out of fashion.

“Shhh love its fine it’s all over your safe, your fine.” George whispered into my hair.

 “We don’t have all day.” McGonagall stated strictly. This woman is going to be hell to be around.

We stepped into the elevator and suddenly got jerked to the left and George had to catch me before I knocked McGonagall over, and I think we all know that wouldn’t go down too well.


-2 hours later-


McGonagall finished tapping the wall at the back of the pub and told us ‘there’s no time to waste’! And then the wall started crumbling away and... It was amazing!

The colours stood out and there were people everywhere. Holding hands with their partners or with their children, the adults being dragged to shops by their children with a look of boardem on their faces. It was the perfect place to be.

“Welcome to Diagon Ally Miss. Southwell.” Stated McGonagall with a half smile on her face.

“Come on! I want to show you Broomstix! Then that way I can teach you how to fly and...” George kept rambling but McGonagall was getting impatient.

“Mr. Weasley we’re here to get Miss. Southwell’s school supplies.” She replied very stiffly.

“Ohhh well we’ll be rid of her in a while.” George whispers to me then winks.

“To Gringotts Mr. Weasley. The sooner we get everything the soon you’ll be rid of me.” She states confirming she heard what George said.

-A while later-

“So this is my sister... well was my sister” I sigh looking at the picture.

“She was the most amazing and bravest person I’ve ever known. She died a hero’s death and she didn’t die in vain I want you to know.” The guy called Kingsley. “She was smart loyal and a tad witty. You seem all those things but you must have more bravery then Tonks and she was very brave. That’s how you got placed in Gryffindor.” Kingsley explained.

“I’ve got 3 weeks till the start of term meaning I’ve got 3 weeks to learn everything I’ve missed in the last 6 years! It’s not enough time!” I exclaimed.

“That’s why Kingsley is here dear.” Said Mrs. Weasley. “As he is the Minister of magic he is the one to take charge of the situation. He is going to put you into a deep sleep and you will awaken in the morning.” Mrs. Weasley started to explain.

“And in that sleep you will learn everything would learn throughout those years. You will learn all of the spells and the natures of them along with potions but you will have to then practice the spell’s to master them. Where as that won’t be the case with potions you will lean those through the sleep you will be in. But George will teach you how to fly along with Ginny Harry and Ron. Hermione would help but she’s not keen on flying and will avoid it at all costs.” Kingsley explained. “So if you would kindly go upstairs I will be up in just a second to put you into the sleep.” He stated.

“I’ll come up with you. I’ll have to collect some of your books and read through them to be able to teach you them.” George said.

“And you will be taught the spells by George over the next few weeks. All though no one needs to know about that.” Kingsley winks.

And at that I went upstairs and was placed under the spell.

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